Get Ready for Personalized Christmas Etsy Orders!

Get Ready for Personalized Christmas Etsy Orders!

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. Unexpected Increase in Etsy Orders
  3. Challenges with AJ Blanks Restock
  4. Preparing for the AJ Blanks Red and Pink Pre-order
  5. Introduction to Keenan's New Business - Hats
  6. Overcoming Sleep Issues and Anxiety
  7. Importance of Christmas Shirts
  8. Lunch Break and Food Cravings
  9. Packaging and Shipping
  10. Reflection on the Holiday Season

Article: Unexpected Increase in Etsy Orders

It has been a while since I last posted a video on the channel, but today, I had something unexpected happen - an influx of Etsy orders. Initially, I only had two open orders on Etsy, and I thought it would be a smooth process to complete them. However, things took a turn when I received 13 additional orders since yesterday afternoon. I couldn't understand why this sudden surge happened, especially since I wasn't running any sales or ads at the time. Nevertheless, I am grateful for the orders, even though they disrupted my plans.

Challenges with AJ Blanks Restock

Adding to the unexpected increase in Etsy orders, I faced another challenge with the AJ Blanks restock. The shipment, which was supposed to arrive on October 25th, has been stuck for two weeks without any movement. Despite numerous calls to inquire about its status, the response I received was that they are currently backed up and will get to it whenever they can. This delay puts a strain on my plans as I was preparing to set up the basement for the arrival of the AJ Blanks red and pink pre-order, which is expected in mid-November. It's frustrating to encounter such setbacks, especially when I have invested a significant amount of money to expedite the shipment.

Preparing for the AJ Blanks Red and Pink Pre-order

Despite the challenges with the AJ Blanks restock, I need to adapt and prepare for the upcoming AJ Blanks red and pink pre-order. The anticipation of these shipments arriving before the ones that have been stuck for weeks is both exciting and overwhelming. I have to ensure that the basement is ready to accommodate the influx of new items. Although it wasn't part of my initial plan, I have to allocate my time and resources to fulfill the unexpected Etsy orders as well, considering the approaching holiday season.

Introduction to Keenan's New Business - Hats

In the midst of managing the Etsy orders and preparing for the AJ Blanks pre-order, there is another development in my life. Keenan, my partner, has started a new business venture - hats. While the current setup is primarily for my products, we have designated specific days to cater to hat orders to minimize disruptions and avoid constantly switching between product types. This new addition adds a layer of complexity but also opens up new opportunities for growth and diversification.

Overcoming Sleep Issues and Anxiety

In a personal aspect, I have been experiencing sleep issues and increased anxiety since a car incident. It has been challenging for me to get a good night's sleep and find the energy to create YouTube videos. The exhaustion and anxiety have taken a toll on my productivity and motivation. However, I am trying my best to manage these issues and push through each day, finding small moments of strength along the way. It's essential to take care of my mental and physical well-being, even as I handle the demands of my business.

Importance of Christmas Shirts

The recent surge in Etsy orders revealed a significant market demand for Christmas shirts. Almost all the shirts sold were Christmas-themed, emphasizing the importance of having seasonal products available. For sellers who haven't yet put up their Christmas collections, it is advisable to do so promptly. The holiday season presents a unique opportunity to cater to customers' preferences and boost sales.

Lunch Break and Food Cravings

Amidst the busy day, it is crucial to take breaks for sustenance and self-care. I often forget to prioritize eating when I'm engrossed in work, but the consequences are evident when hunger pangs and shakiness set in. Today, I made Indian butter chicken for dinner last night, and I have some leftover for lunch. Alongside my meal, I indulge in some chocolate M&M's, satisfying my craving for something sweet.

Packaging and Shipping

After refueling with lunch, it's time to tackle the packaging and shipping tasks. Although some shipments have already been prepared and sent out earlier in the day, there are still various orders that require attention. I unfold and refold shirts, ensuring they are presented neatly. Sometimes, the design placement may appear slightly off-centered due to elements like pom-poms, but it's crucial to educate customers that it is intentional and not a flaw. Clear communication can prevent potential misunderstandings and ensure customer satisfaction.

Reflection on the Holiday Season

The holiday season is a time of celebration and togetherness. It's a time to put aside differences and focus on love, peace, and happiness. As the snow falls outside, we gather with loved ones and create memories that transcend yesterday's worries. Personally, I feel fortunate to have a place to call home and a supportive community. This year, I remind myself of my blessings and cherish the moments of peace and joy that the holiday season brings.


  1. Why did the sudden increase in Etsy orders happen?

    • The increase in Etsy orders was unexpected and might be attributed to the availability of Christmas shirts and the holiday season approaching.
  2. How are you managing the challenges with the AJ Blanks restock delay?

    • Despite the frustrations, I am adapting my plans and focusing on fulfilling the unexpected Etsy orders while preparing for the upcoming AJ Blanks red and pink pre-order.
  3. How are you coping with your sleep issues and anxiety?

    • Managing sleep issues and anxiety is an ongoing process, but I am implementing self-care practices and seeking support to navigate through these challenges.
  4. Why is it important to have Christmas shirts available?

    • Christmas shirts tend to be in high demand during the holiday season, and catering to this niche market can significantly boost sales and attract customers.
  5. How do you ensure customer satisfaction with design placements?

    • Clear communication is key. By informing customers that design placements with certain elements like pom-poms may appear slightly off-centered intentionally, potential misunderstandings can be avoided.
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