Unique Etsy Finds: Gorgeous Aquarium Plants!

Unique Etsy Finds: Gorgeous Aquarium Plants!

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Ordering Plants from Purling Plants on Etsy
  3. Unconventional Shipping Method
  4. Unboxing and Plant Inspection
  5. The Rare and Desired Styroguinea Portobello
  6. The Ammonia Sulawesi - A Sought-After Plant
  7. The Mysterious Ludwiga Sperocarpa Red
  8. Growing Fascination for Pogostemon Erectus
  9. The Beauty of Cryptocoryne
  10. An Exciting Addition: Bacopa
  11. Final Thoughts and Plant Satisfaction

Ordering Plants from Purling Plants on Etsy

I recently placed an order for a new batch of plants that I had been eagerly searching for. After some exploration, I stumbled upon Purling Plants on Etsy, a platform not typically associated with plant orders. Intrigued, I decided to give it a try. The ordering process was smooth, with PayPal as the payment method. Although the pricing varied based on the plant's growth conditions, my total came to around $65, including shipping.

Unconventional Shipping Method

To my surprise, the package arrived via the United States Postal Service. The box itself was standard, but the contents inside left me bewildered. As I opened the box, I discovered a to-go food container, the kind you would expect to receive a sub sandwich in. This unusual choice of packaging raised some concerns. There was minimal packing material, and everything seemed tightly packed. Additionally, the size of the box did not match the contents within. It felt like a Russian doll situation, where each layer revealed something new. However, despite the odd packaging, the plants appeared to be in good condition.

Unboxing and Plant Inspection

Once I finally reached the plants, it became evident that they had been crammed into a Ziploc bag. Personally, I prefer plants to be packaged differently, as it can be challenging to remove them from a bag without damaging the delicate foliage. Nevertheless, I carefully unpacked them and assessed the contents.

I had ordered three specific plants: the Styracini Portobello, Ammonia Sulawesi, and Ludwigia Sperocarpa Red. Starting with the Styracini Portobello, it resembled a unique and slightly wild variety, unlike any I had encountered before. As for the Ammonia Sulawesi, it piqued my interest after a fellow enthusiast mentioned it. Unfortunately, I had ordered the wrong plant initially, but I was fortunate enough to correct the mistake. Lastly, the Ludwigia Sperocarpa Red had always been a personal favorite, and I was excited to add it to my collection. The extra plant, a bacopa, was unexpected, but not entirely unwelcome.

The Rare and Desired Styroguinea Portobello

The Styracini Portobello has always fascinated me with its distinctive characteristics. While relatively common in Europe, it's a rarity to find in the United States. This particular plant stood out, with its vibrant foliage resembling a crazy mint variety. Its addition to my collection brought a sense of fulfillment, especially after an extensive search for this elusive plant.

The Ammonia Sulawesi - A Sought-After Plant

The Ammonia Sulawesi was the main plant I had been seeking. Introduced to me by Bentley Pascoe, this unique plant immediately caught my attention. After an accidental misidentification, resulting in the procurement of a different plant, I was finally able to obtain the Ammonia Sulawesi. It held a special appeal due to its rarity and the recommendation from a trusted source.


  • Exotic and uncommon plant variety
  • Positive recommendations from fellow enthusiasts
  • Satisfaction of obtaining a highly sought-after plant


  • Initial confusion and misidentification of the plant

The Mysterious Ludwigia Sperocarpa Red

Among my favorite plants of all time, Ludwigia varieties hold a special place. However, the Ludwigia Sperocarpa Red had eluded me until now. This particular variety can be difficult to find in the US, making its addition to my collection particularly exciting. Its striking red foliage and elegant appearance make it an eye-catching centerpiece in any aquascape.

Growing Fascination for Pogostemon Erectus

Another notable addition to my plant collection is the Pogostemon Erectus. Over the years, I have developed a deep fascination for this species. Its bushy and vibrant growth pattern never fails to impress. With its distinct, needle-like leaves and magnificent green color, the Pogostemon Erectus adds a unique texture and beauty to any aquarium.

The Beauty of Cryptocoryne

Cryptocoryne plants have always held a special appeal to me, and this purchase was no exception. These plants, known for their luscious green leaves and beautiful textures, create a captivating underwater landscape. As a long-time enthusiast, I have had the pleasure of owning various Cryptocoryne varieties. Each time, these plants bring a sense of tranquility and natural beauty to my aquarium.

An Exciting Addition: Bacopa

While not initially part of my order, the unexpected bonus of a bacopa plant added excitement to the package. Bacopa plants, with their delicate leaves and tendency to trail, can create an enchanting aesthetic when properly incorporated into an aquascape. Although not specifically requested, its inclusion was a pleasant surprise, offering the opportunity to explore new aquascaping options.

Final Thoughts and Plant Satisfaction

Overall, I am satisfied with my purchase from Purling Plants on Etsy. The ordering process was smooth, despite a few differences in standards and pricing. The plants arrived in good condition, despite the unconventional packaging. While there were minor discrepancies and an extra plant, I am delighted with the quality of the plants received. Now, it's time to get them planted and help them acclimate to their new aquatic environment.


  • The excitement of discovering and ordering unique plants.
  • Trying out a different platform, Etsy, for purchasing plants.
  • Smooth ordering process with PayPal as the payment method.
  • Unconventional packaging and shipping method, raising some concerns.
  • Unboxing and inspecting the plants, noting any discrepancies.
  • The satisfaction of obtaining rare and sought-after plants.
  • Fascination with various plant varieties, such as Styracini Portobello, Ammonia Sulawesi, Ludwigia Sperocarpa Red, Pogostemon Erectus, Cryptocoryne, and Bacopa.
  • Unexpected bonus plant accompanying the order.
  • Final thoughts on the ordering experience and plant satisfaction.


Q: Can I trust purchasing plants from Etsy? A: While Etsy is not typically associated with plant orders, it can be a viable platform for finding unique and rare plant varieties. It's essential to research the seller's reputation and reviews before making a purchase.

Q: How can I ensure the plants arrive safely during shipping? A: To ensure safe shipping, it's crucial to choose a reputable seller who understands proper packaging methods. Additionally, opting for expedited shipping or heat packs during colder months can help protect the plants during transit.

Q: What should I do if there are discrepancies in my plant order? A: In the case of discrepancies, it's best to contact the seller directly to address the issue. Provide them with clear details and photos if necessary. Most reputable sellers will be willing to resolve any problems that arise.

Q: Should I be concerned if the packaging method is unconventional? A: While unconventional packaging may raise some concerns, the most important aspect is the overall condition of the plants upon arrival. If the plants appear healthy and undamaged, the packaging method may not be a significant issue.

Q: Can I request a particular shipping method when placing an order? A: Depending on the seller's policies, you may be able to communicate your shipping preferences or opt for a specific shipping method. However, it's essential to clarify any additional costs associated with alternative shipping methods.

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