Unveiling the Best Etsy Haul Ever!

Unveiling the Best Etsy Haul Ever!

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Black Friday Haul: Knitcrate Order
  3. Park Sense Candle Company Unboxing
  4. Rebecca's Etsy Store Update
  5. Nitpicks Black Friday Sale
  6. Park Sense Candle Company Purchase
  7. Reviewing the Candle Scents
  8. Cyber Monday Sale at Park Sense Candle Company
  9. Conclusion


In this article, we will take a look at Rebecca's recent Black Friday haul, which includes items from Knitcrate and Park Sense Candle Company. We will also discuss an update on Rebecca's Etsy store and her plans for the future. So, let's dive in and explore all the exciting things Rebecca has been up to!

Black Friday Haul: Knitcrate Order

Rebecca starts off by sharing her experiences with Black Friday shopping. She reveals that she made a purchase from Knitcrate a week and a half ago. She provides details about the items she bought, including a smaller Christmas tree for her home and various knitting supplies like blocking mats and tapestry needles. Rebecca expresses her excitement about the upcoming projects she plans to work on using these new materials.

Park Sense Candle Company Unboxing

Moving on, Rebecca shares her unboxing experience with the Park Sense Candle Company. She recently bought scented candles from them, particularly the Main Street candle, which she got at a discounted price during the Black Friday sale. Rebecca talks about her love for scented candles and her previous video where she reviewed different scents from the company. She briefly describes each scent and provides her honest opinion about their fragrances.

Rebecca's Etsy Store Update

Rebecca takes a moment to update her viewers about her Etsy store. She mentions that she has been busier than usual due to her store's success, with nearly a thousand sales. Rebecca expresses her gratitude to her customers and announces a special sale on her stitch markers with discounts and free shipping on bulk orders. She encourages her viewers to check out her Etsy shop for more information.

Nitpicks Black Friday Sale

Rebecca delves into her Nitpicks Black Friday haul, sharing her excitement for the great deals she found. She mentions buying more blocking mats for her upcoming projects and showcases the quality of the mats. Rebecca also shows off some cute project bags she purchased, which are perfect for storing her sock projects. She concludes this section by expressing her satisfaction with the affordability and functionality of the Nitpicks products.

Park Sense Candle Company Purchase

Returning to her Park Sense Candle Company purchase, Rebecca highlights a candle she bought at a discounted price due to minor imperfections. She describes its unique scent, which is inspired by a scene from the Spaceship Earth ride at Disney World. Rebecca acknowledges that this scent is more unusual compared to the others she bought and shares her genuine opinion about it.

Reviewing the Candle Scents

Rebecca continues her discussion on the Park Sense Candle Company candles by providing her thoughts on the scents she previously reviewed in a separate video. She gives a brief description of each scent, including the Avatar ride-inspired ones and the Polynesian Lobby candle. Rebecca mentions her preference for certain scents and explains why they appeal to her.

Cyber Monday Sale at Park Sense Candle Company

As an update, Rebecca informs her viewers about the ongoing Cyber Monday sale at Park Sense Candle Company. She mentions the discounts available on various candles and encourages her audience to take advantage of the sale. Rebecca concludes this section by providing a link to the sale for easy access.


To wrap up the article, Rebecca expresses her gratitude to her viewers for their support and for joining her during her Black Friday shopping experience. She invites them to share their own hauls and experiences in the comments section. Rebecca ends the article with a positive and hopeful tone, looking forward to more exciting projects and updates in the future.


  • Rebecca shares her Black Friday haul from Knitcrate and Park Sense Candle Company.
  • She updates viewers about her thriving Etsy store and announces a special sale.
  • Rebecca provides a detailed review of the scents she purchased from Park Sense Candle Company.
  • She shares information about the ongoing Cyber Monday sale at the company.
  • Overall, Rebecca expresses her gratitude and excitement for her recent purchases and business successes.


Q: Are the candles from Park Sense Candle Company affiliated with Disney? A: No, the candles are not affiliated with Disney, but they are inspired by various Disney attractions and scenes.

Q: How can I access Rebecca's Etsy store and take advantage of the sale? A: You can find the link to Rebecca's Etsy store in the article. Simply click on it to browse her products and enjoy the sale on stitch markers.

Q: Can I purchase the candles Rebecca mentioned during her unboxing? A: Yes, the candles are available for purchase on the Park Sense Candle Company website. Check their Cyber Monday sale for discounted prices.

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