How I Made $45k in 2 Months on Etsy - A Case Study

How I Made $45k in 2 Months on Etsy - A Case Study

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. The Importance of SEO in Drop Shipping
  3. My Case Study: 45k in Two Months on Etsy
    • Background and Statistics
    • The Role of SEO on Etsy
  4. My Etsy Strategy for Growth
    • Daily Listing Limits
    • Testing Products
    • Niche Down Your Store
    • Importance of Customer Service
    • Profit Margins Without Ads
  5. Finding Profitable Products on AliExpress
    • Using GTD for Drop Shipping
    • Chrome Extensions for Product Research
  6. Conclusion

My Case Study: How I Made 45k in Two Months on Etsy

In this article, I'll be sharing my personal case study on how I managed to generate a revenue of 45k in just two months through Etsy drop shipping. Etsy, being a popular platform for selling unique and handmade products, offers great potential for drop shippers. Utilizing the power of search engine optimization (SEO), I was able to drive a significant amount of traffic to my store and make impressive sales. In this article, I will provide an in-depth analysis of my strategy, the importance of SEO on Etsy, and how you can replicate my success.

The Importance of SEO in Drop Shipping

SEO plays a vital role in any online business, and drop shipping is no exception. By optimizing your product listings with relevant keywords, you can increase your chances of ranking higher in search results. This, in turn, leads to more visibility, organic traffic, and ultimately, more sales. On Etsy, SEO is particularly crucial, as the majority of visitors come from organic search within the platform itself. Understanding and implementing effective SEO techniques is a key factor in achieving success on Etsy.

My Case Study: 45k in Two Months on Etsy

Background and Statistics

To understand my case study better, let's begin with some background information. The time frame for this case study was from the first of June to July 31, spanning two months. During this period, I witnessed a substantial growth in my Etsy store, which resulted in a revenue of 45k. The metrics I monitored closely were visits, orders, conversion rate, and revenue. With a conversion rate of 2%, I was able to generate a significant number of sales despite the competitive marketplace.

The Role of SEO on Etsy

One of the key aspects that contributed to my success on Etsy was the utilization of SEO techniques. Etsy's algorithm relies heavily on text and keywords, which determine the visibility of your listings. By strategically incorporating relevant keywords into my product listings, I was able to secure top positions in search results. This organic traffic, driven by Etsy's SEO system, accounted for 93% of the total visits to my store. Such high visibility within the platform allowed me to reach a substantial number of potential customers.

My Etsy Strategy for Growth

Daily Listing Limits

When it comes to Etsy drop shipping, there are certain limitations to the number of listings you can create each day. As a drop shipper, you can only list two products per day. However, if your store has been active for over two weeks, you can list up to four products daily. It is essential to abide by these limits to avoid any potential penalties or bans.

Testing Products

Testing products is a crucial aspect of drop shipping, and it played a significant role in my Etsy success story. By constantly testing and adding new products to my store, I was able to find the winning ones that resonated with my target audience. Testing two products per day, with minimal costs involved on Etsy, allowed me to identify the most profitable items and optimize their listings accordingly.

Niche Down Your Store

Another key factor in my success was niche selection. It is vital to keep your Etsy store focused on a specific niche to establish your brand and cater to a specific target audience. By having a dedicated niche store, you create a sense of credibility and legitimacy for your customers. A well-branded and niche-specific store also encourages returning customers, leading to higher sales and profitability.

Importance of Customer Service

Customer service is paramount in any e-commerce business, and Etsy is no exception. Maintaining excellent customer support not only ensures customer satisfaction but also helps in receiving positive reviews. Positive reviews act as a boost to your Etsy listings, increasing their visibility and attracting more customers. On the other hand, negative reviews can seriously harm your store's growth and reputation. By providing prompt and friendly customer support, you can create a positive shopping experience for your customers and foster long-term relationships.

Profit Margins Without Ads

One of the advantages of drop shipping on Etsy is the absence of ad costs, resulting in higher profit margins. In my case study, I achieved a profit margin of 65% by solely relying on SEO-generated organic traffic. With no ad expenditures, the revenue generated from each sale had higher profit potential. This further emphasizes the significance of effective SEO strategies and the impact it can have on your store's profitability.

Finding Profitable Products on AliExpress

AliExpress, a popular online marketplace, serves as a valuable resource for finding and sourcing drop shipping products. By utilizing Chrome extensions such as GTD (Search by Image) and Save to AliExpress, you can effortlessly search for products, assess their demand, and import images for your listings. These tools simplify the product research process and allow you to discover hot-selling items from verified suppliers on AliExpress.


In conclusion, my case study highlights the immense possibilities and profitability that Etsy drop shipping offers when combined with SEO strategies. By utilizing effective SEO techniques, focusing on niche selection, offering excellent customer service, and leveraging platforms like AliExpress, you can replicate my success on Etsy. Remember to approach drop shipping with a testing mindset, consistently update and optimize your listings, and prioritize customer satisfaction. Following these principles, you can create a thriving drop shipping business on Etsy and achieve significant financial growth.


  • Discover the potential of Etsy drop shipping through my 45k revenue case study.
  • Learn about the importance of SEO in achieving success on Etsy.
  • Understand the daily listing limits and the significance of testing products.
  • Focus on niche selection to establish a credible and targeted store on Etsy.
  • Prioritize exceptional customer service to foster positive reviews and customer loyalty.
  • Explore the higher profit margins in drop shipping on Etsy without advertisement costs.
  • Utilize Chrome extensions to find profitable products on AliExpress.


Q: Can I use AliExpress for drop shipping on Etsy? A: Yes, you can use AliExpress to test products and continue using it as your supplier, especially on Etsy where customers are more tolerant of longer delivery times.

Q: How many listings can I create daily on Etsy? A: As a drop shipper, you can create two listings per day. If your store is older than two weeks, you can create up to four listings per day.

Q: How important is customer service in drop shipping on Etsy? A: Excellent customer service is crucial in maintaining positive reviews and customer satisfaction. It significantly contributes to the growth and success of your Etsy store.

Q: What is the significance of SEO on Etsy? A: SEO plays a vital role in driving organic traffic and improving the visibility of your listings on Etsy. It is essential to optimize your listings with relevant keywords to increase your chances of ranking higher in search results.

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