Inside the Ultimate Online Reseller Store: A Warehouse Tour

Inside the Ultimate Online Reseller Store: A Warehouse Tour

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Office Area
    1. Picture-taking and Listing Area
    2. Packaging and Shipping Area
    3. Workstation
    4. Lister's Area
    5. Kitchen Area
  3. Warehouse
    1. Cleaning Supplies Area
    2. Necktie Section
    3. Clothing Section
    4. Personal Collectibles Section
    5. Shoe and Boot Storage
    6. Military Items Section
    7. Miscellaneous Items Section
    8. Harley Davidson Shirts Section
  4. Conclusion

Tour of My Office and Warehouse


Welcome back to another video! In this tour, I will be taking you through my office and warehouse. I will be showing you how things flow in this space and giving you insights into our processes, from receiving items to listing, storing, and shipping them. Whether you're looking to set up your own office or improve your shipping station, this tour will provide you with helpful tips and ideas.

Office Area

The office area is where everything starts. This is where we take pictures of our items and list them for sale. We have a designated picture-taking and listing area, equipped with a table for flat lays and a mannequin for showcasing clothing items. We also use this table for packaging and shipping purposes.

We have a separate workstation for organizing and managing our listings. This is where I do most of my work, from researching items to creating listings and managing inventory. It is essential to have a dedicated space for productive work.

In the office area, we also have a designated area for our lister. When items come in, they are stored here before being listed. This area is specifically designed for efficient listing processes.


Moving on to the warehouse, this is where the magic happens. We have a large warehouse space that is organized to ensure easy accessibility and proper storage of our inventory.

We have a section dedicated to cleaning supplies, where we keep everything from shoe cleaners to all-purpose cleaners. This ensures that we can clean and prepare items before listing them.

One of the significant sections in our warehouse is the necktie section. We have a wide variety of specialty ties, including 80s ties, kids' ties, and logo ties. Some of these ties are listed individually, while others are bundled together and sold as lots.

The clothing section is where we store jackets, sport coats, blazers, shirts, and leather jackets. It is crucial to keep these items properly organized to maximize efficiency and avoid any damage.

In the warehouse, I also have a personal section where I store my collectible items. These include vintage auto parts, electronics, and other unique finds. It's a treasure trove of rare and interesting items.

We have designated areas for shoe and boot storage. Keeping them organized ensures that we can easily find and ship them when they're sold.

The military items section is where we store all our military-related inventory. From uniforms to equipment, we ensure that everything is properly labeled for easy identification.

In the miscellaneous items section, we have a wide range of products, including belts, purses, and various accessories. This section is the epitome of organized chaos, but despite its appearance, we know where everything is located.

One of the highlights of our warehouse is the collection of Harley Davidson shirts. We have boxes filled with these popular shirts, ready to be listed and sold.


I hope this tour has provided you with valuable insights into our office and warehouse setup. Whether you're starting your own business or looking for ideas to improve your operations, I hope you've gained inspiration from our organization and processes. Remember, efficiency and proper organization are key to running a successful operation. Happy selling!

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