Unboxing and Review of Etsy Shop Houseplants

Unboxing and Review of Etsy Shop Houseplants

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Unboxing Experience
  3. The String of Pearls Plant
  4. The Variegated String of Pearls Plant
  5. Tips for Taking Care of String of Pearls Plants
    1. Light Requirements
    2. Watering and Humidity
    3. Potting and Soil
    4. Pruning and Propagation
    5. Common Pests and Diseases
  6. Benefits of Having String of Pearls Plants
  7. Different Varieties of String of Pearls Plants
  8. Where to Buy String of Pearls Plants
  9. Conclusion



In this article, we will delve into the world of string of pearls plants. These unique and eye-catching plants have become quite popular in recent years due to their distinct appearance and low maintenance requirements. Whether you are a seasoned plant enthusiast or a beginner looking to add some greenery to your space, the string of pearls plant is a great choice. We will discuss the unboxing experience, the different varieties available, and provide tips on how to care for these beautiful plants.

Unboxing Experience

The journey of acquiring a string of pearls plant often starts with the anticipation of receiving it. The unboxing experience can be thrilling, especially when you have waited eagerly for your new plant to arrive. However, as with any online purchase, there can be a bit of uncertainty and anxiety surrounding the condition of the plant upon arrival.

For the author of this article, the unboxing experience was met with mixed emotions. Multiple issues with the shipment caused some concern, but ultimately, the plants were delivered in relatively good condition. The packaging was sturdy, and the plants themselves appeared healthy and well-maintained.

The String of Pearls Plant

The string of pearls plant, also known by its scientific name Senecio rowleyanus, is a succulent that is native to South Africa. Its unique trailing stems with small, round bead-like leaves resemble a string of pearls, hence its common name. These plants are often grown as hanging plants, allowing their delicate foliage to cascade gracefully over the edges of pots or baskets.

One of the highlights of the string of pearls plant is its interesting texture and appearance. The tiny, spherical leaves are a vibrant shade of green and have a smooth, translucent quality to them. When adequately cared for, the plants can produce small, white flowers that add a touch of elegance to their aesthetic.

The Variegated String of Pearls Plant

In addition to the traditional green string of pearls plant, there is also a variegated variety available. The variegated string of pearls plant features leaves with a stunning combination of green and cream colors, creating a visually appealing contrast. These plants are highly sought after by collectors and those looking to add a touch of uniqueness to their indoor gardens.

Tips for Taking Care of String of Pearls Plants

Now that we have explored the beauty and allure of string of pearls plants, it is essential to understand how to care for them properly. These plants require specific conditions to thrive and flourish, and with the right care, they can bring years of beauty and enjoyment to your space. Here are some essential care tips:

Light Requirements

String of pearls plants thrive in bright, indirect light. They prefer a location near a window where they can receive ample light without being exposed to direct sunlight. Insufficient light can cause the plants to become leggy and sparse, while excessive exposure to the sun can lead to sunburn and leaf damage.

Watering and Humidity

One of the critical aspects of caring for string of pearls plants is ensuring proper watering. These plants are drought-tolerant and store water in their beads-like leaves, making them highly sensitive to overwatering. It is essential to allow the soil to dry completely between waterings to prevent root rot. A well-draining potting mix specifically formulated for succulents is ideal for string of pearls plants.

Regarding humidity, these plants thrive in average household humidity levels. They do not require any additional humidity, making them suitable for various environments.

Potting and Soil

When potting your string of pearls plant, it is crucial to choose a container with adequate drainage holes. Excess moisture can quickly cause root rot in these plants, so allowing water to flow freely through the pot is necessary.

As for the soil, a well-draining succulent or cactus mix is recommended. These types of soil retain less moisture, preventing the roots from sitting in damp conditions.

Pruning and Propagation

Pruning is not always necessary for string of pearls plants, but it can help encourage bushier growth and maintain the desired shape. If you find that your plant is becoming leggy or unruly, you can trim the stems to promote branching out.

Propagation of string of pearls plants is relatively straightforward. The easiest method is through stem cuttings. Simply cut a healthy stem just below a leaf node and place it in a well-draining potting mix. Roots should form within a few weeks, and a new plant will begin to grow.

Common Pests and Diseases

While string of pearls plants are relatively resilient, they can still fall victim to pests and diseases. Mealybugs and aphids are common pests that can infest these plants. Regularly inspect the leaves and stems for any signs of infestation and treat accordingly.

Overwatering and poor drainage can lead to root rot, which is a common issue among succulents. To prevent this, it is vital to allow the soil to dry fully between waterings and ensure proper drainage in the pot.

Benefits of Having String of Pearls Plants

In addition to their aesthetic appeal, string of pearls plants offer various benefits that make them a welcome addition to any indoor garden. These benefits include:

  1. Air Purification: Like other succulents, string of pearls plants have the ability to purify the air by removing toxins and releasing oxygen.

  2. Stress Relief: The presence of plants has been shown to reduce stress and promote a sense of calm and well-being. Having a string of pearls plant in your space can contribute to a soothing environment.

  3. Low Maintenance: String of pearls plants require minimal care and attention. Their ability to withstand brief periods of neglect and their low watering needs make them an excellent choice for those with busy lifestyles or limited plant-care experience.

Different Varieties of String of Pearls Plants

While the traditional green and variegated string of pearls plants are the most well-known varieties, there are other types available. Some of these include:

  1. Senecio rowleyanus 'Cubicus': This variety features cube-shaped leaves, adding a unique twist to the traditional round beads.

  2. Senecio rowleyanus 'String of Teardrops': The leaves of this variety are slightly elongated, resembling teardrops instead of the typical spherical beads.

  3. Senecio rowleyanus 'Variegata': A variegated form of the string of pearls plant, featuring leaves with green and cream-colored stripes.

Where to Buy String of Pearls Plants

If you are interested in adding a string of pearls plant to your collection, there are various places where you can purchase them.

  1. Local Nurseries: Visit your local plant nurseries or gardening centers to see if they carry string of pearls plants. This allows you to inspect the plants firsthand and choose the healthiest specimens.

  2. Online Plant Retailers: Many online plant retailers offer a wide range of succulents, including string of pearls plants. This option allows you to explore different varieties and have the plants conveniently shipped to your doorstep.

Ensure that the retailer you choose has a good reputation and positive reviews, as this will increase the chances of receiving healthy plants.


In conclusion, the string of pearls plant is an exquisite and unique addition to any indoor garden. Its trailing vines of spherical leaves create a visually stunning display, while its low maintenance requirements make it an excellent choice for both beginners and experienced plant enthusiasts.

By following the care tips outlined in this article, you can ensure that your string of pearls plant thrives and continues to bring beauty and joy to your space for years to come.

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