Unboxing and Testing MYSTERY Nail Art Boxes from Etsy

Unboxing and Testing MYSTERY Nail Art Boxes from Etsy

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Nail Mystery Boxes on Etsy
  3. Unboxing the Nail Mystery Boxes
  4. Reviewing the Nail Supplies
    • Rhinestones and Glitters
    • Nail Stickers and Decals
    • Cuticle Pusher and French Tip Guides
    • Press-on Nails
  5. Trying out the Nail Supplies
    • Applying the Press-on Nails
    • Using the Glitters and Stickers
  6. Testing the Dip Powders
    • Swatching the Colors
    • Applying the Dip Powders
    • Finishing the Dip Powder Nails
  7. Final Thoughts

Nail Mystery Boxes: Exploring Unique Nail Supplies on Etsy

Are you a nail art enthusiast looking to add a touch of mystery and excitement to your beauty routine? If so, then nail mystery boxes on Etsy might just be the perfect solution for you. In this article, we will delve into the world of nail mystery boxes and share our experience unboxing and trying out various nail supplies sourced from different Etsy shops. From rhinestones and glitter to press-on nails and dip powders, we'll review each item and provide you with insights on their quality and usability. So, let's dive into the world of nail art mystery and discover unique nail supplies together!

Nail Mystery Boxes on Etsy

As an avid fan of mystery boxes, I was thrilled to stumble upon nail mystery boxes while browsing Etsy. These curated boxes offer a delightful surprise of unique nail supplies that are perfect for adding a creative touch to your nail art. After exploring various Etsy shops, I decided to order a selection of mystery nail boxes from different sellers. In this article, I will walk you through my unboxing experience and review the nail supplies I received.

Unboxing the Nail Mystery Boxes

With eager anticipation, I received a collection of packages containing various nail supplies. From the smallest to the biggest, I carefully opened each box, excited to uncover the treasures within. The first box revealed an assortment of rhinestones that resembled colorful pearls, along with a jar of glitter and vibrant star-shaped confetti. Additionally, I found an array of stickers with floral, Valentine's Day, and other whimsical designs. The box also included a clean cuticle pusher, a vial of fine glitter, and French tip guides for a professional nail art finish.

In the second box, I discovered a set of press-on nails, complete with nail glue and a file. The nails were a matte red shade, which although not my preferred choice, added an element of surprise and mystery to the box. Moving on to the next package, I uncovered more glitters in various shades, including holographic and neon options. Intriguingly, there were also metal decals adorned with butterflies and designer logo stickers.

Lastly, the largest box contained a starter kit for dip nails, which I had specifically requested. This kit included base coat, activator, and top coat, along with a variety of dip powders in mesmerizing shades and finishes. It also included nail tweezers, a file, and nail art stickers featuring snowflakes and Christmas-themed designs.

Reviewing the Nail Supplies

Now that we have unboxed the nail mystery boxes and revealed the array of nail supplies, it's time to review each item in detail. Let's dive into the world of glitter, stickers, press-on nails, and dip powders, and explore the quality and usability of these unique nail supplies.

Rhinestones and Glitters

The rhinestones in the mystery boxes were an enchanting addition to the collection. Resembling colorful pearls, they added a touch of elegance to any nail art design. The glitters were equally impressive, with a wide range of shades and textures. From holographic circles to neon stars, each glitter variant provided a unique touch to nail art creations. However, I did notice that some of the glitters were similar to ones I had previously ordered from different sources.


  • Elegant rhinestones add a touch of sophistication to nail art.
  • Wide range of glitter shades and textures for diverse nail designs.


  • Some glitters were similar to ones available from other sources.

Nail Stickers and Decals

The assortment of nail stickers and decals received in the mystery boxes allowed for endless creativity. From delicate flowers and Valentine's Day-themed designs to whimsical butterflies and designer logos, these stickers offered a variety of embellishment options. However, I did notice that some of the flower stickers were similar to ones I already owned. Nonetheless, these stickers were easy to apply and added charm to any manicure.


  • Wide variety of nail stickers and decals.
  • Easy application for quick nail art designs.


  • Some stickers were repetitive or similar to ones from other sources.

Cuticle Pusher and French Tip Guides

Among the nail supplies, I received a cuticle pusher to maintain well-groomed nails. While it was an essential tool, I found it to be a little dirty, requiring thorough cleaning before use. Additionally, the French tip guides provided a convenient way to achieve a classic nail art look. However, their quality was not as premium as expected, with some guides not adhering well to the nails.


  • Cuticle pusher for maintaining clean nails.
  • French tip guides for achieving a classic nail art look.


  • Cuticle pusher required cleaning before use.
  • French tip guides had issues with adhesion.

Press-on Nails

The mystery boxes also included a set of press-on nails, offering a convenient option for those seeking an instant manicure. The matte red nails, while not my personal preference, added an element of surprise and challenge to the nail art experience. However, I did notice that the tips of the nails had some rough edges, which made application and wear less comfortable than expected.


  • Convenient option for instant manicure.
  • Adds an element of surprise and challenge to nail art.


  • Rough edges on the nail tips made application less comfortable.

Trying out the Nail Supplies

After reviewing the nail supplies, it was time to put them to the test and create some stunning nail art designs. I decided to use the press-on nails, glitters, and stickers to experiment with different styles and techniques. While the press-on nails did not perfectly align with my preferences, they offered a fun challenge and helped me explore new ideas. The glitters and stickers allowed for endless creativity, enabling me to design unique and eye-catching manicures.

Applying the Press-on Nails

Despite the rough edges on the press-on nails, I proceeded with applying them to my natural nails. Following the instructions, I used the provided nail glue to adhere the press-on nails, ensuring a secure and long-lasting hold. Although the application process was relatively straightforward, I noticed that the rough edges made it slightly more challenging to achieve a seamless look. Nevertheless, with some extra filing and shaping, the press-on nails looked presentable and ready for the next step.

Using the Glitters and Stickers

With the press-on nails in place, it was time to add some sparkle and personality to the manicure. I utilized the wide range of glitters and stickers from the mystery boxes to create unique designs on each nail. The glitters provided a dazzling effect, adding depth and dimension to the manicure. The stickers, ranging from delicate flowers to whimsical butterflies, allowed for effortless nail art creations. Although I noticed some similarities to stickers I already owned, they still added charm and interest to the overall look.

Testing the Dip Powders

Moving on from the press-on nails, it was time to explore the dip powders included in the mystery boxes. I swatched the dip powder colors to get a better sense of their vibrancy and consistency. The range of shades and finishes was impressive, offering options for different nail art styles. From bold and vivid to subtle and elegant, the dip powder colors showcased their versatility.

Swatching the Colors

Using the provided base coat, I dipped swatch sticks into the dip powders to create samples of each color. The process was relatively simple, but I noticed that the powder tended to get messy and required careful application. The dip powders showcased vibrant pigmentation and smooth, even coverage. However, some powders were prone to clumping, which affected the consistency and made it challenging to achieve a flawless application.

Applying the Dip Powders

After swatching the colors, I decided to apply dip powder to my natural nails. Following the instructions, I applied a base coat and then dipped my nails into the dip powder of my choice. The dip powder adhered well to the base coat, creating a durable and long-lasting finish. Despite the minor clumping issue, the dip powders provided excellent coverage and maintained their vibrant color.

Finishing the Dip Powder Nails

To complete the dip powder manicure, I applied the activator to cure and harden the powder. Once cured, I filed the nails to create the desired shape and smooth out any imperfections. Finally, I applied a clear top coat to enhance the shine and protect the manicure. The dip powder nails looked professionally done, with an even finish and a vibrant pop of color.

Final Thoughts

Exploring nail mystery boxes on Etsy was an exciting journey into the world of unique nail supplies. While some items had minor flaws or similarities to products from other sources, overall, the experience provided an element of surprise and allowed for creative nail art experimentation. Whether it was the enchanting rhinestones, dazzling glitters, convenient press-on nails, or vibrant dip powders, each item contributed to a captivating and diverse nail art collection.

For nail art enthusiasts seeking inspiration and the joy of discovering new supplies, nail mystery boxes on Etsy offer an enticing option. The combination of mystery, creativity, and quality products can elevate your nail art skills and bring a touch of excitement to your beauty routine. So, why not indulge in the world of nail mysteries and unlock the possibilities for stunning nail art creations?

What is the highlights of this article? The highlights of this article include:

  1. Exploring nail mystery boxes on Etsy for unique nail supplies.
  2. Unboxing and reviewing various nail supplies, including rhinestones, glitters, press-on nails, and dip powders.
  3. Trying out the nail supplies and showcasing different nail art designs.
  4. Reviewing the quality and usability of each item, highlighting pros and cons.
  5. Providing a comprehensive guide on applying press-on nails and dip powders.
  6. Sharing final thoughts and recommendations for nail art enthusiasts.


Q: Can I find a variety of unique nail supplies in nail mystery boxes on Etsy?

A: Yes, nail mystery boxes on Etsy offer a wide range of unique and creative nail supplies. From rhinestones and glitters to press-on nails and dip powders, you can discover a diverse collection of products to enhance your nail art.

Q: Are the press-on nails easy to apply?

A: Press-on nails can be relatively easy to apply with the right technique and adhesive. However, it is essential to ensure proper fit and file the nails to achieve a seamless look.

Q: Are the dip powders long-lasting?

A: When applied correctly with the appropriate base coat and activator, dip powders can provide a durable and long-lasting finish. However, it is crucial to follow the instructions carefully for optimal results.

Q: Can I create unique and eye-catching nail art designs with the supplies from nail mystery boxes?

A: Yes, the wide variety of glitters, stickers, and other nail supplies from nail mystery boxes allow for endless creativity and the ability to create unique and eye-catching nail art designs. Experiment with different combinations and techniques to personalize your manicures.

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