Boost Your Sales: Expert Tips for Selling Handmade Masks on Etsy

Boost Your Sales: Expert Tips for Selling Handmade Masks on Etsy

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Importance of Listing Face Masks on Etsy
  3. Guidelines for Listing Face Masks on Etsy
    1. Avoiding Medical or Health Claims
    2. Highlighting Product Information
    3. Using Relevant Keywords and Tags
    4. Choosing the Right Listing Category
    5. Capturing Product Photography
    6. Setting Realistic Expectations
    7. Managing Shipping and Processing Times
    8. Utilizing Vacation Mode
    9. Taking Care of Yourself
  4. Additional Resources
  5. Conclusion



During these challenging times, it's important for sellers to adapt and find new opportunities to run their businesses successfully. One such opportunity that has emerged is the demand for face masks. This article aims to provide tips and best practices for listing face masks on Etsy, a popular online marketplace.

Importance of Listing Face Masks on Etsy

The demand for face masks has increased significantly, with more and more shoppers turning to Etsy for everyday supplies. As a seller, listing face masks can not only be a great opportunity for your business but also a way to provide shoppers with the items they need right now. However, it's essential to understand the guidelines and requirements set by Etsy to ensure compliance and a positive selling experience.

Guidelines for Listing Face Masks on Etsy

Avoiding Medical or Health Claims

It's crucial to note that making medical or health claims about your masks is strictly prohibited by Etsy's policies. This means you cannot mention any approvals from hospitals or medical organizations or make claims about the efficacy of your masks. It's essential to adhere to these guidelines to avoid flagging and potential suspension of your shop.

Highlighting Product Information

When listing face masks, it's important to provide useful product information to potential buyers. Highlight features such as washability, reversibility, and adjustability in your listing description. Additionally, incorporating this information into your titles and tags can increase visibility as buyers search for specific keywords related to face masks.

Using Relevant Keywords and Tags

To make it easier for shoppers to find your face masks on Etsy, using relevant keywords and tags is essential. Ensure your listing titles are descriptive and easy-to-read, containing the most relevant phrases. Utilize all 13 available tags and include terms that buyers are commonly searching for when looking for face masks.

Choosing the Right Listing Category

Etsy has introduced new listing categories specifically for "Face Mask Coverings" and "Face Mask Patterns" under the "Bath and Beauty > Personal Care" vertical. It's important to select the appropriate category to help shoppers find your products easily. Avoid choosing categories like "Face Shields" and "Face Masks" under other unrelated categories to prevent confusion.

Capturing Product Photography

High-quality product photography plays a significant role in attracting buyers. Since face masks are wearable items, consider photographing your product on a model. If possible, ask a family member or roommate to model or photograph the masks. Natural light is recommended for photography to showcase the features and quality of your masks effectively.

Setting Realistic Expectations

To manage customer expectations, it's advisable to limit your listing quantity to the number of items you have on hand or can realistically make during this time. By being transparent about your production capabilities, you can avoid receiving more orders than you can fulfill promptly. You may also consider turning off auto-renew on these listings to prevent receiving additional orders that may overload your capacity.

Managing Shipping and Processing Times

If you experience shipping delays or are falling behind on your processing times, it's crucial to communicate this with your customers. Keeping them informed about any possible delays can help manage expectations and maintain customer satisfaction. You can also take advantage of Etsy's Vacation Mode, which allows you to temporarily pause your shop and focus on fulfilling existing orders.

Utilizing Vacation Mode

Vacation Mode allows you to temporarily put your shop on hold without appearing in search results or receiving new orders. This feature can be utilized if you feel overwhelmed with your current workload or need to take a break. Customize an auto-reply message and shop announcement to communicate that you're taking a temporary break and inform customers of any impacts on existing orders.

Taking Care of Yourself

In these challenging times, it's essential to prioritize self-care. Set healthy limits as you adjust to new schedules and demands. Consider your available time and resources for effectively managing your shop. By analyzing your capacity and determining how many orders you can fulfill, you can avoid being overwhelmed and provide better service to your customers.

Additional Resources

For more in-depth information and resources on selling masks on Etsy, you can refer to Etsy's Seller Handbook. It contains valuable insights and tips to help you navigate these unique market conditions. Additionally, Etsy has recently published its "Ultimate Guide to Running Your Shop During COVID-19," which provides comprehensive guidance on managing your shop effectively during this time.


In conclusion, listing face masks on Etsy can be a valuable opportunity for sellers, especially considering the current demand. By following the guidelines provided by Etsy, highlighting product information, using relevant keywords and tags, choosing the right listing category, capturing enticing product photography, and managing customer expectations, you can maximize your success in selling face masks on Etsy. Remember to prioritize self-care and utilize available resources for a thriving and sustainable business.

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