Unboxing the Ultimate D&D Mystery Dice Box!

Unboxing the Ultimate D&D Mystery Dice Box!

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. Unboxing the Mystery Box
  3. A Wooden D20 Keyring
  4. The Bronze Dragon Dice Set
  5. Unique Dyson Cross Sword Badges
  6. Artwork and Collectibles
  7. Proper Brew with the D20 Mug
  8. Conclusion


Welcome back to another unboxing adventure! In today's episode, we have a mystery box from World to Hit, a popular Etsy store. So, let's dive right in and see what surprises await us inside this box!

Unboxing the Mystery Box

Upon opening the mystery box, we are greeted with the words "For Jolly" written on the front. Intriguing, isn't it? Let's carefully unveil the treasures hidden within. Before we proceed, don't forget to check out the social media links in the description below and follow me on Instagram (@d.e.k.u.z.e.n) and Facebook (@daniel.k.u.z.z.e.n.ff).

A Wooden D20 Keyring

The first item we discover is a delightful surprise—a wooden keyring with a D20 design. The keyring is crafted with precision, showcasing a beautiful purple color with white numbering fading into black. It's a small yet charming addition to any tabletop gaming enthusiast's collection.

The Bronze Dragon Dice Set

Moving on, we unveil a hessian bag containing a bronze dragon dice set. These dice are inspired by the mighty bronze dragon and their lightning-like powers. The dice set features an eye-catching combination of three shades of blue and bronze, creating a visually appealing aesthetic. These dice are not only pleasing to the eye but also roll exceptionally well, ensuring an exciting gaming experience.

Unique Dyson Cross Sword Badges

Among the treasures, we stumble upon two unique badges: the Dyson cross swords and the skull emblem. These badges proudly display the World to Hit Workshop logo, symbolizing their brand identity. If you're a fan of cool and distinctive accessories, these badges are perfect for you. Make sure to check out the World to Hit Workshop for more captivating gaming merchandise.

Artwork and Collectibles

The mystery box also contains a few artful surprises. We find a stunning piece of artwork featuring a crow-centered D20 with an ice sword and candles—a captivating design that adds a touch of mystique to any gaming environment. Additionally, there's a note of appreciation from the World to Hit Workshop, expressing gratitude for our support and wishing us a lovely day. It's heartwarming to see such personalized gestures from creators.

Proper Brew with the D20 Mug

Now, let's get to the star of the show—the grand finale of this unboxing adventure. We unveil a well-constructed box within the box, and inside, we find the ultimate gaming accessory—a D20 mug! This mug features a prominent D20 design on both sides, accompanied by crossed swords. It's a beautifully crafted mug that is perfect for enjoying a proper brew while immersing yourself in an exciting tabletop gaming session.


In conclusion, our journey through the World to Hit mystery box has been filled with delightful surprises. From the wooden D20 keyring to the bronze dragon dice set, unique badges, artwork, and the magnificent D20 mug, each item brings joy and adds a special touch to the gaming experience. Remember to check out the links in the description below to explore more amazing treasures from World to Hit. Thank you for joining me on this unboxing adventure, and until next time, happy gaming!


  • Unveiling the treasures inside the World to Hit mystery box
  • A charming wooden D20 keyring with intricate details
  • The captivating bronze dragon dice set for a memorable gaming experience
  • Unique Dyson cross sword badges showcasing brand identity
  • Artwork and collectibles that add mystique to your gaming environment
  • Enjoying a proper brew with the D20 mug for an immersive experience


Q: Where can I purchase items from World to Hit Workshop? A: You can purchase items from World to Hit Workshop on Etsy. Check the social media links in the description for the direct link.

Q: Are the items in the mystery box exclusive to World to Hit? A: Yes, the items in the mystery box are specially curated and produced by World to Hit Workshop, making them unique and exclusive to their brand.

Q: Can I customize the D20 mug with my own design? A: The D20 mug comes with a predefined design featuring a D20 and crossed swords. Customization options may vary, so it's best to check with World to Hit Workshop for any custom design requests.

Q: Are the badges made of high-quality materials? A: Yes, the Dyson cross sword badges are made with high-quality materials, ensuring durability and long-lasting appeal.

Q: Can I find more artwork and collectibles from World to Hit? A: Absolutely! World to Hit Workshop offers a range of artwork and collectibles featuring captivating designs. Check out their website or social media pages for more options.

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