Lessons from the Silicon Valley Bank Collapse for Selling on Etsy

Lessons from the Silicon Valley Bank Collapse for Selling on Etsy

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. The Collapse of Silicon Valley Banks
    • Run on Banks
    • The Impact on Etsy
  3. Lack of Communication from Etsy
  4. Thinking of Etsy as a Business
    • Diversification for Stability
    • The Importance of Backup Funds
    • The Reality of Living Hand to Mouth
  5. Diversifying Income Streams
    • Exploring Alternative Job Opportunities
    • Selling on Different Platforms
    • Expanding Beyond Etsy
  6. Addressing Panic and Spreading Fear
    • The Consequences of Panic
    • Trusting in the Stability of Etsy
  7. Dealing with Stress and Dissatisfaction
    • Considering Alternatives to Etsy
    • Finding a Balance between Stress and Business
  8. Conclusion

The Collapse of Silicon Valley Banks and its Impact on Etsy

The recent collapse of Silicon Valley Banks has raised concerns across various industries, including the online marketplace platform Etsy. This unforeseen event has prompted discussions about the importance of viewing Etsy as a business and the need for diversification in income streams.

Run on Banks

A run on banks occurs when customers lose confidence in a particular bank and begin withdrawing their funds. In this case, the run on the banks affected some financial institutions, including the bank utilized by Etsy for handling payments. As a result, some Etsy sellers experienced delays in receiving their funds, causing frustration and uncertainty.

The Impact on Etsy

The collapse of the bank used by Etsy highlighted the vulnerability of relying on a single financial institution. While Etsy promptly addressed the issue and communicated the payment delays to sellers, many criticized the lack of proactive communication and transparency. The absence of a clear announcement or forum update led to speculation and panic among sellers, exacerbating the already tense situation.

Lack of Communication from Etsy

One of the main criticisms directed at Etsy was the perceived lack of communication and updates regarding the payment delays. Etsy sellers expressed their frustration as they were left to speculate and rely on external sources for information. This lack of transparency and timeliness in addressing the issue caused further panic and raised doubts about the stability of the platform.

Thinking of Etsy as a Business

The collapse of Silicon Valley Banks and its impact on Etsy serves as a reminder for sellers to think of their Etsy stores as businesses rather than simple hobby ventures. This mindset shift is crucial in ensuring the long-term stability and success of their Etsy endeavors.

Diversification for Stability

One of the key lessons learned from this incident is the importance of diversifying income streams. Relying solely on Etsy for revenue places sellers at risk, as unforeseen events can disrupt the platform's payment system. By exploring alternative avenues for selling, such as other platforms or even creating their own online stores, sellers can minimize the impact of any single platform's issues.

The Importance of Backup Funds

In addition to diversifying income streams, sellers must also prioritize building backup funds to cushion against financial uncertainties. Etsy's ability to navigate through the recent banking collapse without significant repercussions can be attributed to its financial preparedness. Sellers should adopt a similar approach by setting aside emergency funds that can help alleviate the impacts of any unexpected disruptions.

The Reality of Living Hand to Mouth

While it is essential to treat Etsy as a business, it is also essential to acknowledge the reality that not all sellers can immediately rely on their Etsy income to meet their financial needs. For those living hand to mouth, the recent payment delays may have had severe consequences. In such cases, it becomes crucial to consider alternative sources of income until their Etsy businesses become more stable.

Diversifying Income Streams

Expanding income streams beyond Etsy can provide sellers with a sense of security and stability, especially during challenging times. By exploring different opportunities and platforms, sellers can enhance their earning potential and reduce their dependence on a single marketplace.

Exploring Alternative Job Opportunities

For sellers who are not yet ready to rely solely on their Etsy businesses, seeking alternative job opportunities can provide valuable financial stability. This could involve part-time or freelance work, utilizing existing skills, or exploring new areas of interest.

Selling on Different Platforms

In addition to Etsy, sellers should consider selling their products on other online platforms. This not only broadens their customer base but also mitigates risk, as issues with one platform will have a lesser impact on overall revenue.

Expanding Beyond Etsy

While Etsy remains a prominent platform for selling art and crafts online, it should not be the sole focus of a seller's business model. By diversifying their selling channels, such as through personal websites, social media platforms, or partnering with local retailers, sellers can enhance their brand visibility and reach a wider audience.

Addressing Panic and Spreading Fear

The recent incident also brought attention to the detrimental effects of panic and the spread of unfounded fears. Many individuals, fueled by misinformation or speculative comments, began to propagate concerns about the collapse of Etsy. This heightened state of panic only served to worsen the situation and hinder the platform's efforts to address the payment delays promptly.

The Consequences of Panic

Panic not only creates unnecessary stress but also contributes to further strain on the system. By prematurely demanding funds or spreading unfounded rumors, sellers inadvertently add to the burden faced by both Etsy and fellow sellers. It is crucial to remain calm, seek reliable information, and trust in the stability of the platform.

Trusting in the Stability of Etsy

While no platform is immune to challenges, it is important to maintain trust in Etsy as a reliable and resilient platform. Etsy has demonstrated its ability to recover from setbacks and adapt to changing circumstances. Sellers should focus on building their businesses within the framework provided by Etsy, while also taking steps to safeguard their financial well-being.

Dealing with Stress and Dissatisfaction

The collapse of Silicon Valley Banks sparked frustration and dissatisfaction among some Etsy sellers. It is crucial to address these concerns and find a balance between stress levels and business considerations.

Considering Alternatives to Etsy

If the stress and dissatisfaction related to Etsy outweigh the benefits, it may be worth exploring alternatives. There are various online marketplaces and platforms available for creative sellers, each with its own unique features and target audience. Sellers should assess their business priorities and determine if other platforms better align with their goals.

Finding a Balance between Stress and Business

Proactive steps can be taken to mitigate stress and dissatisfaction within the Etsy business. This may involve setting realistic expectations, setting aside time for self-care, and seeking support from fellow sellers or business mentors. Striking a healthy balance between business goals and personal well-being is essential for long-term success.


The collapse of Silicon Valley Banks served as a wake-up call for Etsy sellers, highlighting the importance of treating their Etsy stores as businesses. Diversifying income streams, building backup funds, and balancing stress levels are essential steps in ensuring the stability and longevity of Etsy ventures. While challenges may arise, it is crucial to trust in the resilience of the platform and take proactive measures to safeguard one's financial well-being. By adopting a business mindset and embracing diversification, Etsy sellers can navigate through uncertainties and thrive in the competitive online marketplace landscape.

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