Must-Have Baby Goodies: Check out Etsy and Amazon!

Must-Have Baby Goodies: Check out Etsy and Amazon!

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. The Cottage Experience
  3. Dealing with Health Issues
    • Caring for my Granddaughter
    • Contracting Viral Pneumonia
  4. Being Bedridden
    • Missing Out on Summer Activities
    • Settling into the Fall Season
  5. Receiving Parcels
    • Unboxing Gifts for Elizabeth and Alexa
  6. The Wondering Child
    • Custom Dummy Clips for the Babies
  7. Kamimi Jute Moses Basket
    • Finding a Convenient Carrying Solution
  8. Appreciation for Support
    • Gratitude Towards Friends and Dolly Sisters
  9. Conclusion

The Cottage Experience: Overcoming Health Challenges and Receiving Surprises


Welcome back to the cottage! I am delighted to be here after a challenging few weeks. In my absence, I faced health issues that kept me bedridden. However, I am grateful to be feeling better now and ready to share my story. In this article, I will take you through my journey of caring for my granddaughter, contracting viral pneumonia, and recovering from my illness. Additionally, I will reveal the wonderful surprises I received during my time off, including special parcels for two of my beloved dolls, Elizabeth and Alexa. So sit back, relax, and join me as I recount my experiences and express my appreciation for the support I received during this challenging time.

Dealing with Health Issues

Caring for my Granddaughter: A Tale of Selflessness

It all started when I had the pleasure of taking care of my two-year-old granddaughter. Little did I know that this would lead to a personal health crisis. One night, she woke up with a high fever, and I immediately rushed her to the local emergency room. There, she was diagnosed with viral pneumonia, a frightening experience for anyone, let alone a young child. Being the caring Nana that I am, I took on the role of primary caregiver, ensuring she received the best care and attention.

Contracting Viral Pneumonia: The Aftermath

Unfortunately, my dedication to my granddaughter's well-being came at a cost. Just two weeks later, I woke up with a high fever myself. It turns out I had contracted the same viral pneumonia she had. Let me tell you, viral pneumonia is no walk in the park. The misery and discomfort I experienced during those two weeks were truly challenging, especially considering it was prime time for my usual activities, such as harvesting and processing. Nonetheless, I had no choice but to spend most of that time confined to my bed, following medical recommendations to stay away from my family due to the contagious nature of the illness.

Being Bedridden

Missing Out on Summer Activities: A Season Lost

Being bedridden for two weeks felt like an eternity, especially for someone as active as myself. With my husband at home to take care of things, I watched as my family embarked on boat trips and enjoyed a neighborhood pig roast. I slept through it all, feeling like I had missed out on the last part of summer. As I laid in bed, I couldn't help but notice the changing seasons outside my window. The cool and crisp air signaled the arrival of fall, and with it, I began imagining the beautiful fall centerpiece I would create for my dining table.

Settling into the Fall Season: Embracing Coziness and Reflection

As I finally started to recover, the reality of the changing seasons became more apparent. Gone were the carefree days of summer; now, it was time to embrace the coziness and warmth of fall. In the nursery, I lit a candle, casting a soft glow on the falling leaves outside. The transition from summer to autumn inspired a sense of nostalgia and reflection. Despite the difficult time I had just been through, I couldn't help but appreciate the beauty that this new season brings.

Receiving Parcels

Unboxing Gifts for Elizabeth and Alexa: A Heartwarming Surprise

While I was bedridden, a glimmer of joy arrived in the form of parcels containing gifts for two of my precious dolls, Elizabeth and Alexa. Elizabeth, the adorable Hannah sculpt by Bonnie Sieben, is a full-body silicone baby girl with a bright smile. Alexa, on the other hand, is my beautiful little Alex sculpt by Claire Taylor Dolls. However, due to my illness, I hadn't had the chance to shower Alexa with love since her arrival. The arrival of these parcels brought me immense excitement, and I couldn't wait to see what was in store for the girls.

The Wondering Child

Custom Dummy Clips for the Babies: Adding Personal Touches

One of the parcels I received was from The Wondering Child, a Canadian seller specializing in handmade products. Inside the package were two custom dummy clips, one for Elizabeth and another for Alexa. The silicone bead clips were not only practical but also exceptionally beautiful. With Elizabeth's nickname being "Bess," I was thrilled to see a clip bearing her name. The soft and squishy beads added a delightful touch to the clips, making them visually appealing while also serving a functional purpose.

Kamimi Jute Moses Basket

Finding a Convenient Carrying Solution: The Perfect Amazon Find

During my time bedridden, I stumbled upon a product on Amazon that caught my attention: the Kamimi Jute Moses Basket. Initially sold out, it became available just when I needed a convenient carrying solution for my silicone babies. The basket appeared small in the pictures, but upon unboxing it, I was pleasantly surprised by its size. Made of jute, a soft cloth-like fiber, the basket opened up into a spacious compartment capable of comfortably accommodating even a toddler. Its handles made it easy to carry, providing a practical and visually pleasing alternative to traditional methods of transporting the babies.

Appreciation for Support

Gratitude Towards Friends and Dolly Sisters: A Heartfelt Thank You

Throughout my illness, I received an outpouring of support from friends and members of my dolly community. Jenny and Christy, two dear dolly friends, went above and beyond to check in on me and share updates about the Kansas doll show and painting classes. Their caring concern, along with the messages and well-wishes from the dolly sisters in my Facebook group, touched my heart deeply. I am immensely grateful for the compassion and support shown to me during this challenging time.


As I wrap up this article, I want to express my immense joy and gratitude for being back at the cottage after my difficult journey of overcoming health challenges. It feels good to be back to my usual self, ready to fully enjoy the season ahead. The surprises I received during my time off, including the thoughtful gifts for Elizabeth and Alexa, brought much-needed light during a trying period. I am blessed to have such a supportive community surrounding me, both online and offline. Thank you for being part of my journey and for joining me in this tale of resilience, love, and appreciation.


  • Overcoming the challenges of caring for a sick grandchild and contracting viral pneumonia
  • Missing out on summer activities due to illness and finding solace in the arrival of fall
  • Receiving heartwarming surprises through parcels, including custom dummy clips for Elizabeth and Alexa
  • Exploring the versatile and attractive Kamimi Jute Moses Basket from Amazon
  • Expressing deep gratitude for the support and care received from friends and the dolly community
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