A BTS glimpse into the life of an Etsy shop owner

A BTS glimpse into the life of an Etsy shop owner

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. About the Channel
  3. Macrame Tutorials
  4. Behind the Scenes of the Small Business
  5. Morning Routine
  6. Gym Workout
  7. Restocking Days on Sundays
  8. Taking Pictures for Instagram
  9. Instagram Content Planning
  10. Reordering Packaging Supplies
  11. Redesigning Thank You Cards
  12. Working on Q&A Video
  13. Editing and Uploading YouTube Videos
  14. Planning Instagram Content
  15. Creating Keychains and Wristlets
  16. Enjoying a Walk in the Sunset
  17. Conclusion


Welcome to my channel! My name is Simba, but you can call me Adi. I am a full-time macrame artist and small business owner. This channel focuses on sharing macrame tutorials and providing a behind-the-scenes look at my small business. In this video, I will take you through a day in the life of running my macrame business, from morning routines to restocking days and planning out Instagram content. So, if you're interested in macrame or curious about the workings of a small business, make sure to subscribe and hit the notification button so you don't miss any videos.

About the Channel

In this section, I will give an overview of my channel, explaining what viewers can expect to find. I will mention that the channel focuses on macrame tutorials and showcases the behind-the-scenes aspects of running a small business.

Macrame Tutorials

I will provide an in-depth look at the macrame tutorials I create and share on my channel. I will discuss the various projects I cover, from basic knots to more complex patterns. I will highlight the educational aspect of my tutorials and how they can benefit viewers interested in learning macrame.

Behind the Scenes of the Small Business

Here, I will delve into the behind-the-scenes aspects of running a small macrame business. I will discuss the challenges I face, the creative process behind designing and creating macrame pieces, and the day-to-day tasks involved in managing the business.

Morning Routine

I will share details about my morning routine, including habits such as drinking lemon water and jotting down tasks for the day. I will emphasize the importance of starting the day off right and how it sets the tone for a productive day.

Gym Workout

In this section, I will talk about my gym routine and the importance of staying active as a macrame artist. I will mention the benefits of switching up the environment and the positive impact it has on my overall well-being.

Restocking Days on Sundays

I will discuss how Sundays are dedicated to restocking my macrame items. I will explain the process of creating a large number of items to be packed and shipped throughout the week. This section will highlight the organization and planning skills required to maintain a steady supply of products.

Taking Pictures for Instagram

I will go over the process of taking high-quality pictures for Instagram. I will discuss the importance of natural lighting, using props, and finding the right background. I will provide tips and tricks for capturing eye-catching photos of macrame pieces.

Instagram Content Planning

Here, I will explain my approach to planning content for Instagram. I will mention using apps and pen-and-paper methods to create a cohesive and aesthetically pleasing feed. I will also highlight the significance of following prompts and generating engaging captions for posts.

Reordering Packaging Supplies

In this section, I will take viewers through the process of reordering packaging supplies for my small business. I will discuss the importance of sourcing reliable and eco-friendly materials and provide insights into the suppliers I use.

Redesigning Thank You Cards

I will explain the need for redesigning my thank you cards and share the process of creating a new design. I will mention using online design tools and discuss the significance of incorporating branding elements into the cards.

Working on Q&A Video

This section will cover the process of creating a Q&A video for my channel. I will discuss the importance of engaging with viewers and addressing their questions. I will also mention the editing and rewatching process to ensure the video flows smoothly.

Editing and Uploading YouTube Videos

I will provide insights into the editing and uploading process for YouTube videos. I will highlight the time-consuming nature of uploading longer videos and the importance of allowing the computer to handle the task.

Planning Instagram Content

I will dive deeper into the planning of Instagram content, discussing the benefit of developing a schedule and following prompts. I will also mention the elevate your insta challenge and how it can help boost engagement and creativity on Instagram.

Creating Keychains and Wristlets

In this section, I will share the process of creating keychains and wristlets for my macrame business. I will highlight the importance of consistency and attention to detail in producing high-quality products.

Enjoying a Walk in the Sunset

I will discuss the significance of taking breaks and enjoying a leisurely walk in the sunset. I will emphasize the importance of self-care and finding balance in the daily routine of running a business.


To wrap up the video, I will summarize the key points discussed and express my gratitude to viewers for watching. I will invite them to check back for future content and encourage them to engage with the channel through comments, likes, and subscribes.


  1. Macrame tutorials for beginners and advanced level.
  2. Behind-the-scenes look at running a small macrame business.
  3. Tips for capturing stunning photos of macrame pieces for Instagram.
  4. Planning and organizing Instagram content.
  5. Redesigning thank you cards for a more personalized touch.
  6. Engaging with viewers through Q&A videos.
  7. Creating high-quality keychains and wristlets.
  8. Finding balance through self-care and enjoying the little moments.


Q: Where can I find the macrame tutorials mentioned in the video? A: The macrame tutorials can be found on my channel. Make sure to subscribe and hit the notification button to stay updated with new content.

Q: How often do you restock your macrame items? A: Sundays are dedicated to restocking, ensuring a steady supply of macrame items throughout the week.

Q: Where do you source your packaging supplies? A: I source my packaging supplies from reliable and eco-friendly suppliers. If you're interested, I can provide more information about the specific suppliers I use.

Q: How do you come up with ideas for Instagram content? A: I follow prompts and participate in challenges, such as the elevate your insta challenge, to generate creative and engaging content for Instagram.

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