Mastering Etsy Expenses: Wallet Setup for Cash Stuffing

Mastering Etsy Expenses: Wallet Setup for Cash Stuffing

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. Changing the Cash Stuffing Method
  3. Expenses Breakdown 3.1 Rent 3.2 Child Support 3.3 Insurance and Phone Bills 3.4 Groceries 3.5 Gas
  4. Credit Card Payments and Subscriptions 4.1 Credit One 4.2 Capital One 4.3 Walmart 4.4 Amazon 4.5 Subscriptions
  5. Credit Card Payment Update
  6. Highlights
  7. Future Plans and Challenges
  8. Emergency Fund and Low Priority Savings
  9. Blaine's Braces Procedure
  10. Christmas Savings
  11. Etsy Shop Update
  12. Conclusion
  13. Frequently Asked Questions

Changing the Cash Stuffing Method

Hello everyone, it's Tammy here! Today, I want to share some updates on my expenses and my new approach to cash stuffing. I've been reevaluating my cash stuffing strategy and I have decided to make a change. In this article, I will walk you through the recent adjustments I've made and discuss how it will impact my budgeting process. So, let's dive right into it!


I have always used the term "cash stuffing" to refer to the act of budgeting out my paycheck. However, I realized that I haven't been allocating my cash into specific envelopes as I intended. This has led to some confusion, especially in my previous cash stuffing videos. Therefore, I've decided to revamp my cash management system and focus on putting cash into designated envelopes. In this article, I will outline the different categories of expenses I have and discuss how I plan to organize my cash accordingly.

Expenses Breakdown

To effectively manage my cash, I have divided my expenses into several categories. Let's take a closer look at each category and the changes I've made:

3.1 Rent

Rent is one of the major expenses in my budget. To keep track of my rent payments, I have created a new envelope specifically for this purpose. I will no longer be using laminated trackers as I will track my rent payments in my budget planner.

3.2 Child Support

Child support is another important aspect of my budget. I have designated a separate envelope for child support payments to ensure that they are accounted for accurately.

3.3 Insurance and Phone Bills

Next, I have combined my vehicle insurance, life insurance, and phone bill expenses into a single envelope. This will make it easier for me to keep track of these monthly payments.

3.4 Groceries

Previously, I had separate envelopes for different grocery categories. However, I have streamlined this process and merged all grocery expenses into a single envelope. In this envelope, I have set aside $20 for purchasing two eight by ten picture frames for my boys' school pictures.

3.5 Gas

Similarly, I have combined my gas expenses with groceries by using a credit card for both. By doing so, I can accumulate reward points and redeem them to pay off these expenses later.

Credit Card Payments and Subscriptions

In addition to cash stuffing, I also wanted to touch upon my credit card payments and subscriptions. Let's break down each section and discuss my plans for managing them.

4.1 Credit One

For my Credit One credit card, I plan to make a monthly payment of $9. This will help me maintain a good credit score while gradually reducing the balance.

4.2 Capital One

For my Capital One credit card, I want to allocate $100 towards the monthly payment. The current balance stands at $200, and I aim to make steady progress in paying it off.

4.3 Walmart

I also have a credit card from Walmart, which I plan to pay off with $100 each month. Additionally, any extra funds left over will be used to pay down the balance whenever I use the card for purchases.

4.4 Amazon

As for my Amazon credit card, I aim to make a payment of $65. The balance is under $300, and I want to reduce it gradually while earning reward points to offset future expenses.

4.5 Subscriptions

Lastly, I have various monthly subscriptions totaling $70. To simplify my budgeting process, I am now combining these subscriptions into a single payment. This way, I can easily track and manage these expenses.

Credit Card Payment Update

Since my last video, I made a payment of $8.75 towards my credit card debt. This reduced the balance to $835. In the same timeframe, I spent $38 on gas and $9.90 on groceries. These expenses will be paid off using the credit card and will be included in my monthly payment.


In summary, here are the key highlights of the changes I've made to my cash stuffing method and credit card payments:

  • I have shifted to a new approach of cash stuffing where I allocate cash into specific envelopes.
  • Rent, child support, insurance, phone bills, groceries, and gas expenses are now managed through separate envelopes.
  • Credit One, Capital One, Walmart, and Amazon credit card payments have been identified with specific monthly payment amounts.
  • Monthly subscriptions have been consolidated into a single payment for easier tracking.
  • I made a significant payment towards my credit card debt, reducing the balance to $835.

Future Plans and Challenges

Moving forward, I have some plans and challenges to address. One of the key priorities is to build up an emergency fund and low priority savings. These funds will provide a safety net for unexpected expenses and long-term financial goals.

Additionally, I need to prepare for my son's upcoming braces procedure, which will require careful budgeting and planning. Furthermore, I aim to save for Christmas by utilizing change and reward points from various apps.


In conclusion, I am excited about the changes I have made to my cash stuffing method and credit card payments. By organizing my cash and expenses into separate envelopes, I can track my spending more effectively. Moreover, consolidating my credit card payments and subscriptions simplifies the budgeting process. I am hopeful that these adjustments will bring me closer to achieving my financial goals and improving my credit score. Thank you for joining me on this journey!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: What is the purpose of cash stuffing? A: Cash stuffing is a budgeting method that involves allocating cash into designated envelopes to track and manage expenses more effectively.

Q: How often do you make credit card payments? A: I make monthly credit card payments to reduce the balance gradually and maintain a good credit score.

Q: Why did you combine your grocery and gas expenses into one credit card payment? A: By using one credit card for both groceries and gas, I can accumulate reward points and conveniently pay off these expenses later.

Q: How do you plan to save for emergencies and low priority expenses? A: I am setting aside money in separate envelopes to establish an emergency fund and save for long-term financial goals.

Q: What is your strategy for managing your Etsy shop and credit card debt simultaneously? A: By utilizing reward points and maintaining a consistent payment plan, I aim to pay off my credit card debt while growing my Etsy shop.

Q: How do you plan to save for Christmas? A: I am using change and rewards points from various apps to save for Christmas expenses.

Q: What are your future plans and challenges? A: I aim to build up my emergency fund, save for my son's braces procedure, and achieve financial stability in the long run.

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