How to Boost a Struggling Etsy Shop

How to Boost a Struggling Etsy Shop

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Shop Assessment
    • Total Sales and Reviews
    • Announcement Space
    • Shipping and Production Time
    • Mockup Designs
    • SEO Approach
  3. Design Analysis
    • Mockup Issues
    • Font Legibility
    • Matching Designs with Search Phrases
    • Longtail Phrases in Titles
  4. Product Selection
    • Matching Designs to Seasonal Themes
    • Evergreen Designs
    • Niche Expansion
  5. Selling on Etsy vs. Amazon
    • Optimizing Design Styles for Each Platform
    • Targeting Etsy's Unique Vibe
    • Identifying Etsy's Profitable Niches
  6. Conclusion

Inspire Glow - An Etsy Shop Review

In this episode, we will be reviewing Inspire Glow, a print-on-demand shop from Wisconsin. With one total sale and a five-star review, Inspire Glow has made a promising start. In this article, we will assess their shop, highlighting what they're doing well and areas where they can improve. Together, we can strive for success in the competitive world of Etsy.

Shop Assessment

Let's begin by evaluating the different aspects of Inspire Glow's shop.

Total Sales and Reviews: Starting with one sale and a five-star review, the first impression is positive. However, we can't stress enough the importance of obtaining that crucial first review. Even a purchase made by a friend or family member can go a long way in establishing trust and credibility.

Announcement Space: Inspire Glow has utilized their announcement space effectively. Clearly stating that their products are printed and shipped from the US, they provide valuable information to potential customers.

Shipping and Production Time: The shop's shipping and production times are clearly displayed. This transparency is essential for customers who may be concerned about delivery timelines.

Mockup Designs: The use of mockups in the shop's listings is commendable. In particular, the folded mockups with rolled sleeves have proven successful this year. However, it is important to ensure that the text on the mockups remains legible, especially when using angled mockups. The high level of competition on Etsy requires sellers to pay attention to even the smallest details.

Design Analysis

Now let's delve into a detailed analysis of the designs offered by Inspire Glow.

Mockup Issues: It is crucial to consider the legibility of the designs when utilizing mockups. Some of the folded mockups in Inspire Glow's shop have distorted text, making it challenging for potential customers to decipher the message. Attention to detail in this aspect can significantly improve the overall appeal of the listings.

Font Legibility: Legibility is key when it comes to text designs. Some of the fonts chosen in Inspire Glow's designs, such as the one used in the "Thankful and Blessed" design, may fit the Etsy vibe but can be difficult to read. Enlarging and cropping the design to ensure the font is clear and easily recognizable can make a significant difference in customer engagement.

Matching Designs with Search Phrases: When it comes to SEO, leading with the strongest, most relevant search phrases is crucial. While phrases like "Christmas gingerbread cookies sweatshirt" may seem specific, they are a necessary aspect of optimizing search rankings. Utilizing longtail phrases in the title, such as "gingerbread Christmas characters crew neck," can further enhance the visibility of the listings.

Longtail Phrases in Titles: Incorporating longtail phrases in titles can help signal the algorithm and increase the likelihood of a click. If the phrase "Christmas family vacation sweatshirt" is relevant to a product, it is worth including in the title to improve search rankings. Other holiday-related phrases, such as "funny Christmas" or "Merry Christmas," can be included in the tags section.

Product Selection

Expanding the product range beyond seasonal themes is essential for long-term success on Etsy.

Matching Designs to Seasonal Themes: While seasonal designs, such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Halloween, are staples for Etsy, it is important to explore additional evergreen designs that can generate sales throughout the year. Inspire Glow should consider creating designs that appeal to a wider audience outside of the typical holiday themes.

Evergreen Designs: In addition to seasonal designs, incorporating evergreen designs can provide consistent sales throughout the year. By identifying popular niches and creating designs that cater to those markets, Inspire Glow can tap into continuous demand.

Niche Expansion: Inspire Glow has already demonstrated an ability to create positive, inclusive designs. By expanding into niche markets, such as the disability community, the shop can carve out a unique position within the Etsy marketplace. Exploring niche markets can lead to increased visibility and profitability.

Selling on Etsy vs. Amazon

Considering the differences between selling on Etsy and Amazon can help determine where certain design styles may be more successful.

Optimizing Design Styles for Each Platform: Certain design styles may perform better on Amazon than on Etsy. While some of Inspire Glow's designs may resonate with the Etsy vibe, it is worth considering the potential of selling such designs on Amazon, a platform that reaches a broader audience.

Targeting Etsy's Unique Vibe: The Etsy marketplace has its own distinct vibe, and it is crucial to create designs that align with its aesthetic. By understanding the preferences of Etsy buyers and tailoring designs to suit those preferences, Inspire Glow can attract a more targeted customer base.

Identifying Etsy's Profitable Niches: Exploring niche markets that have proven successful on Etsy can lead to increased sales. By identifying trending niches and adapting design styles accordingly, Inspire Glow can tap into the right customer segments and maximize their earning potential on Etsy.


Inspire Glow has shown great potential with their inclusive designs and attention to detail in their shop. By addressing minor issues with mockup legibility and optimizing their SEO approach, the shop can enhance their chances of attracting more customers and generating sales. Expanding their product range to include evergreen designs and exploring niche markets will also contribute to their long-term success on Etsy. With continuous improvement and a focus on meeting customer demands, Inspire Glow has the potential to thrive in the competitive world of print-on-demand on Etsy.

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