Profit from your Cricut Machine with these 10 creative projects!

Profit from your Cricut Machine with these 10 creative projects!

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Stickers
  3. Apparel
  4. Mugs and Cups
  5. Wedding Decor
  6. Wooden or Acrylic Signs
  7. Leather Goods
  8. Hats and Accessories
  9. Bumper Stickers and Vinyl Transfers
  10. Paper Products
  11. Ornaments
  12. Conclusion



Hey guys, welcome back to my channel! In today's video, we are going to be talking about projects and products that you can create with your Cricut to make money and sell on Etsy. Christmas is right around the corner, and I know a lot of you guys have either just gotten a Cricut for Christmas or maybe you want to get one for Christmas. Or honestly, a lot of us probably bought one a while ago, and it's just been sitting around our house, and we haven't used it. Are we guilty of that? Because I know I have been before too.

Cricket machines are a fantastic tool, and they are super fun to work with. But they can also actually be a really great resource to start and grow a small business, which is why I love it so much. And know this video is not sponsored by Cricut by any means. This is just a video that I think a lot of people will find helpful because a lot of people nowadays have Cricut machines, and they're very easily available. We literally have ours there somewhere back here behind me. We've been using it for our small business, and honestly, between my mom and me, we actually have three crickets now. So, we're big fans over here.


The first thing I would recommend selling with a Cricut would be stickers. Stickers are so fun, and honestly, they come in a wide variety, so you don't even have to just stick to one particular type. There is a whole genre and niche of people who just buy stickers for their planners. But there are also people who buy stickers for things like water bottles and laptops. And then you also have things like stickers for people's packages or small businesses. Stickers are a super versatile niche to get into.


The second product idea would be apparel, and I love this. This is exactly how we started our business here behind us. It all started a long time ago with vinyl making shirts. Using vinyl and a Cricut is a fantastic way to start a t-shirt or sweatshirt business. You basically just get heat transfer vinyl and it kind of cuts off the top layer of the vinyl, and then you can use that to apply with heat and pressure onto different t-shirts and sweatshirts. This is really fun, and you can get very creative and unique with it. You can layer vinyls or use one color or mix colors. There are a lot of creativity and uniqueness involved here.

Mugs and Cups

Next would be mugs or cups of any kind, really. You've got the cute little beer glasses with their little vinyl on the side. You've also got the fun Starbucks-looking cups where they've got the cute designs on the side. You could even do mugs that are just like an endless number of different shapes and sizes of glassware and containers that people love to put their vinyl on. It is so fun because you can even do personalized items with this, which is really cool and great for Etsy.

Wedding Decor

Wedding decor could actually expand pretty crazy, but you could do a lot with this one. You could take your Cricut and use the little pin or marker insert and do basically calligraphy for people's wedding invitations. It's kind of like a custom order for those. You could also create things like little acrylic numbered plates for wedding tables or giant guest seating chart signs or welcome signs. You could also do any kind of little decor things like little cake toppers or bunt banners. All sorts of stuff like that for weddings and parties, just in general, are a really great idea.

Wooden or Acrylic Signs

Wooden or acrylic signs are another great product to create with your Cricut. People love decorating their homes with really fun and fresh wall decor. Using permanent vinyl on a cute wood sign would be a great idea. This could also be done on acrylic or other surfaces. You can easily get creative here and create fun wall art for people to hang up in their house or their office space.

Leather Goods

Leather goods might be an interesting one, but did you know that some of the newer Cricut machines can actually cut things like leather and small plywood pieces? It is kind of crazy when I found that out, I was like, "Oh my God, could you imagine the number of business ideas you could sell with that?" This opens up a whole new world of possibilities. From leather earrings to keychains and book wraps, there are so many more ideas to explore in this niche.

Hats and Accessories

Similar to t-shirts and sweatshirts, you can use heat transfer vinyl to create accessories and hats. Tote bags, regular hats, fanny packs, pencil pouches, makeup cases - you name it, if it's a piece of accessory item, you can probably put heat vinyl on it. Being able to create custom items with people's names, cute designs, fun fonts, quotes, or even cute little drawings is a great advantage in this market.

Bumper Stickers and Vinyl Transfers

Bumper stickers or vinyl transfers, in general, are always in demand. Sometimes we just want a vinyl transfer to put on our own cup or something that we have. You can actually sell those on Etsy. You basically just sell it to them on a transfer sheet, put it in a little envelope, and send it on its way. Bumper stickers are also loved by many who want to add some humor or personality to their cars or car windows. This is a relatively simple and inexpensive product to make with your Cricut.

Paper Products

Paper products are also a great category to explore for your Cricut creations. You can make cards, little paper flowers, and various other paper projects like gift favors or boxes to be used for parties or gatherings. There are endless possibilities for name cards and other decorative items that can be used for events.


Ornaments are always popular around the holiday times for obvious reasons, and they are relatively simple to make with a Cricut. You can use permanent vinyl to create fun and different designs on them, making them perfect for holiday decorations or gifts.


In conclusion, using a Cricut to create products for selling on Etsy can be a lucrative opportunity. From stickers and apparel to mugs and cups, there are numerous options to explore. Wedding decor, wooden or acrylic signs, leather goods, hats and accessories, bumper stickers and vinyl transfers, paper products, and ornaments are all popular choices. With a little creativity and the right materials, you can turn your Cricut projects into a successful small business venture.


  • Easy to get started with a Cricut machine
  • Wide range of products to create and sell
  • Opportunity for creativity and unique designs
  • Ability to personalize items for customers
  • Potential for growth and expansion


  • Market saturation in some niches
  • Initial investment in materials and equipment
  • Need for marketing and promoting your products
  • Competition with other sellers on Etsy


  • Explore the various products you can create with a Cricut for selling on Etsy
  • Stickers, apparel, mugs and cups, wedding decor, wooden or acrylic signs, leather goods, hats and accessories, bumper stickers, vinyl transfers, paper products, and ornaments are all profitable options
  • Use your creativity to design unique and personalized items
  • Consider the pros and cons before starting your small business venture


Q: Are Cricut machines easy to use? A: Yes, Cricut machines are designed to be user-friendly and can be easily operated by beginners.

Q: Can I use my own designs with a Cricut machine? A: Absolutely! You can either create your own designs or use pre-designed ones available online.

Q: How much money can I make by selling Cricut creations on Etsy? A: The earning potential depends on various factors, such as product demand, pricing, and marketing efforts. With the right strategies, you can generate a steady income.

Q: Do I need a large investment to start a Cricut business on Etsy? A: While there is an initial investment in materials and equipment, you can start with a small budget and gradually expand as your business grows.

Q: How can I market my Cricut products on Etsy? A: Utilize social media, optimize your Etsy listings with relevant keywords, and engage with your target audience to promote your Cricut creations effectively.

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