Etsy Dropshipping Success: £15,000/Month Store

Etsy Dropshipping Success: £15,000/Month Store

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. The Success of the Etsy Drop Shipping Store
  3. The Back End and Statistics
  4. Steps Taken to Ensure the Validity of the Product
  5. Checking the Competition
  6. Cornering the Market
  7. Increasing Prices and Scaling
  8. The Power of Drop Shipping with a Private Supplier
  9. Implementing Review Farming
  10. Knowing Your Audience and Targeting Sub-Niches
  11. Utilizing Sales Psychology on Etsy
  12. Conclusion


In this article, we will explore the success story of an Etsy drop shipping store and the strategies employed to achieve remarkable revenue and profit. We will delve into the back end and examine crucial statistics that highlight the store's growth. Furthermore, we will outline the steps taken to ensure the validity of the product and discuss the approach to competition analysis. Scaling and pricing strategies will also be covered, along with the advantages of drop shipping with a private supplier. Additionally, we will explore the concept of review farming, the importance of knowing your target audience, and leveraging sales psychology on Etsy.

The Success of the Etsy Drop Shipping Store

The featured Etsy drop shipping store has experienced exceptional success since its inception. With a weekly revenue of £2,000 and a 50% profit margin, the store generates an impressive £1,000 in profit every single week. The anticipated growth in August suggests a projected weekly revenue of £6,000, aiming to maintain an upward trajectory until the holiday season. Despite offering only one product, the store's performance is remarkable.

The Back End and Statistics

The store currently has 12 listings, all featuring the same product. As of today, it has already generated £143 in revenue, with 19 orders totaling £407 yesterday. Over the past seven days, the store received 81 orders amounting to £1.9K. Throughout the month, it has accumulated 141 orders, resulting in £3.2K in revenue. The consistent performance of £2K in weekly revenue underscores the store's promising potential.

To gain deeper insights, let's examine the comprehensive statistics of the store. In July, the store was able to achieve steady growth. Starting with just 11 visits per day, it faced minor setbacks due to some listing variations deactivations. However, it currently enjoys an average of 500 visits per day. The conversion rate is a notable 2.9%, contributing to a substantial number of orders, totaling 141 with a revenue of £3.2K.

Steps Taken to Ensure the Validity of the Product

Before investing significant time and effort into the store, several steps were taken to verify the product's validity. One crucial measure involved assessing the competition to determine the speed of growth in the niche. Surprisingly, there was a limited number of competitors despite significant demand. By averaging the competitors' pricing, the store was able to enter the market with quicker shipping times and more competitive costs. This strategic move enabled the store to gain an advantage, pushing the competition out of the market.

Checking the Competition

Competitor analysis is a crucial aspect of any successful business. By evaluating the competition in the niche, it becomes possible to identify opportunities for growth and differentiation. In the case of this Etsy drop shipping store, conducting thorough competition research revealed a significant gap in the market. Although the demand for the product was substantial, the number of competitors was surprisingly low. With this knowledge in hand, the store could implement strategies that allowed it to quickly gain traction and outperform competitors.

Cornering the Market

Building upon the insights gained from competition analysis, the Etsy drop shipping store successfully cornered the market in its niche. One effective method employed was the creation of multiple listings for the same product. With 12 listings for the single product, each with slight variations, the store effectively multiplied its exposure and increased the chances of conversions. It is worth noting that making adequate changes to duplicated listings is essential. By doing so, the Etsy algorithm recognizes each listing as unique, resulting in greater visibility and potential sales.

Increasing Prices and Scaling

Once sales began to pick up, the store employed a strategy of incremental price increases. By raising prices by one or two pounds each day, the store evaluated the impact on sales and conversion rates. The goal was to find a balance where the conversion rate remained stable while still capturing profitable orders. This approach allowed the store to fine-tune its pricing strategy and achieve consistent growth. The remarkable profit margin of approximately £200 per day further reinforced the viability of this approach.

Scaling the store was facilitated by the utilization of effective methods. By minimizing ad expenses and relying primarily on organic methods, the store achieved low operating costs. Leveraging the knowledge and strategies shared within the community Discord, the store enhanced its growth potential. With a strong emphasis on organic growth, the store has been able to expand without substantial financial investments.

The Power of Drop Shipping with a Private Supplier

Drop shipping with a private supplier proved to be a game-changer for this Etsy store. By establishing a partnership with a reliable supplier, the store benefited from faster shipping times and improved product quality. Unlike traditional drop shipping platforms like AliExpress or CJ, working with a private supplier allowed for a more streamlined and efficient fulfillment process. Customers experienced shorter delivery times, receiving their orders within a remarkable five to six days. This exceptional service and reliable product delivery contributed significantly to the store's success.

Implementing Review Farming

To further optimize customer satisfaction and enhance the store's reputation, the tactic of review farming was implemented. Each customer who received their product was promptly followed up with a request to leave a review. Importantly, customers were not explicitly asked for a five-star review but were encouraged to share their honest feedback. To incentivize customers, those who left a review were rewarded with a discount coupon or the opportunity to enter a prize pool. This approach fostered a positive relationship with customers and increased the chances of obtaining valuable reviews.

Knowing Your Audience and Targeting Sub-Niches

In the competitive world of Etsy, it is essential to know your audience and target specific sub-niches. Rather than casting a wide net, the featured store adopted a strategy of appealing to niche segments seeking products for particular events or occasions. For example, instead of merely selling a generic poster, the store catered to travelers who recently returned from Bali or Dubai, creating personalized posters that held sentimental value. By making product listings resonate with customers and their experiences, the store fostered a stronger connection and increased the likelihood of conversions.

Utilizing Sales Psychology on Etsy

Sales psychology plays a vital role in driving customer behavior on Etsy. By aligning product listings with the customer's mindset and emotions, the store creates a powerful sales environment. Adapting product listings to suit specific events, such as Christmas or Valentine's Day, taps into customer demand and enhances the perception of the product's value. Shaping the narrative around the product, be it as a birthday gift, essential item, or special occasion necessity, influences customers' decision-making processes. By utilizing these sales psychology techniques, the featured store effectively maximizes sales potential.


The success of the showcased Etsy drop shipping store serves as an inspiring example for aspiring entrepreneurs. By employing strategic techniques and tactics, the store has achieved remarkable revenue and profit figures within a short span of time. Key factors contributing to its success include astute competition analysis, cornering the market, incremental price increases, and scaling through organic methods. Leveraging a private supplier for drop shipping, implementing review farming, understanding the target audience, and utilizing sales psychology on Etsy further propelled the store's growth. With careful consideration and application of these strategies, budding entrepreneurs can learn valuable lessons on how to build a thriving Etsy drop shipping business.

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