Unboxing a Mystery Etsy Box - Prepare to Be Amazed!

Unboxing a Mystery Etsy Box - Prepare to Be Amazed!

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. About the Etsy Mystery Box
  3. Unboxing the Mystery Box
  4. Exfoliating Glove
  5. Personalized Bottle
  6. Eye Masks and Hair Mask
  7. Vitamask Fruit Enzyme Pineapple Glow Mask
  8. Super Blossom Hydrate Facial Three-Step Facial
  9. Rose Quartz Roller and Gouache Set
  10. Fire to Liberate Mist
  11. Huda Beauty Silk Balm
  12. OPI Coconut Melon Hand and Body Lotion
  13. Candle
  14. Conclusion


Welcome to today's article, where we will be diving into the exciting world of mystery boxes. In this article, we will be exploring a beauty mystery box from an Etsy store. Mystery boxes have gained immense popularity in recent times, offering a thrill of surprise and discovery. Join me as we unbox this intriguing package filled with a variety of beauty products and personalized items. Without further ado, let's get started!

About the Etsy Mystery Box

The mystery box we will be exploring today comes from the seller Kiyomi London. This Etsy store offers two options for their mystery boxes - a mini box priced at £18.99 and a standard box priced around £32. These boxes contain a mix of cosmetic, skincare, home, personalized, and personal care items, all chosen randomly. The seller provides a minimum value of items in each box, ensuring that customers receive a good idea of the value they will be getting. Additionally, the prices of the boxes include shipping, making it an even more convenient choice for beauty enthusiasts.

Unboxing the Mystery Box

As we open the mystery box, we are greeted by a little card from the seller expressing their enjoyment of our videos and their excitement to share this mystery box with us. The box is neatly packed, raising anticipation for the treasures it holds within. With a first glance, we spot a variety of items waiting to be discovered.

Exfoliating Glove

The first item we unveil from the mystery box is a delightful surprise - an exfoliating glove. This double-sided glove feels soft and gentle, perfect for exfoliating the skin. As a frequent user of self-tanners, I know the importance of exfoliation for achieving a flawless tan. This glove promises to be a valuable addition to my beauty routine, ensuring smooth and radiant skin.

Personalized Bottle

Next, we stumble upon a little purple box that catches our attention. Opening it reveals a charming plastic bottle in the shape of a milk carton. What makes this bottle even more special is the personalized touch it carries - my name beautifully adorned with delicate flowers. The bottle is not only visually appealing but also highly functional, offering a convenient and stylish option for storing liquids. Its unique design and personalization make it an instant favorite.

Eye Masks and Hair Mask

The mystery box surprises us with a set of masks to pamper our skin. The first mask is the Diamond Eye Brightening Mask, promising to rejuvenate and brighten the delicate under-eye area. Alongside it, we find the Puffin Mask, adding a touch of fun and whimsy to our masking routine. Moving on, we discover the Spotlight Circle Shine Hair Mask. As an avid user of hair masks, I am thrilled to try this product that claims to provide a lustrous shine like never before. The selection of masks caters to different areas of self-care, ensuring a well-rounded beauty experience.

Vitamask Fruit Enzyme Pineapple Glow Mask

Continuing our exploration, we stumble upon the Vitamask Fruit Enzyme Pineapple Glow Mask. This mask promises a glowing complexion by harnessing the natural power of pineapple enzymes. It entices us with its fruity fragrance and the potential for radiant skin. The brand's commitment to using natural ingredients adds to the appeal, making it a popular choice among skincare enthusiasts.

Super Blossom Hydrate Facial Three-Step Facial

The mystery box surprises us once again with a unique and innovative skincare product - the Super Blossom Hydrate Facial Three-Step Facial. This three-step facial set offers a comprehensive approach to skincare. Step one involves a gentle face scrub, followed by a blossom sheet mask in step two, and finally, a moisturizer in step three. The thoughtfully curated set provides a complete pampering experience, ensuring nourished and hydrated skin.

Rose Quartz Roller and Gouache Set

One of the standout items in the mystery box is a rose quartz roller and gouache set. Made entirely of rose quartz, this roller exudes both elegance and functionality. The cool touch of the stone on the skin offers a soothing sensation, making it a perfect addition to any skincare routine. Alongside the roller, we find a gouache, beautifully designed with rose quartz and rose gold accents. The set as a whole makes for a stunning beauty tool and a lovely gift option.

Fire to Liberate Mist

The mystery box surprises us with the Fire to Liberate Mist - a product that captivates with its unique name and intriguing properties. Although we haven't tried this exact mist, we are familiar with the brand and have had a positive experience with their products. The mist promises to invigorate and refresh, becoming a valuable addition to our skincare collection.

Huda Beauty Silk Balm

An adorable addition to the mystery box is the Huda Beauty Silk Balm, presented in a blush shade. This balm adds a subtle tint to the lips while providing nourishment and hydration. While we already possess a similar shade, we appreciate the inclusion of a high-quality product from a well-known brand like Huda Beauty.

OPI Coconut Melon Hand and Body Lotion

As we delve deeper into the mystery box, we discover the OPI Coconut Melon Hand and Body Lotion. This lotion is a delight for the senses, combining the tropical scents of coconut and melon. The moisturizing properties of the lotion offer relief to dry and winter-ravaged hands, making it an essential item for self-care in the colder months.


The mystery box concludes with a luxurious treat - a scented candle. The elegantly packaged candle exudes sophistication, with its black and gold design. The delightful fragrance of Madagascar vanilla fills the room as soon as we open the box. Candles create a warm and cozy ambiance, making them a prized possession in any household. This candle, with its attention to detail in both packaging and scent, is a wonderful addition to our collection.


As we reach the end of our mystery unboxing journey, we reflect on the incredible assortment of products we discovered. The Etsy mystery box from Kiyomi London exceeded our expectations, offering a diverse selection of beauty and personalized items. The standout items include the exfoliating glove, personalized bottle, rose quartz roller and gouache set, and the scented candle. Each product adds a touch of luxury and pampering to our beauty routine, ensuring a delightful experience. We are grateful for the opportunity to explore this mystery box and recommend it to fellow beauty enthusiasts on the lookout for an exciting and personalized beauty experience.

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