Unveiling the Truth: My Honest Review of the Etsy Braided Wig

Unveiling the Truth: My Honest Review of the Etsy Braided Wig

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Finding Affordable Wigs on Etsy
  3. The Fabiolax Wig Review
  4. The Look and Feel of the Wig
  5. The Issue with the Parting
  6. Styling and Adjustments
  7. Overall Review and Recommendation
  8. Conclusion

The Fabiolax Wig Review

When it comes to trying out new hairstyles, wigs have become a popular choice. They offer versatility and the ability to transform your look without making any permanent changes to your natural hair. In this article, we will be discussing a wig from Fabiolax, a seller on Etsy, that caught the attention of many wig enthusiasts. We will delve into the details of this cornrow braided wig, from its appearance to its affordability, and provide an honest review. So, if you are interested in finding a high-quality wig without breaking the bank, keep reading to learn more about the Fabiolax wig.

Finding Affordable Wigs on Etsy

Etsy may be best known for its handmade crafts and vintage items, but it is also a treasure trove for wig lovers. Many independent sellers on Etsy offer a wide variety of wigs, from affordable options to more luxurious ones. The advantage of shopping for wigs on Etsy is the opportunity to support small businesses and find unique styles that may not be readily available on popular online platforms like AliExpress. This wig review focuses on a specific seller named Fabiolax who has gained attention for their braided wigs.

The Fabiolax Wig Review

The Fabiolax wig is a cornrow braided wig that aims to replicate the look of natural cornrows with extensions. For those who have always wanted to rock cornrows but were unable to due to hair sensitivity or other reasons, this wig offers a solution. The wig is made of synthetic hair and comes in a variety of lengths. The particular wig under review is 22 inches long, giving it a stunning appearance that reaches down the back. The initial allure of this wig is its affordability, with a price of just $98.

The Look and Feel of the Wig

Upon receiving the Fabiolax wig, one of the first things that struck the reviewer was the appearance of the cornrows at the front of the wig. The seller, Fabiolax, took great care in creating realistic and well-crafted cornrow braids. The attention to detail was evident in the way the wig was layered, giving it a natural and authentic look. The wig is designed to be worn as a side part, with cornrows both at the front and on one side. However, one aspect that raised concern was the width of the parting. It appeared wider than anticipated, giving the overall look a slightly unnatural appearance.

The Issue with the Parting

One common criticism of braided wigs is the visibility of the scalp and parting, which can make the wig look fake. In the case of the Fabiolax wig, this issue becomes apparent when examining the parting closely. The wide parting creates a gap that is noticeable, even though the reviewer acknowledges that she was manipulating the wig for the benefit of the video. However, it is worth mentioning that less visible scalp and parting tend to give braided wigs a more natural look. Despite the issue with the parting, the reviewer remained optimistic and continued to explore the wig's features and potential adjustments.

Styling and Adjustments

In terms of fit, the Fabiolax wig lacks combs but features adjustable straps on both sides, ensuring a secure and comfortable fit. This adjustability allows for a personalized experience and can accommodate various head sizes. However, one key concern arose when examining the back of the wig. Lifted up, it revealed gaps between the braids, potentially posing a styling challenge if the wearer intended to create different looks or styles with the wig. Despite this drawback, the reviewer decided to work with the wig and assessed the overall performance.

Overall Review and Recommendation

Considering the various aspects of the Fabiolax wig, the reviewer rates it a 7 or 8 out of 10. The affordability of the wig, priced at $98, makes it significantly cheaper than many other options available on the market. This makes it an attractive choice for those on a budget but still seeking a stylish and well-crafted wig. The length of the wig, at 22 inches, provides a striking appearance, particularly for individuals who desire a longer style. However, the wide parting and noticeable gaps at the back of the wig slightly detract from its overall quality. Despite these shortcomings, the reviewer still finds the wig suitable for wear.


In conclusion, the Fabiolax wig shines in terms of affordability and appearance. It offers individuals the opportunity to explore new hairstyles without committing to permanent changes. Despite some concerns regarding the parting and gaps in the back of the wig, the overall quality and style make it an attractive option, particularly for those seeking cornrow-inspired looks. With its comfortable fit and intricate braids, the Fabiolax wig provides a reasonable solution for anyone interested in effortlessly transforming their hairstyle. So, whether you're a wig enthusiast or simply curious about trying out a new look, the Fabiolax wig is worth considering.

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