Breaking Down my Income Report for September 2023

Breaking Down my Income Report for September 2023

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Business Income
    1. Teachable
    2. Buy Me a Coffee and SLS Support
    3. Etsy
    4. Display Ads on Blog
    5. Coaching
    6. Affiliate Sales and Sponsors
    7. Google AdSense
  3. Business Income Tracker
  4. Extra Income
    1. City Cashback
    2. Discover Cashback
    3. Upside
  5. Extra Income Goal Tracker
  6. Business Expenses
    1. Google Workspace
    2. You Can Book Me
    3. LT Media
  7. Conclusion



Welcome back to my channel! In today's video, I will be sharing my income report for the month of September 2023. This report focuses on my business income, which includes earnings from my YouTube channels, blogs, affiliate sales, and sponsorships. Additionally, I will also discuss my extra income sources, such as cashback rewards from credit cards and apps. Let's dive into the details and see how I fared in September.

Business Income


One of my sources of business income is through the course platform Teachable. I have a few courses available on topics like goal achievement and self-discipline. While I don't actively promote these courses, I still earn some income from them. In September, my earnings from Teachable amounted to $372.

Buy Me a Coffee and SLS Support

I am grateful for the direct support I receive through platforms like Buy Me a Coffee and SLS Support (similar to Venmo). These platforms allow my audience to support me directly, and I appreciate every contribution. In September, I received $113.29 in support from my viewers.


I also have an Etsy shop where I sell spreadsheets. These spreadsheets have proven to be popular, and in September, my earnings from Etsy reached $144.99. It's amazing to see the continued interest in my products.

Display Ads on Blog

Although I haven't actively worked on my blog in years, I still generate passive income through display ads. In September, my blog's display ads brought in $228.51. It's a pleasant surprise to have this additional source of income despite not actively maintaining the blog.


Coaching has become an integral part of my business, and I have set up a proper system to schedule sessions and accept payments. In September, I earned $662 from coaching sessions. It's rewarding to see my coaching services grow and help others achieve their goals.

Affiliate Sales and Sponsors

Affiliate sales and sponsorships contribute a significant portion to my business income. In September, my earnings from affiliate sales and sponsors amounted to $1,213. These partnerships and collaborations are mutually beneficial, and I'm grateful for the support I receive from both my viewers and sponsors.

Google AdSense

As a YouTuber, one of my primary sources of income is through Google AdSense. The revenue generated from ads on my YouTube channel in September was $1,310.34. I appreciate every view and engagement that contributes to this income.

Business Income Tracker

Looking at my business income tracker, I set a goal to earn $30,000 in business income for 2023. However, I've already surpassed that goal, with earnings exceeding $32,000. This achievement is a dream come true for me, as it signifies the progress and growth of my efforts. It's exciting to see my hard work paying off and the potential for further growth in the coming months.

Extra Income

While my business income is the primary focus, I also earn some extra income through various sources. These include cashback rewards from credit cards and apps.

City Cashback

I have a City Custom Cash credit card, which I exclusively use for purchasing groceries. In September, I earned $14.69 in cashback rewards from this card.

Discover Cashback

Similarly, I have a Discover It credit card that offers cashback rewards for specific categories. In September, I accumulated $14.85 in cashback rewards, primarily from gas purchases.


The Upside app allows me to earn cashback on my gas purchases. By claiming offers and paying with my connected card, I can earn cashback on every gallon of gas. In September, my cashback earnings from Upside amounted to $26.36. It's a great way to save money while refueling my car.

Extra Income Goal Tracker

When it comes to extra income, I always challenge myself to exceed previous goals. This year, my goal was to earn $6,000 in extra income. However, I've already surpassed this goal by $4,800. The various sources of extra income, such as account bonuses and credit card rewards, have collectively contributed to this achievement. It's a testament to the potential for earning additional income outside of my primary business.

Business Expenses

Running a business incurs expenses, and I want to be transparent about these costs. Here are some of my business expenses in September:

Google Workspace

To have a professional email and utilize Google's suite of tools, I subscribe to Google Workspace. In September, my expenses for this service were $17.42. While the cost has been increasing gradually, it remains an essential investment for my business.

You Can Book Me

For my coaching services, I utilize the platform You Can Book Me. It provides a seamless booking experience for my clients. I paid $129.60 for a full year subscription to this platform in September. It's a worthwhile expense considering the value it adds to my coaching business.

LT Media

To maintain consistency on my YouTube channel, I outsource the editing and posting of shorts content to LT Media. Their professional services ensure that my shorts videos are optimized and uploaded regularly. In September, I spent $800 on these editing and posting services.


In conclusion, September was a decent month for my business income, with a total of $3,413 earned. It's satisfying to see my business income tracker exceed my goals for the year, reaching over $32,000. Additionally, my extra income sources contributed $559, albeit lower than usual. However, I remain optimistic and excited about the potential for growth in October and onward. Despite incurring business expenses amounting to $947, I recognize that these investments are necessary for the continued development of my business. Thank you for being a part of this journey and your ongoing support.

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