Mastering Etsy Digital Download Files

Mastering Etsy Digital Download Files

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Organizing Your Downloaded Files
  3. File Types
  4. Printing Options
    • 4.1. Printing a PDF Two-Sided
    • 4.2. Resizing a PDF
    • 4.3. Printing JPEG or PNG Files
  5. Conclusion


In this article, we will discuss the process of printing your Etsy files. Whether you are new to printing or looking for some tips and tricks, we've got you covered. We will cover topics such as organizing your downloaded files, understanding different file types, and exploring various printing options. So, let's dive in and learn how to print your Etsy files like a pro!

Organizing Your Downloaded Files

Before we begin, it's crucial to organize your downloaded files. By creating folders based on shop names, themes, colors, or seasons, you can easily find the files you need. For example, you can create a folder titled "My Porch Prints" for files from a specific shop and further categorize them into folders like "Christmas" or "Junk Journal Kits." Organizing your files will save you time and prevent any confusion when you want to print particular items.

File Types

Printables on Etsy come in a variety of file types, including PDF, JPEG, PNG, and zipped files. While it may not be essential to know what each letter stands for, understanding the differences is crucial. For example, a zip file needs to be unzipped before accessing the printable files inside. Etsy allows sellers to upload up to five files per listing, with each file not exceeding 20 megabytes. To save space, some sellers may compress multiple files into a zipped folder. If you're unsure how to open zipped files, there are several software programs available for download.

PDF files are commonly used for printables and are typically unalterable. However, some PDFs may have editable fields that allow you to modify certain information. It's essential to note that PDF files can have multiple pages within them, which is not the case for JPEG and PNG files. JPEG and PNG files are single-page image files, with the latter having a clear background that appears as checkers instead of white. This feature allows for easy layering using photo editing software like Photoshop.

If you have purchased a PDF file but prefer JPEG files, there are ways to extract them. If you have Acrobat Pro, you can simply choose "File" > "Export Image" > "JPEG." Alternatively, there are online tools available that can extract JPEG files from a PDF. These options provide flexibility in using your preferred file types.

Printing Options

Now that your files are organized and you understand the different file types, let's talk about printing. It's important to note that the printing process may vary slightly depending on your computer and printer. However, we will provide a general guide to help you navigate your printing options.

Printing a PDF Two-Sided

If your printer offers two-sided printing, you can easily print a PDF file double-sided. To begin, open your PDF file and adjust the view to fit the page within your window. Select the pages you wish to print and click on "File" > "Print." In the print dialog box, choose the duplex printing option or any other similar option available on your printer. Ensure that the paper size and source are correctly selected to match your desired output. If necessary, adjust the page setup to determine the paper flipping direction. Once you have made all the necessary selections, click "OK" to initiate the printing process.

Resizing a PDF

To resize a PDF file, go to "File" > "Print" and choose from the available options. You can scale the page down by selecting "Tile All Pages" and adjusting the percentage. This option allows you to print the PDF at various sizes, such as 50% or any other desired scale. Another option is to choose "Multiple Pages per Sheet" which enables you to experiment with different sizes until you find the perfect fit. However, it's important to note that you cannot print the PDF larger unless you use a larger sheet of paper.

Printing JPEG or PNG Files

Since JPEG and PNG files are single-page image files, you have a couple of options when printing them. If you want to print multiple JPEG files two-sided, you will need to manually flip the paper after printing on one side. Alternatively, you can combine all the JPEG files into a PDF document, granted your software allows it. To do this, select all the JPEG images you want to combine, right-click, and choose "Combine Supported Files" in Acrobat.

When opening a JPEG or PNG file, ensure that the entire image is visible. If any part of the image is cut off, select the "Shrink to Fit" option in the print dialog box. Depending on the software you use, you may have additional options for printing multiple pages per sheet. Experiment until you achieve the desired size, keeping in mind the limitations imposed by the chosen paper size.


Printing your Etsy files can be a straightforward process with the right knowledge and organization. By organizing your downloaded files, understanding different file types, and exploring various printing options, you can print your Etsy files exactly as you envision them. Remember to experiment and familiarize yourself with your specific computer and printer settings. With these tips and tricks, you'll be able to create beautiful prints from your Etsy downloads. Happy printing!


  • Learn how to print your Etsy files like a pro
  • Organize your downloaded files for easy access
  • Understand the different file types available on Etsy
  • Explore various printing options for different file types
  • Print PDF files two-sided for a professional finish
  • Resize PDF files according to your preferences
  • Print JPEG or PNG files individually or combine them into a PDF document
  • Make the most of your computer and printer settings to optimize your printing experience


Q: Can I print my Etsy files using any printer?

A: Yes, you can print your Etsy files using any printer, as long as it is compatible with the file types and sizes you are attempting to print. However, certain features, such as two-sided printing, may vary depending on your printer model.

Q: How do I know which file type is best for printing my Etsy files?

A: The best file type for printing your Etsy files depends on your specific requirements and preferences. PDF files are commonly used and provide multiple page support, while JPEG and PNG files are ideal for single-page images. Consider the nature of your printable and the capabilities of your printer when choosing a file type.

Q: Can I resize my printable images without affecting their quality?

A: When resizing printable images, care should be taken to maintain image quality. Scaling down the image is generally safe and does not significantly impact quality. However, reducing the size too much or enlarging the image beyond its original dimensions may result in pixelation and loss of quality.

Q: Is it possible to print my Etsy files on different types of paper, such as cardstock?

A: Yes, you can print your Etsy files on different types of paper, including cardstock. In the print dialog box, choose the appropriate paper source that matches the type of paper you intend to use. This ensures that the printer settings are correctly calibrated for optimal printing results.

Q: How can I ensure that my two-sided prints align correctly?

A: To ensure that your two-sided prints align correctly, pay attention to the page setup settings in the print dialog box. You may need to experiment with different options to determine the correct flipping direction for your specific project. It is also helpful to conduct a test print to verify the alignment before printing multiple copies.

Q: Can I print my Etsy files without a computer?

A: In most cases, a computer is required to print Etsy files. However, some printers offer wireless printing capabilities, allowing you to print directly from your mobile device or tablet. Check your printer's specifications to determine if this option is available.

Q: Are there any additional tools or software I need to print my Etsy files?

A: In general, you will need a computer, a printer, and the appropriate software for opening and printing your files. If you encounter zipped files, you may require unzipping software. Some advanced features, such as extracting JPEG files from a PDF, may necessitate third-party tools or online services. However, basic printing can typically be accomplished using standard operating system tools.

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