Check out the ChemKnits Creations Etsy Shop!

Check out the ChemKnits Creations Etsy Shop!

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. The Launch of Cabinets Creations Etsy Store
  3. Yarn Listings and Categories
  4. Techniques Used in Dyeing Yarn
  5. Special and Unique Yarns Available
  6. Pricing and Shipping Information
  7. The Process of Labeling and Tracking Yarns
  8. Customer Feedback and Support
  9. Future Plans and Expansion
  10. Conclusion

The Launch of Cabinets Creations Etsy Store

I am pleased to announce the official launch of the Cabinets Creations Etsy store! As the founder of Chem Myths, I am incredibly excited to share this news with all of you. The store currently features a wide selection of yarns, with over 100 different listings available. While most of these yarns have been previously showcased in my videos, there are also some exclusive pieces that have not yet been featured.

The name of the Etsy shop is Chemnitz Creations, and you can find the link to the store in the video description or by searching "Chemnitz Creations" on Etsy. The yarns in the shop are labeled with all the necessary information, including yardage, weight, materials, and care instructions. Additionally, each yarn tag signifies the video it was featured in and the date of its publication. This way, even if a yarn has not yet appeared in a video, you can still find all the relevant information and know when to expect the corresponding video.

Yarn Listings and Categories

In the Cabinets Creations Etsy store, you will find a diverse range of yarns, each with its own unique characteristics and beauty. The listings are organized into different categories based on the yarn base and weight. Most of the yarns are either 100% worsted weight Peruvian Highland wool or a sock yarn blend of 75% superwash merino and 25% nylon. There are also 50-gram skeins available, in addition to the standard 100-gram skeins.

Some listings include matched sets, where two or more skeins are dyed with coordinating colors. These sets are perfect for projects that require multiple skeins. Furthermore, there are a few discounted skeins available for purchase. These are usually priced lower due to minor imperfections or uniqueness in their dyeing process. While the majority of the yarns are made from natural fibers, there are some acrylic-based options as well.

Techniques Used in Dyeing Yarn

At Cabinets Creations, I have experimented with various dyeing techniques to bring you a stunning collection of yarns. Two techniques, in particular, stand out as personal favorites: dry rub and glaze. The dry rub technique involves rubbing dry yarn with dye to create a speckled and splotched effect. On the other hand, the glaze technique, which I am currently exploring, produces a unique and mesmerizing finish on the yarn.

I have also incorporated stenciling and dip dyeing techniques in some of the yarns. The stenciling process adds intricate patterns and designs to the yarn, while dip dyeing creates striking color transitions. Additionally, I have experimented with combining colors and employing various base yarns to achieve distinct and eye-catching results. Each yarn tag includes a description of the dyeing technique used, providing a deeper insight into its creation process.

Special and Unique Yarns Available

Aside from the yarns that have been featured in my videos, the Cabinets Creations Etsy store also offers some exclusive and one-of-a-kind yarns. These yarns may not have been showcased yet and present a wonderful opportunity to own a truly unique piece. One such example is a semi-solid purple skein that went through a slightly felting process, resulting in a different texture. While still knit-worthy, these skeins are priced lower to reflect their slight deviation from the standard quality.

There are also special collections available, such as gradient yarns and hand-painted replicas. The gradient yarns feature a beautiful transition of colors, perfect for creating stunning projects. The hand-painted replicas are a homage to my early days of dyeing yarn and hold a sentimental value. Each listing provides details about the particular collection and its significance, giving you a deeper appreciation for the yarns.

Pricing and Shipping Information

The pricing of the yarns takes into account the time, labor, and materials involved in the dyeing process. For instance, yarns that require extra steps, such as handmade bases or special dyeing techniques, may be priced slightly higher. On the other hand, discounted skeins are available at a reduced price due to minor imperfections or unique qualities. Please note that all prices are listed in the Etsy shop.

Shipping options are available for both domestic and international buyers. Currently, the available countries for international shipping have been determined based on shipping insurance availability. However, if your country is not listed, please reach out to me directly through a private message, and I will explore the possibility of shipping to your location. Additionally, insurance will be included with all shipments to ensure their safe delivery.

The Process of Labeling and Tracking Yarns

To facilitate easier tracking and identification, each skein of yarn is diligently labeled. The labels contain all the standard information, such as yardage, weight, materials, and care instructions. In addition to this, the labels also feature handwritten details of the video it was featured in and the date of publication. This way, even if a yarn has not yet appeared in a video, you can keep track of when to expect it.

The labeled yarns are arranged by categories and visually presented in the Etsy shop, allowing you to browse through and select your desired yarn easily. Moreover, for special collections or uniquely dyed yarns, I have tied a little bow or created a special packaging to distinguish them from the others. This attention to detail ensures that you receive not only high-quality yarn but also a delightful unboxing experience.

Customer Feedback and Support

I value your feedback and believe in providing exceptional customer support. If you have any questions, concerns, or special requests, please feel free to reach out to me through private messages. I am here to assist you and address any queries you may have. Additionally, I encourage you to share your creations made with the Cabinets Creations yarns in the Chemnitz Lab group. Your input and engagement are greatly appreciated and help fuel my creativity.

Future Plans and Expansion

The launch of the Cabinets Creations Etsy store is just the beginning of an exciting journey. I plan to continue creating innovative and vibrant dyeing videos, exploring new techniques, and revisiting old favorites. As the store grows, I aim to expand its offerings, introducing new yarn bases, color combinations, and collections. Your continued support will enable me to acquire the necessary materials and resources for future videos and projects.


I am thrilled to finally share the Cabinets Creations Etsy store with all of you. This venture has been a labor of love, and it is incredibly rewarding to see these beautifully dyed yarns available for purchase. I hope that you find joy in exploring the wide selection of yarns and that they inspire you to create something wonderful. Thank you for accompanying me on this journey, and I look forward to providing you with more captivating dyeing videos and unique yarns in the future.

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