Unboxing Collective Holiday Haul: Kipling, Makeup, Swimwear, and more!

Unboxing Collective Holiday Haul: Kipling, Makeup, Swimwear, and more!

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. HomeSense Haul
  3. Kipling Accessories
  4. Clothing Purchases
  5. Swimwear finds
  6. Accessories and Jewelry
  7. Tesco's Finds
  8. Books and Magazines
  9. Lip Glosses
  10. Conclusion



In this article, I will be sharing with you the various items I recently purchased and my thoughts on them. From a HomeSense haul to Kipling accessories, clothing purchases, swimwear finds, and more, I have quite a range of products to talk about. So grab a drink and a snack, and let's dive in!

HomeSense Haul

Let's start with my recent trip to HomeSense, where I found some interesting items. One of my purchases was an iPhone cable with a 200 cm length. It has a purple cord and comes in handy as a spare cable, especially when traveling. Another item I bought was a notebook by Concepcion. It is a small pocket-sized A5 notebook with lined pages, perfect for taking notes at work. I also couldn't resist getting a beautiful leather-bound book for which I haven't decided its purpose yet. Lastly, I found a beach towel from Sancho Pay West, which I thought would be great for our upcoming trip to Mexico.

Kipling Accessories

Next, let's talk about the accessories I purchased from Kipling. I have recently become a fan of the brand, and my first buy was the Eris backpack in the bold leaf gray print. It has multiple carrying options and a zip closure, making it perfect for my holiday needs. Along with the backpack, I also bought the Creativity small purse in the Kipling twist color. This compact purse has three compartments and a shiny silver zip in the middle, allowing me to organize my currency conveniently. The purse can be clipped onto my bag for added safety.

Clothing Purchases

Moving on to clothing, I purchased a petite-sized jumpsuit from Boohoo or ASOS (I can't recall). The jumpsuit is made of light material, making it perfect for summer. Its popper in the middle provides extra coverage and support. I also bought a pair of dungarees, which are great for casual wear. They are black and full-length, making them versatile for styling with different tops.

Swimwear Finds

Now, let's talk about the swimwear I recently purchased. I had a hard time finding swimwear that is comfortable, provides adequate coverage, and looks cute. Finally, I found my perfect pieces on Swimwear365. The first one is a black and white striped bikini top with a touch of pink. It has underwiring and a double-layered front with a mesh back. The bottoms are high-waisted, offering a flattering fit. The second bikini is more of a triangle shape, featuring teal green stripes and underwiring. It offers comfort while maintaining a stylish look. The third bikini, although a halter-neck style, provides great coverage with a black color and foil Mandala detail.

Accessories and Jewelry

I also picked up a few accessories and jewelry items during my shopping spree. I found a cute makeup toiletries bag with llama prints, which is perfect for staying organized while traveling. I also indulged in my love for necklaces and purchased three different ones. The first necklace features real flowers held in resin and is lightweight and dainty. The second necklace depicts a tiny astronaut, reflecting my fascination with space. Lastly, I bought a necklace customized with the phrase "Hello, my name is Sophie" and knitting needle charms, as I am an avid knitter.

Tesco's Finds

During a late-night shopping trip to Tesco's, I came across some lovely items. I bought two magazine holders and a matching storage box in a petal leaf design, which adds a touch of elegance to my organizational needs. I also bought a lined notebook for my blogging and YouTube ideas.

Books and Magazines

I couldn't resist picking up a few books and magazines during my shopping spree. I purchased the psychological thriller "Copycat" by Alex Lake and the young adult novel "Clean" by Juno Dawson. Additionally, I bought three magazines focused on mindfulness and well-being: Mindful, Breathe, and In the Moment. They provide a great way to improve mental health and positivity.

Lip Glosses

Lastly, I bought two lip stains from Maybelline New York. The Super Stay Matte Ink lip colors in "Visionary" and "Lover" offer long-lasting wear and a fruity scent. Although they may require a lip liner for a perfect application, I enjoy their vibrant colors and comfortable formula.


In conclusion, my recent shopping spree has been quite successful, with a variety of items that cater to different needs and preferences. From HomeSense finds to Kipling accessories, clothing purchases, swimwear finds, and more, I am excited to incorporate these new products into my daily life. Whether it's staying organized, dressing stylishly, or enhancing my well-being, these purchases will surely bring joy and functionality.

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