Unveiling the Dark Side of Etsy: #KeepEtsyHuman

Unveiling the Dark Side of Etsy: #KeepEtsyHuman

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. The Frustration of Etsy Sellers
  3. The Love for Etsy
  4. The Influence of Other Platforms
  5. Concerns with Etsy's Administration
  6. The Current Payment Reserve System
  7. Insufficient Updates from Etsy
  8. The Need for Change
  9. Specific Areas for Improvement
  10. Joining Forces for Change
  11. Supporting a Charitable Cause
  12. The Importance of Clear Communication
  13. Access to Well-informed Support Staff
  14. Restoring Confidence in Etsy

The Frustration of Etsy Sellers

Etsy Sellers Left Hanging: The Frustration of Delayed Payments and Unresolved Issues

As an Etsy seller, you rely on the platform to showcase and sell your handmade and artisan creations. It is a marketplace that has been instrumental in connecting independent designers and buyers who appreciate unique and personalized products. However, in recent times, Etsy sellers have been facing mounting frustration due to a range of issues that threaten their livelihoods.

The Love for Etsy

A Message of Passion and Desperation: Why Etsy Sellers Demand Change

Etsy has long been cherished as a platform that empowers individuals to turn their creative passions into viable businesses. From the homebound grandma to the struggling college student, Etsy offers a space where anyone can grow a sustainable business using their talents and skills. This love for Etsy and its mission to highlight handmade craftsmanship is the driving force behind the urgent call for change.

The Influence of Other Platforms

Machine Labor or Human Touch: The Influence of Expectations from Other Online Platforms

While other online platforms may have conditioned buyers to seek speed and low prices based on machine labor and industrial production, Etsy stands apart. It champions the value of human touch and uniqueness. However, in recent times, Etsy's administration has unknowingly adopted practices that perpetuate these unrealistic expectations. Priority placement for free shipping, quick response times, and a focus on low prices threaten to overshadow the very essence of Etsy.

Concerns with Etsy's Administration

Unanswered Concerns: Sellers Voice Their Discontent

Etsy sellers are disheartened by the indifference shown by the platform's administration towards their concerns. Issues such as delayed payments, unclear refund policies, and the seemingly arbitrary reserve system have left many sellers feeling unheard and unsupported. They advocate for changes that create an environment where they can confidently run their businesses and rely on a responsive customer service team.

The Current Payment Reserve System

Held Captive: Etsy Sellers and the Frustrations of the Payment Reserve System

One of the primary points of contention for Etsy sellers is the current payment reserve system. Sellers are required to leave a percentage of their earnings in reserve, making it inaccessible for an unknown period of time. While Etsy has acknowledged the need to reduce the reserve percentage, their vague response fails to address the vital questions of when funds will be released and what criteria will determine the extent of the hold.

Insufficient Updates from Etsy

Vagueness Breeds Insecurity: The Impact of Etsy's Lackluster Communication

Etsy's attempts to address the concerns surrounding the payment reserve system have fallen short. The recent update about reducing the reserve percentage did little to alleviate the worries of sellers who depend on Etsy payments to sustain their families. The absence of specific timelines, details about who will be affected, and the extent of funds held only adds to the frustration and uncertainty experienced by sellers.

The Need for Change

Creating a Better Future: The Urgent Call for Overarching Change

Etsy sellers are not seeking quick fixes or minor adjustments. They demand substantial and comprehensive changes to restore faith in the platform. There is a pressing need for updates that offer detailed information, clear guidelines, and absolutes. Sellers yearn for a return to Etsy's core values and a recommitment to keeping commerce human and inclusive.

Specific Areas for Improvement

From Deactivations to Trademarked Keywords: Key Areas Requiring Attention

Various specific areas demand attention and modifications from Etsy's administration. Sellers face unjust and unexplained shop deactivations, automated systems that remove listings without context, and the acceptance of products using trademarked keywords without warning. All these issues erode trust and detract from the original vision of a platform dedicated to handmade and unique products.

Joining Forces for Change

Uniting for Action: A Call for Community Involvement

Given the magnitude of these issues, individual voices alone cannot effect meaningful change. Etsy sellers, together with Etsy coaches, YouTubers, and all members of the community, are urged to unite on August 25th. They are encouraged to share their experiences and opinions about Etsy's current brand direction on social media using the hashtag "#KeepEtsyHuman." By creating a collective front, they hope to prompt the necessary change and restoration of Etsy's core values.

Supporting a Charitable Cause

Combining Forces for Good: Donating Monetization to Meals on Wheels

To strengthen the initiative and further incentivize its reach, all monetization received from this endeavor will be donated to Meals on Wheels, a reputable charity that provides fresh meals to homebound and disabled senior citizens. Meaningful change takes time, but this act of giving back demonstrates the unity and compassion of the Etsy community.

The Importance of Clear Communication

Transparency for Trust: The Crucial Element of Communication

To rebuild sellers' confidence, clear and transparent communication is essential. Sellers expect detailed updates about progress, expected timelines for change implementation, and information about how their concerns are being addressed. Etsy must prioritize effective communication to foster a sense of security and understanding among sellers.

Access to Well-informed Support Staff

Empowering Sellers through Support: The Need for Knowledgeable and Responsive Customer Service

Access to a reliable and well-informed support staff is crucial for sellers facing challenges related to payments, deactivation, buyer disputes, and listing removals. Etsy must invest in its customer service team to provide prompt, accurate, and helpful assistance. Sellers should always feel supported and confident that their concerns will be handled with care and professionalism.

Restoring Confidence in Etsy

Rekindling Trust: Working Towards a Safe and Secure Selling Environment

By addressing the concerns raised by its sellers and implementing the necessary changes, Etsy has the opportunity to restore confidence and create a thriving selling environment. It is essential that Etsy holds true to its founding principles, upholds transparency, and empowers sellers to continue their creative pursuits with peace of mind.


  1. Etsy sellers express frustration over delayed payments and unresolved issues.
  2. The love and passion for Etsy drive the demand for change.
  3. Expectations from other online platforms influence buyer behavior on Etsy.
  4. Concerns include the reserve system, vague updates, and insufficient communication.
  5. Etsy sellers call for overarching change and specific improvements.
  6. Uniting the Etsy community for collective action on August 25th.
  7. Donating monetization to Meals on Wheels to support a charitable cause.
  8. Clear communication and access to knowledgeable support staff are vital.
  9. Restoring confidence in Etsy requires addressing seller concerns and upholding core values.


Q: What is the payment reserve system on Etsy? A: The payment reserve system is a policy that requires sellers to leave a portion of their earnings in reserve for an undisclosed length of time, preventing immediate access to their funds.

Q: How is Etsy addressing the concerns of its sellers? A: Etsy has acknowledged some of the concerns raised by sellers, but their updates have been vague and lacking in specific details. Sellers are calling for more transparency and clearer guidelines.

Q: Why are Etsy sellers advocating for change? A: Etsy sellers are frustrated by various issues such as delayed payments, shop deactivations, and the acceptance of trademarked keywords without warning. They are seeking significant changes to restore trust and create a more supportive selling environment.

Q: How can Etsy sellers unite for change? A: Etsy sellers, along with coaches, YouTubers, and the wider community, are encouraged to participate in a social media campaign on August 25th. By sharing their experiences and using the hashtag "#KeepEtsyHuman," sellers aim to create a collective front for change.

Q: Are there any additional initiatives to support this cause? A: To further support the initiative, all monetization received from this endeavor will be donated to Meals on Wheels, a charity that provides meals to homebound and disabled senior citizens. This act of giving back demonstrates the unity and compassion within the Etsy community.

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