From Teenage Etsy Seller to Big Money: My Sticker Shop Success Story!

From Teenage Etsy Seller to Big Money: My Sticker Shop Success Story!

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. The Beginnings of Studio Guru
  3. The Launch of Big Plans Academy
  4. Stick to Success: A Live Program
  5. The Power of Etsy and Shopify
  6. Analyzing the First Year of Selling Stickers
    • January: $532.07
    • February: $2,751.38
    • March: $1,894.30
    • April: $2,396.47
    • May: $2,070.53
    • June: $2,763.39
    • July: $1,464.70
    • August: $2,839.91
    • September: $5,156.62
    • October: $3,112.40
    • November: $3,050.65
    • December: $2,200.31
  7. Lessons Learned and the Future of Studio Guru
  8. Conclusion

Selling Stickers on Etsy: A Journey of Growth and Success


Welcome to Studio Guru, the home of sticker enthusiasts and aspiring entrepreneurs. In this article, we will take you on a journey through the highs and lows of selling stickers on Etsy. From humble beginnings to a thriving sticker shop, we will delve into the success story of Lisa, the founder, and owner of Studio Guru. Get ready to be inspired and enlightened, as we explore the potential and profitability of starting your own sticker shop.

The Beginnings of Studio Guru

Back in 2016, when Lisa was just seventeen and in high school, she embarked on a mission to turn her passion for stickers into a business. Collaborating with her sister, Lucy, Studio Guru was born. Despite having no prior business or marketing knowledge, Lisa's determination and creativity paved the way for their success. They quickly identified their niche in planner stickers and stickers for journals, and the rest is history.

The Launch of Big Plans Academy

Recognizing the demand for sticker-making knowledge, Lisa and Lucy started Big Plans Academy. This platform aims to empower aspiring entrepreneurs by teaching them the art of making stickers and guiding them towards creating their own successful sticker shops. One of their flagship programs, "Stick to Success," has helped countless individuals launch their sticker shops in just five weeks. If you're hesitant about starting your own sticker shop, fear not. They offer a free webinar that provides a roadmap from start to launch, giving you valuable insights into what it takes to succeed in this industry.

Analyzing the First Year of Selling Stickers

Now, let's take a deep dive into Lisa's first year of selling stickers on Etsy. By examining the monthly earnings, we can gain a better understanding of the growth and potential of a sticker shop. It's important to note that these figures do not include credit card fees or Etsy fees.

  • January: $532.07 - A promising start for a seventeen-year-old embarking on her entrepreneurial journey. Despite her lack of experience, Lisa managed to generate over $500 in her first month.
  • February: $2,751.38 - A significant jump in earnings from the previous month. This increase can be attributed to Lisa's newly acquired knowledge of running Etsy sales.
  • March: $1,894.30 - A slight decrease compared to February, but still a strong month for Lisa's sticker shop.
  • April: $2,396.47 - The upward trend continues, with April witnessing a steady increase in earnings.
  • May: $2,070.53 - Lisa maintains consistency in her earnings, bolstering her confidence in the potential of her sticker business.
  • June: $2,763.39 - As Lisa graduates from high school and prepares for college, she maximizes her summer break by dedicating time to her sticker shop. This results in another successful month.
  • July: $1,464.70 - A slight drop in earnings due to the absence of new releases during this month. Lisa realizes the importance of regularly introducing fresh designs to attract customers.
  • August: $2,839.91 - Lisa runs a sale, likely tied to her birthday and Labor Day, leading to increased sales and higher revenue.
  • September: $5,156.62 - A remarkable month, fueled by a birthday sale and effective promotion strategies. Despite preparing for college, Lisa's sticker shop thrives.
  • October: $3,112.40 - Lisa's efforts to train her mother to fulfill orders while at college prove successful. Consistency is key, and October proves to be another profitable month.
  • November: $3,050.65 - Lisa maintains her momentum, surpassing the $3,000 mark once again.
  • December: $2,200.31 - Concluding the year on a strong note, Lisa enjoys a successful December despite minimal promotional efforts.

Lessons Learned and the Future of Studio Guru

Reflecting on her first year as a sticker shop owner, Lisa acknowledges the remarkable success she achieved at just seventeen years old. While not every month saw exponential growth, the overall earnings of $30,039.73 demonstrate the vast potential of the sticker business.

Lisa's journey highlights the fact that age is not a barrier to success in entrepreneurship. With dedication, creativity, and adaptability, anyone can create a thriving business, regardless of their age or background.

Looking ahead, Studio Guru continues to evolve and flourish. With a robust presence on Etsy and an increasing focus on Shopify, Lisa and Lucy are eager to expand their reach and empower budding sticker shop owners worldwide.


Starting a sticker shop may seem daunting, but Lisa's inspiring journey proves that success is within reach. By exploring her first-year earnings on Etsy, we witnessed the immense potential of this industry. Whether you're an aspiring entrepreneur or simply passionate about stickers, take the leap and embark on your sticker-selling adventure. With the right guidance and an unwavering passion, you too can create a profitable sticker shop.

Now that you have a glimpse into Lisa's world, why not join her in creating a sticky revolution? Embrace your creativity, explore your niche, and let your sticker business thrive. The possibilities are endless, and Studio Guru is here to guide you every step of the way.

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  • Studio Guru, powered by passion and creativity, turned a love for stickers into a thriving sticker shop.
  • Big Plans Academy empowers aspiring entrepreneurs to create their own successful sticker shops through programs like "Stick to Success."
  • A comprehensive analysis of Lisa's first year on Etsy reveals her exponential growth in earnings, reaching a total of $30,039.73.
  • Lisa's success story demonstrates that age is not a barrier to entrepreneurial achievement.
  • Studio Guru continues to evolve and expand its presence on Etsy and Shopify, eager to support sticker shop owners worldwide.


Q: Can I start a successful sticker shop despite having no prior business experience? A: Absolutely! Lisa's success story showcases how passion, dedication, and a willingness to learn outweigh formal business knowledge.

Q: What sets Studio Guru apart from other sticker shops? A: Studio Guru stands out for its commitment to empowering aspiring entrepreneurs through the Big Plans Academy. Their educational programs and resources provide valuable insights and guidance.

Q: Are there any age restrictions or requirements to start a sticker shop? A: None whatsoever! Lisa's journey began at the age of seventeen, proving that success knows no age boundaries.

Q: How can I increase sales and revenue for my sticker shop? A: Regularly introducing new designs, running sales or promotions, and effectively marketing your products can all contribute to increased sales and revenue.

Q: Can I start a sticker shop as a side hustle while still having a full-time job? A: Yes, starting a sticker shop as a side hustle is a viable option. Lisa herself began her journey while still in high school, making it a perfect endeavor for those with limited time.

Q: Is it necessary to have a specific niche for a successful sticker shop? A: Having a niche can help target a specific audience and establish a unique selling proposition. However, it is not a requirement for success.

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