Insights from a Pro Etsy Seller: Reddit Q&A

Insights from a Pro Etsy Seller: Reddit Q&A

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Reacting to Reddit Questions
  3. False Claims and Reviews
  4. Reporting Reviews to Etsy
  5. Using the Same Shipping Label for Multiple Orders
  6. Dealing with Inaccurate Color Selections
  7. The Impact of Location on Search Algorithm
  8. Analyzing Sales per Category on Etsy
  9. Importance of Social Media Presence
  10. The Need for a Specific Niche

Reacting to Reddit Questions

In this article, we will be diving into the world of Reddit questions and exploring the best ways to respond to them. We will cover various topics such as handling false claims and reviews, reporting reviews to Etsy, using the same shipping label for multiple orders, dealing with inaccurate color selections, the impact of location on search algorithms, analyzing sales per category on Etsy, the importance of social media presence, and the need for a specific niche. So buckle up and let's dive into the fascinating world of Reddit!

False Claims and Reviews

One of the challenges every Etsy seller faces is dealing with false claims and reviews. In a recent Reddit post, a seller shared their experience of receiving a review claiming that their item was not handmade. This review not only affected their star seller rating but also questioned the authenticity of their products. So how should sellers deal with such situations?

According to Etsy's policy and terms of use, posting false, misleading, or defamatory content is prohibited. So the first step is to refrain from responding to such a review. By responding, you prevent the reviewer from modifying their rating later. Instead, send a polite message to the customer thanking them for their review but also mentioning that your items are indeed handmade. Offer to provide any necessary proof or answer any questions they may have. Give them a couple of days to respond before taking further action.

If the customer does not respond or update their review, it is appropriate to report it to Etsy. Etsy allows sellers to report reviews directly from their seller account. Simply go to the review section, locate the review in question, and click on the report button. Etsy will review the report and take appropriate action if the review is found to be false or misleading.

However, it is essential to approach this situation with empathy. The buyer may genuinely believe that the item is not handmade. So if you can provide proof or convince them otherwise, they may be willing to update their review. Remember, it is about ensuring a positive experience for the buyer and building a lasting relationship.


  • Opportunity to prove the authenticity of your handmade items
  • Can lead to an updated review and a better shopping experience
  • Reinforces the trust and credibility of your shop


  • Time-consuming process of messaging the buyer and reporting the review
  • Risk of negative impact on star seller rating
  • Possible disagreement with the buyer, resulting in a negative experience

Reporting Reviews to Etsy

One of the options available to Etsy sellers is to report reviews that contain false information or are misleading. In this section, we will explore the process of reporting a review directly to Etsy and the potential outcomes of such reports.

To report a review on Etsy, simply navigate to your seller account and locate the review in question. Underneath the review, you will find a report button. Click on the button, and a reporting form will appear. This form allows you to explain the issue with the review and provide any additional information or evidence to support your case. Once you submit the report, Etsy will review it and take appropriate action.

Reporting a review can have the following outcomes:

  1. Review Removal: If Etsy determines that the review contains false information or is misleading, they may remove it from your shop's page. This can help maintain the integrity of your shop and prevent potential buyers from being misled.
  2. Star Seller Rating Adjustment: If the review significantly impacts your star seller rating, Etsy may adjust it accordingly. It is essential to maintain a high star seller rating as it influences the visibility and credibility of your shop.
  3. Communication with the Buyer: In some cases, Etsy may reach out to the buyer to further investigate their claims or provide clarification. This can lead to a resolution between you and the buyer, ensuring a better shopping experience for both parties.
  4. No Action Taken: There may be instances where Etsy determines that the review does not violate their policies or terms of use. In such cases, the review will remain on your shop's page, and you can choose to respond publicly to provide your perspective.

Remember, reporting a review should be the last resort and should only be done when you have valid reasons to believe that the review is false or misleading. It is crucial to approach this process with professionalism and empathy, keeping the best interests of your customers and your shop in mind.


  • Helps maintain the integrity and credibility of your shop
  • Potential removal of false or misleading reviews
  • Opportunity to address the concerns raised by the buyer


  • Time-consuming process of reporting the review
  • Uncertainty regarding the outcome of the report
  • Possible impact on your star seller rating if the review is not removed
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