Unlock Success: How to Sell Tarot Readings on Etsy

Unlock Success: How to Sell Tarot Readings on Etsy

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Signing up for a Free Etsy Account
  3. Setting up Listings on Etsy
  4. Filling up 25 Listings on Etsy
  5. Naming and Optimizing Images for SEO on Etsy
  6. Utilizing E-Rank for SEO and Competitive Pricing
  7. Positioning Your Etsy Shop on Social Media
  8. Advertising Your Listings on Etsy
  9. Joining Online Groups for Promotion
  10. Automating Social Media with Post Planner or Hootsuite
  11. Capitalizing on Pinterest for Traffic


In this article, we will explore the topic of selling Tarot readings on Etsy. If you have been considering starting your own online Tarot business, Etsy can be a great platform to showcase and sell your services. With years of experience selling readings on Etsy, I will share my top tips and strategies to help you navigate the platform successfully. Whether you are new to Etsy or have already established a shop, these tips will provide valuable insights to enhance your selling journey.

1. Signing up for a Free Etsy Account

Before you can start selling Tarot readings on Etsy, it is essential to sign up for a free account. You can use the provided affiliate link to receive 40 free listings, giving you a head start without any initial expenses. Etsy charges a commission only when you make a sale, so taking advantage of this offer can save you money in the early stages of your business.

2. Setting up Listings on Etsy

To attract potential buyers and stand out on Etsy, it is crucial to create compelling listings. Aim for around 20 to 25 listings, as more listings increase your visibility and relevance on the platform. Consider organizing your listings by Tarot or Oracle card spreads, allowing customers to choose the specific spread they desire. Additionally, you can create listings based on anticipated client questions or package deals, offering multiple readings at a discounted rate.

3. Filling up 25 Listings on Etsy

Filling up your Etsy shop with 25 comprehensive listings is a powerful strategy for improving your search engine optimization (SEO) on the platform. Aim to use all available slots to maximize your visibility. Get creative with your listings by providing variations such as different spreads, deck choices, or questions to cater to a broader customer base.

4. Naming and Optimizing Images for SEO on Etsy

When adding images to your Etsy shop, it is crucial to optimize them for SEO. Rename the image files with relevant keywords related to the reading or spread. This way, when customers search for specific terms on search engines like Google, your images have a higher chance of appearing at the top of the results page. Utilize all available slots for images in your listings, using them to showcase reviews, turnaround time, suggested questions, or any relevant visual content.

5. Utilizing E-Rank for SEO and Competitive Pricing

E-Rank (formerly known as Etsy Rank) is a powerful tool for improving your shop's SEO and understanding the competitive pricing landscape on Etsy. Sign up for a free E-Rank account and connect your Etsy store to receive valuable insights and recommendations. E-Rank provides grading for each listing, highlighting areas where you can improve your keywords and SEO. Additionally, it allows you to explore what similar products or services are being priced at, helping you set competitive rates for your readings.

6. Positioning Your Etsy Shop on Social Media

To expand your reach and attract more potential buyers, it is essential to promote your Etsy shop on various social media platforms. Share your shop's link on all applicable social media profiles, ensuring it is easily accessible to your audience. Feature your shop in your Instagram link tree, create ads for your shop on Facebook, and pin your shop's link to the top of Facebook groups or pages you manage. Take advantage of any opportunity to maximize your shop's visibility across different social media channels.

7. Advertising Your Listings on Etsy

While the effectiveness of ads on Etsy has changed over time, it is still worth considering as a promotional tool. Etsy's ad system allows you to advertise your listings within the platform, targeting users who are browsing related products or services. Allocate a portion of your monthly profit, around 10% to 20%, for Etsy ads. Experiment with different ad schedules, such as running ads predominantly on weekends when potential buyers may be more active.

8. Joining Online Groups for Promotion

Joining relevant online groups can be an effective way to promote your Etsy shop and connect with potential customers. Explore platforms like Reddit or Facebook groups dedicated to metaphysical or divination interests. Engage in discussions, share your listings, and provide value to the community. Additionally, consider creating your own Facebook group dedicated to metaphysical pursuits, where you can serve as an authority in the field and promote your Tarot readings.

9. Automating Social Media with Post Planner or Hootsuite

Managing social media accounts can be time-consuming, but automation tools like Post Planner or Hootsuite can simplify the process. These platforms allow you to schedule and automate your social media posts, ensuring a consistent and strategic presence. Create content for each of your listings, optimizing them with relevant keywords and hashtags. Set up a posting plan that suits your schedule and desired frequency, making full use of these automation tools to save time while maintaining an active social media presence.

10. Capitalizing on Pinterest for Traffic

Pinterest is a visual search engine that can drive significant traffic to your Etsy shop. Create a dedicated Pinterest board for your shop, pinning all your listings and related content. Optimize your pins with appropriate keywords and descriptions, ensuring they are discoverable by users searching for Tarot or divination-related topics. Regularly pin new listings and engage with the Pinterest community by repinning relevant content. Pinterest can serve as a valuable traffic generator and help expand your reach beyond the Etsy platform.

In conclusion, successfully selling Tarot readings on Etsy requires a well-thought-out strategy and consistent effort. By following these tips, you can optimize your shop's visibility, attract potential buyers, and establish a thriving Tarot business on Etsy. Remember to continually evaluate and adjust your approach based on market trends and customer feedback. With dedication and persistence, your Etsy shop can become a profitable platform for sharing your Tarot gifts with the world.


  • Sign up for a free Etsy account and use affiliate links to receive 40 free listings.
  • Create compelling listings by organizing them by spreads, deck choices, questions, or package deals.
  • Optimize image files with relevant keywords and use all available image slots in your listings for better SEO.
  • Utilize E-Rank to improve your SEO and gain insights into competitive pricing on Etsy.
  • Promote your Etsy shop across various social media platforms and join relevant online groups for additional promotion.
  • Consider using automation tools like Post Planner or Hootsuite to manage and schedule social media posts.
  • Leverage the power of Pinterest to drive traffic to your Etsy shop by creating a dedicated board and optimizing pins with keywords.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Can I use my own photos for my Etsy listings? A: Yes, you can use your own photos or opt for stock photos when creating your Etsy listings. It is important to optimize the images' filenames and include relevant keywords to enhance their search engine visibility.

Q: How many listings should I aim for when starting on Etsy? A: To maximize your visibility and improve your chances of attracting customers, it is recommended to aim for around 20 to 25 listings on Etsy.

Q: Should I advertise my Etsy listings on external platforms? A: While advertising your listings on external platforms can be beneficial, it is generally more effective to utilize Etsy's built-in ad system. Etsy has proprietary information and algorithms that optimize ads within the platform, potentially yielding better results.

Q: How often should I post on social media to promote my Etsy shop? A: The frequency of social media posts can vary depending on your availability and target audience. Aim for consistency and engage with your followers regularly, ensuring your shop and listings are actively promoted.

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