Try Homemade Makeup? Full Face of First Impressions from Etsy Tested!

Try Homemade Makeup? Full Face of First Impressions from Etsy Tested!

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. About Etsy
  3. Tips for Shopping on Etsy for Makeup
  4. Finding the Best Sellers on Etsy
  5. The Importance of Packaging
  6. Testing Out the Products
    • Foundation
    • Concealer
    • Setting Powder
    • Eyebrow Product
    • Contour Powder
    • Highlighter
    • Blush
    • Eyeshadows
    • Lipsticks
  7. Reviews and Recommendations
  8. Final Thoughts



In today's world, online marketplaces have become a popular platform for buying and selling various products. One such marketplace is Etsy, known for its unique and handmade items. While Etsy is well-known for its jewelry and crafts, it also offers a wide range of makeup products from sellers all over the world. In this article, we will explore the experience of purchasing and testing out makeup from Etsy, providing tips and insights along the way.

About Etsy

Etsy is an online marketplace that connects buyers and sellers from all around the world. It offers a platform for independent artists, crafters, and creators to sell their unique and handmade products. From jewelry to clothing and home decor, Etsy has a wide variety of items available. In recent years, Etsy has also gained popularity as a platform for purchasing makeup products, allowing small businesses and independent sellers to showcase their beauty creations.

Tips for Shopping on Etsy for Makeup

When it comes to shopping for makeup on Etsy, there are a few tips to keep in mind to ensure a successful and satisfying experience.

  1. Read Reviews: Before making a purchase, it's essential to read reviews from previous customers. This will give you insights into the quality of the product, customer service, and overall satisfaction.

  2. Check the Seller's Instagram: Many Etsy sellers have Instagram accounts where they showcase their products and provide additional information. Checking their Instagram can give you a better idea of the actual product and how it looks on different people.

  3. Look for Coupons: Some Etsy sellers offer coupons or promotional codes, which can help you save money on your purchase. Before checking out, do a quick search for any available coupons to make the most of your shopping experience.

  4. Pay Attention to Shipping Costs: While the prices of products on Etsy can be appealing, it's essential to consider the shipping costs. Some sellers offer free shipping, while others may have additional fees. Be sure to factor in the total cost, including shipping, to determine if the purchase is within your budget.

  5. Ask Questions: If you have any doubts or questions about a product, don't hesitate to reach out to the seller. Etsy has a messaging system that allows buyers and sellers to communicate directly. Asking questions can help clarify any concerns and ensure you make an informed purchase.

Finding the Best Sellers on Etsy

With countless sellers on Etsy, finding the best ones for makeup products can be a daunting task. Here are some tips to help you find reliable and reputable sellers:

  1. Check Reviews: As mentioned earlier, reading reviews is crucial. Pay attention to the overall ratings and feedback from previous customers. Look for sellers with positive reviews, particularly for the specific makeup product you are interested in.

  2. Look for Popular Sellers: Etsy has a "Bestseller" category that highlights the top-selling shops. These shops often have a large customer base and positive ratings. While it's essential to consider other factors, such as the specific product you want, choosing a bestseller can be a good starting point.

  3. Consider Product Range: Some sellers specialize in specific types of makeup products, such as lipsticks or eyeshadows. If you are looking for a particular item, it might be beneficial to choose a seller with a wide range of options in that category. This can give you more choices and increase the likelihood of finding what you need.

  4. Look for Unique Handmade Products: One of the appeals of shopping on Etsy is the opportunity to support independent artists and find unique products. If you are looking for something out of the ordinary, be sure to explore sellers who offer handmade and custom-made makeup products.

The Importance of Packaging

One aspect that sets Etsy apart from traditional retailers is the attention to packaging. Many Etsy sellers put a significant effort into creating unique and aesthetically pleasing packaging for their products. This adds a personal touch to the buying experience and makes the product feel special. When shopping for makeup on Etsy, don't overlook the packaging. Not only does it enhance the overall experience, but it also reflects the seller's dedication and passion for their craft.

Testing Out the Products

Now that we have covered the essential tips and considerations, let's dive into the exciting part: testing out the makeup products from Etsy. In this section, we will discuss and review different types of products, including foundation, concealer, setting powder, eyebrow products, contour powder, highlighter, blush, eyeshadows, and lipsticks. We will provide an honest assessment of each product, sharing our thoughts on the quality, performance, and overall experience. Please note that the effectiveness of a product may vary depending on individual preferences and skin type.


Foundation is a crucial step in makeup application, providing a base for a flawless complexion. While shopping for foundation on Etsy, it's important to consider factors such as coverage, shade range, and formula suitability for your skin type. We will review different foundation options available on Etsy, highlighting their key features and performance.


Concealer is a versatile product that helps hide imperfections and brighten up the under-eye area. Finding the right concealer can be challenging, as it needs to match your skin tone and provide adequate coverage. We will explore the concealers available on Etsy and evaluate their effectiveness in concealing blemishes and brightening the skin.

Setting Powder

Setting powder is used to lock in foundation and concealer, mattify the skin, and prolong the wear of makeup. It's important to choose a high-quality setting powder that is finely milled and blends seamlessly into the skin. We will review different setting powders available on Etsy, considering factors such as texture, finish, and longevity.

Eyebrow Products

Eyebrows play a crucial role in framing the face and can make a significant impact on one's overall appearance. When shopping for eyebrow products on Etsy, it's essential to consider factors such as shade range, formula durability, and ease of application. We will review different eyebrow products available on Etsy, discussing their effectiveness in achieving well-defined and natural-looking brows.

Contour Powder

Contouring is a popular technique in makeup application, allowing one to sculpt and define the face. When shopping for contour powder on Etsy, it's important to find a shade that complements your skin tone and blends effortlessly. We will review different contour powders available on Etsy, evaluating their pigmentation, blendability, and overall performance in creating a chiseled and contoured look.


Highlighter adds a radiant glow to the high points of the face, enhancing the complexion and creating a youthful and healthy appearance. When shopping for highlighter on Etsy, it's important to consider the formula, pigmentation, and shade options. We will review different highlighters available on Etsy, discussing their ability to create a luminous and radiant finish.


Blush adds a pop of color to the cheeks, bringing life and dimension to the face. When shopping for blush on Etsy, it's important to consider factors such as shade range, pigmentation, and blendability. We will review different blush options available on Etsy, evaluating their ability to provide a natural and long-lasting flush of color.


Eyeshadows allow for endless creativity and can transform any makeup look. When shopping for eyeshadows on Etsy, it's important to consider factors such as pigmentation, blendability, and formula longevity. We will review different eyeshadows available on Etsy, discussing their color payoff, ease of application, and performance throughout the day.


Lipsticks are a staple in any makeup collection, adding color and personality to the lips. When shopping for lipsticks on Etsy, it's important to consider factors such as shade range, formula longevity, and comfort on the lips. We will review different lipsticks available on Etsy, discussing their pigmentation, texture, and overall performance.

Reviews and Recommendations

After testing out various makeup products from Etsy, we will provide a summary of our reviews and recommendations. We will highlight the standout products that impressed us the most, along with any pros and cons we encountered during the testing process. These reviews and recommendations aim to help you make informed decisions when shopping for makeup on Etsy.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, shopping for makeup on Etsy can be an exciting and rewarding experience. With a wide range of products and unique sellers to choose from, Etsy offers a platform to support independent creators and find one-of-a-kind beauty products. By following the tips provided and considering the reviews and recommendations, you can navigate the world of Etsy makeup with confidence. Remember to embrace the creativity and passion that goes into these handmade products and enjoy the journey of discovering hidden gems in the world of Etsy beauty.

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