Learn to Sell Your Cross-Stitch Patterns on ETSY

Learn to Sell Your Cross-Stitch Patterns on ETSY

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. The Journey to Etsy
  3. Creating the Crusted Pattern 3.1. Stitching the Fiddle 3.2. Making Adjustments to the Pattern
  4. Designing the PDF
  5. Setting Up the Etsy Store
  6. Uploading the Pattern
  7. Writing a Compelling Description
  8. Pricing Strategy
  9. Launching the Pattern on Etsy
  10. Conclusion

The Journey to Etsy

In this article, we will explore the exciting journey of putting a crusted pattern on Etsy for the first time. Despite the uncertainty of whether the pattern will sell or effort and money will go to waste, the author takes the leap. This journey begins with the creation of a custom Animal Crossing Nintendo Street cover in a previous video, which gained a lot of love and generated interest from potential buyers. Recognizing the opportunity, the author decides to make the pattern available for others to create their own cover. The process involves stitching the fiddle, making adjustments to the pattern, designing a PDF, setting up an Etsy store, uploading the pattern, writing a compelling description, determining the pricing strategy, and finally launching the pattern on Etsy. So, let's dive into this exciting journey and discover the steps involved in bringing a crusted pattern to Etsy.

Creating the Crusted Pattern

To create the crusted pattern, the author starts by stitching the fiddle. The author had initially created the pattern in a stitch video and aims to keep it consistent. By using a premium account, the author gains access to additional options that enhance the pattern's appeal. The author replaces black with a color that is not currently on the pattern and fills the background with black to ensure the letters stand out. Yellow is switched with white to reduce the number of colors, and outlines are added for the bells. It is essential to center all the text and adjust the grid for better visibility on a black background. Symbols are also incorporated to cater to those using black-only printers or individuals who are color-blind. The final design is saved as a picture to be included in the PDF.

Designing the PDF

Next, the author proceeds to create a PDF for the pattern. The design is opened in software to add a center mark and symbols to assist with the stitching process. Taking inspiration from other pattern sellers, the author includes relevant information such as the pattern size, recommended ADA, and stitching tips. The design is pasted onto the second page of the PDF, and a table with colors is added. Considering the pattern's dimensions, the page orientation is changed to horizontal for better visibility. The text is carefully formatted to enhance the overall appearance of the PDF, making it more appealing to potential buyers.

Setting Up the Etsy Store

Before the pattern can be uploaded to Etsy, the author ensures the store is set up properly. The store, named "savage X stitcher," is given a cover photo and avatar to establish its identity. Bank account details are provided for seamless transactions.

Uploading the Pattern

With the store ready, the author proceeds to upload the crusted pattern. Photos are added to showcase the pattern's application and a fragment of the design. The title of the pattern is carefully crafted to attract potential buyers. The author considers mentioning its suitability for doc covers, hoping to capture the attention of individuals interested in creating their own. The required information is filled in, specifying that the pattern is digital. This ensures that buyers understand they will receive the pattern electronically rather than a physical item.

Writing a Compelling Description

In the description, the author reiterates the pattern's relevance to doc covers, enticing potential buyers who come across the listing. Other vital details, such as the size of the pattern and stitching tips, are included to provide a comprehensive overview. It is essential to clarify that this is a digital pattern, eliminating any confusion about physical item delivery. The author ensures that all relevant information is provided, leaving no room for ambiguity.

Pricing Strategy

The author initially sets the price at four euros but later realizes that taxes and Etsy commissions will reduce the earnings significantly. To strike a balance between affordability and profitability, the price is lowered by 50 cents. While the author does not anticipate selling a large quantity, the focus is on covering the premium account cost and earning some extra income.

Launching the Pattern on Etsy

With all preparations complete, the pattern is launched on Etsy. The author inserts a link to the pattern in the description box of a previous video, effectively reaching potential buyers. The author expresses gratitude to the first buyer and hopes for more sales in the future. Viewers are encouraged to like the video and subscribe for similar content related to stitching, sewing, and possibly tattoos.


Bringing a crusted pattern to Etsy is an exciting journey filled with uncertainty and hope. By following the steps of stitching, adjusting the pattern, designing a PDF, setting up an Etsy store, uploading the pattern, crafting a compelling description, determining the pricing strategy, and ultimately launching the pattern, the author takes a leap into the world of online sales. While the outcome remains unpredictable, the author is proud to have the pattern available for others and eagerly awaits potential buyers. With determination, passion, and a willingness to learn from the experience, success may just be around the corner on Etsy's vibrant marketplace.


  • The journey of putting a crusted pattern on Etsy for the first time
  • Excitement and uncertainty about whether it will sell or go to waste
  • Creation of a custom Animal Crossing Nintendo Street cover
  • Generating interest from potential buyers
  • Stitching the fiddle and making adjustments to the pattern
  • Designing a visually appealing PDF with stitching tips
  • Setting up an Etsy store and uploading the pattern
  • Crafting a compelling description and determining the pricing strategy
  • Launching the pattern on Etsy with the hope of success

FAQ: Q: Is the pattern available as a physical item? A: No, the pattern is a digital product that can be downloaded after purchase.

Q: Can the pattern be used for purposes other than doc covers? A: Absolutely! While it is particularly well-suited for doc covers, it can be adapted for various creative projects.

Q: How soon can I receive the pattern after purchasing? A: The pattern is available for immediate download, allowing you to start stitching right away.

Q: Can I print the pattern on a black-only printer? A: Yes, the pattern includes symbols for individuals using black-only printers or those with color vision impairments.

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