New Sticker Releases: Universal, Budget, Happy Planner, and More!

New Sticker Releases: Universal, Budget, Happy Planner, and More!

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. January Sticker Releases
  3. Universal Kits 3.1 Snow Day Kit 3.1.1 Functional Box Page 3.1.2 Full Box Kit 3.1.3 Date Headers 3.1.4 Washi Kits 3.1.5 Date Dots 3.1.6 Snow Day Universal Stickers Pack 3.2 Mittens Kit 3.2.1 Full Box Kit 3.2.2 Washi Kits 3.3 Miss Scarlet Kit 3.3.1 Functional Box Kit 3.3.2 Washi Kits 3.3.3 Date Dots 3.3.4 Scarlet Universal Stickers Pack
  4. Budgeting Kits 4.1 Mittens Budget Kit 4.2 Miss Scarlet Budget Kit 4.3 Business Budget Kit
  5. Happy Planner Kits 5.1 Snow Day Monthly Kit 5.2 Mittens Monthly Kit 5.3 Miss Scarlet Monthly Kit 5.4 Weekly Options 5.4.1 Functional Box Kit 5.4.2 Full Box Kit 5.4.3 Washi Kits 5.5 Gen Plan Slot and Soursep Font Months
  6. Plum Paper Planner Kits 6.1 A5 Monthly Options 6.1.1 Snow Day Monthly Kit 6.1.2 Miss Scarlet Monthly Kit 6.1.3 Gen Plan Slot and Soursep Font Months 6.2 7x9 Monthly Options 6.2.1 Snow Day Monthly Kit 6.2.2 Mittens Monthly Kit 6.2.3 Miss Scarlet Monthly Kit 6.3 A5 Daily Kit 6.3.1 Gen Plan Slot and Soursep Font Months 6.3.2 Three Section Boxes 6.4 7x9 Daily Kit 6.4.1 Snow Day Daily Kit 6.4.2 Mittens Daily Kit 6.4.3 Miss Scarlet Daily Kit
  7. Giveaway
  8. Conclusion

Article: January Sticker Releases for Planners

Introduction Planning, budgeting, and staying organized can be both rewarding and enjoyable. In this article, we will explore the latest sticker releases for the month of January, covering various planner options such as universal kits, budgeting kits, happy planner kits, and Plum Paper planner kits. Whether you're a fan of functional boxes, washi kits, or monthly spreads, there is something for everyone in this month's release.

January Sticker Releases The month of January brings a wave of new sticker releases for planners, catering to different styles, preferences, and planner types. Let's dive into the exciting sticker options available this month.

Universal Kits The universal kits are designed to be versatile and can be used in various planner brands. They offer a range of patterns and designs suitable for different aesthetics and themes.

Snow Day Kit The Snow Day kit features a beautiful combination of red and navy blue, along with a touch of dusty turquoise blue. It includes functional box pages, full box kits, date headers, washi kits, and date dots. The functional box page is priced at $5, while the other add-ons range from $1 to $2. For those who want the complete set, there is a Snow Day Universal Stickers Pack available at a discounted price. The Snow Day kit is perfect for adding a cozy winter vibe to your planner.

Mittens Kit The Mittens kit brings a soothing color palette of lavender purple, baby blue, and minty green. It offers functional box kits and washi kits, allowing you to customize your planner according to your needs. Like the Snow Day kit, the Mittens kit also has the option of a universal pack for those who want all the stickers in one bundle.

Miss Scarlet Kit The Miss Scarlet kit features scarlet red, dark gray, and lighter gray colors. With its functional box kit, washi kits, and coordinating dots, this kit creates a sophisticated and elegant look for your planner. The combination of scarlet red and gray adds a touch of nostalgia and timeless beauty. The Miss Scarlet kit is ideal for those who appreciate classic and stylish designs.

Budgeting Kits Budgeting kits are specifically tailored to assist in managing finances and staying organized in a budget-conscious manner.

Mittens Budget Kit The Mittens kit also comes in a budgeting option, perfect for those who adore the Mittens pattern and want to incorporate it into their financial planning. This kit is designed to match the Mittens universal kit and includes essential elements for effective budget tracking.

Miss Scarlet Budget Kit Just like the Mittens kit, the Miss Scarlet kit also offers a budgeting option. The Miss Scarlet Budget Kit ensures your budget planning remains stylish and visually appealing. It complements the Miss Scarlet universal kit and easily integrates into your budget management system.

Business Budget Kit For entrepreneurs and business owners, the Business Budget Kit provides a comprehensive solution for financial planning. This kit includes all the necessary elements to track business expenses, revenue, and other essential financial aspects. The Business Budget Kit is designed with the same color scheme as the Miss Scarlet universal kit, creating a cohesive and professional look.

Happy Planner Kits The Happy Planner kits are specifically designed to fit the popular Happy Planner brand. They offer monthly kits and various weekly options to suit different planning preferences.

Snow Day Monthly Kit The Snow Day monthly kit for the Happy Planner brings the cozy and festive feel of winter to your planner. It includes a top washi, date dots, flags, and decorative boxes. The monthly kits do not include the months, allowing them to be used at any time of the year. The Snow Day monthly kit is available in two font sizes: 36 point and mini font.

Mittens Monthly Kit The Mittens monthly kit offers a delightful combination of purple, blue, and minty green for a playful and charming look. It provides essential elements like a top washi, date dots, flags, and decorative boxes. As with the Snow Day kit, the Mittens monthly kit is available in 36 point and mini font sizes.

Miss Scarlet Monthly Kit Featuring scarlet red, dark gray, and lighter gray, the Miss Scarlet monthly kit adds a touch of sophistication to your Happy Planner. It includes a top washi, date dots, flags, and decorative boxes. The Miss Scarlet monthly kit is versatile and can be used throughout the year, thanks to the absence of months on the stickers.

Weekly Options In addition to the monthly kits, there are various weekly options available for the Happy Planner.

Functional Box Kit The functional box kit provides functional boxes suitable for organizing tasks and appointments. It is available as a standalone kit or as an add-on to the main kit. The functional box kit offers flexibility and customization.

Full Box Kit Full boxes are larger than average planner stickers, providing ample space for writing and adding details. They are available in various patterns, allowing you to choose the one that best suits your planner theme and aesthetic.

Washi Kits Washi kits come in different sizes and patterns, adding a decorative touch to your weekly spreads. They offer versatility and creativity in creating visually appealing designs.

Plum Paper Planner Kits Plum Paper planner kits are tailored specifically for Plum Paper planners, offering monthly and daily options.

A5 Monthly Options A5 monthly options include patterns such as Snow Day and Miss Scarlet, providing a cohesive and stylish look to your monthly spreads. These kits feature washi, functional boxes, date dots, flags, and decorative boxes.

7x9 Monthly Options The 7x9 monthly options mirror the A5 kits in terms of patterns and elements. However, they are sized to fit the 7x9 planner format, providing a perfect fit and optimal planning experience.

A5 Daily Kit The A5 daily kit features headers for each day of the week and date dots. It also offers add-ons such as section boxes and large boxes, allowing you to customize your daily planning layout.

7x9 Daily Kit The 7x9 daily kit offers the same elements as the A5 daily kit but in the larger 7x9 planner size. It provides ample space for organizing your daily schedule and tasks effectively.

Giveaway To celebrate the sticker releases, a $20 gift card giveaway is being held. To enter, leave a comment with the hashtag #giveaway. One lucky winner will be chosen randomly and announced in the next sticker release video.

Conclusion Sticker releases for planners in January bring a wide range of options for organizing and beautifying your planner. Whether you prefer universal kits, budgeting kits, or planner-specific kits, there is something for everyone. The variety of patterns, colors, and add-ons allow for customization and personalization, ensuring your planner reflects your style and preferences. With these new sticker releases, you can start the new year on an organized and aesthetically pleasing note.

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