Discover the 5 Etsy Products that Make $500+ Per Day

Discover the 5 Etsy Products that Make $500+ Per Day

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. The Power of Etsy
  3. Sweatshirt with Personalized Photo
  4. Candle with Personalized Message
  5. Personalized Stand for Gamers
  6. Blanket with Personalized Name
  7. Birth Month Flower Journal
  8. Birth Month Flower LED Light Sign
  9. Birth Flower Jewelry Travel Case
  10. Conclusion

The Potential of Etsy: Discovering Profitable Products


In this article, we will explore the incredible potential of Etsy as a platform for generating substantial profits. Many people are familiar with the idea of products selling for a hundred dollars per day, but what if I told you that there are Etsy products that are generating $500 or even more per day? In fact, I will share with you five products that are making anywhere from $700 to $4,800 per day. One of these products is even generating a mind-boggling $146,000 in monthly revenue. Join me as we dive into the world of these highly successful Etsy products and explore the strategies behind their success.

The Power of Etsy

Before we delve into the specifics of each product, let's take a moment to appreciate the power of Etsy as a platform. While we often hear about products generating modest daily sales, the products we are about to explore shatter these expectations. They demonstrate the immense potential for success on Etsy and highlight the opportunities for entrepreneurs to tap into niche markets and create personalized products.

1. Sweatshirt with Personalized Photo

The first product we will explore is a sweatshirt with a unique twist. Rather than simply featuring a design or pattern, this sweatshirt allows customers to have their photos put on it. The real magic, however, lies in the use of line art, where the silhouette or outline of the people in the picture is featured. This personalized touch makes it an excellent choice for anniversaries, weddings, and other special occasions. Upon researching this product, I found that it has been live for just over a year and has had an estimated 1,996 monthly sales, with a staggering total of 25,966 sales. This goes to show that even an ordinary sweatshirt can become a hot item when infused with personalization.

2. Candle with Personalized Message

Moving on to the next product, we have a simple candle with a powerful message. The candle features the phrase "You are the best thing I've ever found on the internet." While it may seem like a small and straightforward product, its potential for success becomes evident when we examine its sales figures. With 1,240 monthly sales and a total revenue of $18,588, this candle is generating impressive sales numbers for its sellers. By tapping into the sentiment of internet-driven relationships, this candle has found a niche market and is capitalizing on it.

Pro: Highly customizable and can be easily expanded to include additional sayings or messages. Con: Limited target audience as it specifically caters to individuals who have found meaningful connections through the internet.

3. Personalized Stand for Gamers

Our next product takes us into the world of gaming, a massive industry with a dedicated fan base. This personalized stand caters to gamers who are looking for a unique way to display their gaming accessories. By providing a stand that can be customized with their name or preferred design, this product taps into the niche market of gamers who are seeking personalized accessories. With 452 monthly sales and a monthly revenue of $70,000, this product is a testament to the demand for personalized gaming merchandise.

Pro: Targets a specific niche market with a high level of personalization. Con: Limited audience and may require specialized knowledge or resources to create the stands.

4. Blanket with Personalized Name

Moving on to the world of baby products, the next item on our list is a blanket with a personalized touch. This particular blanket stands out with its unique fabric and the child's name printed all over it. Despite being on the market for only two months, it has already achieved impressive sales figures. With 621 monthly sales and a monthly revenue of $21,729, this blanket proves that even seemingly standard baby products can become highly profitable when personalized.

5. Birth Month Flower Journal

Finally, we come to the product that is truly blowing all expectations out of the water. This birth month flower journal offers a beautiful and sentimental way for mothers or children to document their journey. By incorporating the birth flower concept, this journal finds its niche within the vast baby market. With 314 monthly sales and a monthly revenue of $26,320, it is easy to see why this product is generating such massive success. Additionally, it has the potential to attract customers who have already purchased the personalized blanket we discussed earlier.

Pro: Appeals to a specific market within the baby industry and provides a unique way to document memories. Con: Limited shelf life as it is primarily targeted at new mothers or young children.


The success stories of these five Etsy products showcase the power of personalization and niche targeting on the platform. By identifying gaps in the market and catering to specific customer needs, these sellers have managed to generate impressive daily revenues. Whether it's a sweatshirt with a personalized photo, a candle with a heartfelt message, a stand for gamers, a blanket with a personalized name, or a birth month flower journal, each product harnesses the potential of Etsy and highlights the opportunities for entrepreneurs to capitalize on unique ideas.

As you explore the world of Etsy and consider the possibilities for your own products, remember the importance of personalization and finding your niche. By infusing creativity and customization into your offerings, you can stand out from the competition and create a memorable experience for your customers. Don't be afraid to think outside the box and explore untapped markets within your industry. With dedication, research, and a dash of creativity, you too can discover profitable products on Etsy.


  • Etsy offers immense potential for generating significant profits.
  • Personalization and niche targeting are key factors in the success of Etsy products.
  • Products such as sweatshirts with personalized photos, candles with heartfelt messages, stands for gamers, blankets with personalized names, and birth month flower journals have proven to be highly lucrative.
  • Sellers can stimulate sales by offering additional products related to their existing successful items.
  • Tapping into niche markets and creating a personalized experience is essential for standing out and attracting customers.


Q: What is the key to success on Etsy? A: The key to success on Etsy lies in personalization and niche targeting. By offering unique and customized products that cater to specific customer needs, sellers can set themselves apart from the competition and attract a dedicated customer base.

Q: Are these success stories typical on Etsy? A: While these success stories showcase the remarkable potential of Etsy, it is important to note that not all products achieve such incredible sales figures. However, by following the principles of personalization and niche targeting, sellers can increase their chances of success on the platform.

Q: How can I find profitable products on Etsy? A: Research is crucial when it comes to finding profitable products on Etsy. By utilizing tools like Everbe, sellers can analyze sales figures, monitor trends, and identify gaps in the market. Additionally, observing customer favorites and analyzing the tags used in successful listings can provide valuable insights for product selection.

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