Transforming My Etsy Packing Room and Designing Enamel Pins

Transforming My Etsy Packing Room and Designing Enamel Pins

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. Festive Studio Decorations
  3. Enamel Pins Designing Process 3.1 Planning for Next Year's Products 3.2 Sketching Enamel Pin Ideas 3.3 Choosing Themes for Launches
  4. Designing Enamel Pins 4.1 Frog Prince Enamel Pin 4.1.1 Adding Details and Patterns 4.1.2 Choosing Colors 4.2 Penguin Enamel Pin 4.2.1 Ensuring Design Clarity 4.2.2 Color Experiments 4.3 More Animal Pins 4.3.1 Lion Enamel Pin 4.3.2 Tiger Enamel Pin
  5. Packing Orders and Taking Time Off
  6. Conclusion

Drawing Festive Inspiration: Designing Enamel Pins for the New Year

The holiday season is here, and in the spirit of celebration, I've adorned my studio with festive decorations. But that's not all I have planned for this studio vlog. I'm also diving into the creative process of designing enamel pins that will make their way into my shop in January. As I take you through my journey, I'll share my thoughts on organizing my products for the upcoming year and my ideas for incorporating themes into my product launches. So let's get started and immerse ourselves in the magical world of enamel pin designing.

Planning for Next Year's Products

As I embark on this exciting journey, I find myself already thinking about the products I want to have in my Etsy shop in the coming year. Being determined to be more organized and strategic, I'm sketching out plans for enamel pins that I want to introduce, specifically with a focus on Valentine's Day. By setting a clear vision and mapping out my ideas, I hope to create a cohesive collection that resonates with my audience.

Sketching Enamel Pin Ideas

With my plans in mind, I begin sketching my initial ideas for the enamel pins. These first sketches are rough, serving as a starting point to bring my concepts to life. One of the designs that catches my attention is a tiny frog prince. I envision a cute frog with a gold crown, sitting on a lily pad surrounded by smaller lily pads and a lily flower. I experiment with adding lipstick marks to the frog's cheek and contemplate incorporating additional elements like hearts on the lily pads.

Choosing Themes for Launches

To bring structure and cohesiveness to my product releases, I decide to organize my launches around specific themes. Instead of sporadically introducing new products, I plan to work on a collection of different items and release them simultaneously. This approach allows me to build anticipation and create a more immersive experience for my customers. However, I'm yet to finalize the dates for each launch, but I will keep you informed in the upcoming weeks.

Designing Enamel Pins

Now it's time to move from sketches to actual designs. I carefully refine the details of each enamel pin, ensuring that they capture the essence of my original ideas. As I work on the frog prince pin, I deliberate on whether to include intricate patterns on the lily pad or keep it simpler. I also play around with different color combinations, contemplating between gold or rose gold for the frog and lily pad.

Frog Prince Enamel Pin

The frog prince enamel pin is shaping up beautifully. With its intricate details and tiny size, it's sure to captivate the hearts of my customers. I decide to go with gold for the frog and experiment with a pattern on the lily pad, debating between red lipstick marks or covering it with adorable hearts.

Penguin Enamel Pin

Moving on to the penguin enamel pin, I face a challenge. I want to ensure that it still looks like a penguin, even with the addition of colors. I experiment with red lines instead of the traditional black, but seek the opinion of my audience to ensure the design remains recognizable. I take to Instagram and spark a conversation, asking people what animal they think the red-lined penguin represents.

More Animal Pins

In the midst of my designing frenzy, I don't stop at just the frog prince and penguin. I let my creativity run wild and sketch out ideas for a lion holding a heart and a tiger adorned with rose gold stripes. These pins, also inspired by the Valentine's Day theme, will add variety and charm to my collection.

Packing Orders and Taking Time Off

As the days progress, I take a break from designing and shift my focus to packing orders. With the help of my partner, Tom, we ensure that each order is carefully packaged and prepared for shipment. Tom's presence in the process brings me a sense of joy and relief, as we work together to provide prompt and attentive service to our valued customers.

Although this is my final studio vlog of the year, it's not the end of my creative journey. I'm taking the entire month of December off to recharge, spend time with loved ones, and prepare for an even more exciting year ahead. But fret not, I'll be back with new videos and fresh content in January. Make sure to subscribe and hit the notification bell so you don't miss out on the latest updates and the launch of my new enamel pins.


As I conclude this studio vlog, I'd like to express my gratitude for your continuous support. Your enthusiasm for my work inspires me to push boundaries and create meaningful products. The process of designing enamel pins has been a delightful adventure, and I can't wait to share the final designs with you in the upcoming year. Until then, I wish you a joyous holiday season and a fantastic start to the new year. See you soon!


  • Festive decorations bring a cheerful atmosphere to the studio.
  • Enamel pin designing process involves planning, sketching, and choosing themes.
  • Frog prince and penguin enamel pins are the center of attention.
  • Animal-inspired pins, like lion and tiger, add variety to the collection.
  • Orders are packed with care, thanks to the assistance of Tom.
  • A well-deserved break is taken in December to recharge and prepare for the coming year.


Q: When will the new enamel pins be available in your shop? A: The enamel pins are expected to be available in January. Stay tuned for the exact launch date, which will be announced in my next video on December 30th.

Q: How did you decide on the colors for the enamel pins? A: The color choice for each pin was a careful consideration. I sought feedback from my audience through Instagram polls to gauge their preferences and ensure the designs remained true to their intended animal representation.

Q: Will you be introducing more themed launches in the future? A: Yes, I plan to continue organizing my product releases around specific themes. This approach adds excitement and coherence to my collections, allowing for a more immersive customer experience.

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