Boost Your Etsy Sales with These Top 6 Products

Boost Your Etsy Sales with These Top 6 Products

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. The Downside of Selling Copycat T-Shirts
  3. Why Vanilla Sayings Won't Make Your Shop Stand Out
  4. The Problem with Two-Word Mugs
  5. The Pitfalls of Print-on-Demand Baby Onesies
  6. The Challenges of Selling Digital Planners
  7. The Oversaturation of Digital AI Wall Art
  8. Alternative Products to Consider Selling
  9. Tips for Creating Unique and Marketable Products
  10. Conclusion

5 Types of Products You Should Never Sell on Etsy

In the vast and competitive online marketplace of Etsy, it's crucial to carefully choose the products you sell to maximize your chances of success. While there are many profitable items to offer on the platform, there are also certain products that you should avoid selling. In this article, we will discuss five types of products that you should never sell on Etsy, and offer alternative options that can help you stand out from the crowd.

1. The Downside of Selling Copycat T-Shirts

One common mistake that Etsy sellers make is attempting to sell copycat t-shirts that imitate popular designs. While it may seem tempting to piggyback on the success of a bestseller, this strategy is unlikely to work in your favor. By copying a popular design without any originality or unique selling proposition, you are essentially competing head-to-head with the original listing. With no track record, customer reviews, or compelling reason for buyers to choose your product, it's nearly impossible to gain market share. Instead, focus on identifying the elements that make bestseller listings successful, such as color palettes or specific design aspects, and use them as inspiration to create your own unique and appealing t-shirt designs.

2. Why Vanilla Sayings Won't Make Your Shop Stand Out

Another type of product that should be avoided on Etsy is a collection of shirts that feature generic or vanilla sayings in plain and unremarkable fonts. While these sayings may be popular or commonly found in other retail stores, they lack the novelty and uniqueness that Etsy shoppers often seek. Customers visiting Etsy are usually looking for something special and distinctive, not the same run-of-the-mill sayings they can find at any department store. Instead of settling for vanilla designs, consider adding creativity and flair to your t-shirt offerings. Choose interesting fonts, incorporate eye-catching graphics, or offer slogans that are truly original and compelling.

3. The Problem with Two-Word Mugs

Mugs with just a couple of small words printed on them are another type of product that should be avoided on Etsy. These minimalistic designs fail to capture the attention and interest of potential buyers. When customers purchase a mug, they expect something visually appealing and engaging. A plain white mug with just a few words does not offer enough value or aesthetic appeal to justify a significant purchase. Instead of limiting yourself to two-word designs, consider embracing the current trend of all-over word patterns. By covering the entire surface of the mug with a variety of words and sayings, you can create a more visually striking and desirable product.

4. The Pitfalls of Print-on-Demand Baby Onesies

Print-on-demand baby onesies may seem like a convenient option for Etsy sellers, but they often come with their own set of challenges. The pricing of print-on-demand onesies makes it difficult to compete with handmade shops that can offer lower prices. This is due to the additional costs associated with using a production partner as a middleman. As a result, sellers often have to price their onesies higher, which can deter potential buyers. Instead of venturing into the highly competitive market of baby apparel, consider focusing on selling baby blankets. Baby blankets offer a higher perceived value and allow you to compete more effectively with handmade sellers.

5. The Challenges of Selling Digital Planners

Digital planners can be a tough sell on Etsy if they are not presented properly. Many sellers make the mistake of only showcasing a front image with the word "Planner" on it, leaving potential buyers clueless about what they are actually getting. Customers who purchase digital planners are paying for utility and functionality. Without being able to see the layout and content of the planner, they are unlikely to click on the listing. To increase your chances of selling digital planners, make sure to include thumbnail images that showcase the various pages and sections of the planner. Give customers a clear idea of what they can expect and emphasize the value they will receive from your digital product.

6. The Oversaturation of Digital AI Wall Art

Lastly, digital AI wall art has become oversaturated on Etsy, making it difficult for sellers to stand out. With the low barrier to entry and minimal differentiation between quality levels, it is hard to compete in this market. The flood of similar-looking designs created by both beginners and experienced graphic designers creates a crowded and highly competitive space. Instead of investing time and energy in creating digital AI wall art, consider putting those designs onto items that have a functional purpose, such as stickers, aprons, towels, bedding, blankets, or shower curtains. By offering unique designs on items that offer utility beyond the design itself, you can differentiate yourself and increase your chances of success.

In conclusion, there are certain types of products that should be avoided when selling on Etsy. Copycat t-shirts, vanilla sayings on mugs, baby onesies in print-on-demand, poorly presented digital planners, and oversaturated digital AI wall art are all product categories that are challenging to succeed with on the platform. By avoiding these pitfalls and considering alternative product options, you can increase your chances of standing out and finding success on Etsy. Remember, it's important to offer unique, high-quality products that cater to the desires and expectations of Etsy's discerning customers.


  • Copying bestseller listings and selling replica t-shirts is not a winning strategy on Etsy.
  • Vanilla sayings on mugs fail to capture the attention and interest of buyers.
  • Print-on-demand baby onesies often come with higher pricing, making it difficult to compete with handmade options.
  • Poorly presented digital planners that lack utility and fail to showcase their content are unlikely to sell.
  • Oversaturation of digital AI wall art makes it challenging to differentiate and succeed in this market.


Q: Can I still find success on Etsy with products other than the ones mentioned in this article? A: Absolutely! While it's best to avoid the types of products discussed here, there are countless other opportunities on Etsy. It's important to conduct thorough market research, identify unique niches, and offer products that stand out and cater to specific customer needs.

Q: Can I incorporate elements of bestseller listings into my own designs without copying them entirely? A: Yes! Instead of replicating bestseller listings, you can analyze their color palettes, aesthetics, or common design threads to gain inspiration. Use this information as a starting point to create your own unique and original designs.

Q: Should I be concerned about competitors stealing my digital designs? A: While the risk of design theft exists, it's important not to compromise the visibility and appeal of your listings by using watermarks or overlays that obstruct the customer's view. Focus on creating high-quality designs, showcasing their utility, and offering value to customers.

Q: Are there any other product categories to avoid on Etsy? A: The ones mentioned in this article are just a few examples. It's essential to conduct thorough research and consider factors such as market saturation, competition, pricing, and customer demand before deciding on the products to sell on Etsy.

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