Master Day Trading Strategies on $ACAD $ETSY

Master Day Trading Strategies on $ACAD $ETSY

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Day Trading Recap
  3. Watch List Analysis
  4. Trading Strategy and Techniques
    • 4.1 Shorting AC ad
    • 4.2 Taking Profit and Managing Losses
  5. The Importance of Levels in Trading
  6. Analysis of Daily Charts
    • 6.1 All-Time Low Bounce
    • 6.2 Trading with V web and Levels
  7. Market Opening Analysis
  8. Trading Work and Other Stocks
  9. Shorting AC ad and Technical Analysis
  10. The Second Trade

Day Trading Recap: Winning Trades and Lessons Learned

In this article, I will be sharing my day trading recap and highlighting some of my winning trades. As a day trader, it's important to constantly analyze and learn from each trading session to improve our strategies and techniques. By sharing my experiences and insights, I hope to provide valuable information for fellow traders.

Watch List Analysis

Before jumping into the trades, let's start by analyzing the stocks on our watch list. Today, the top stock on my watch list was AC ad, followed by PCG. However, PCG was below $20, so it didn't meet my criteria for trading. AC ad, on the other hand, was in my list of potential trades. This analysis helps us focus on the stocks that have potential for profitable trades.

Trading Strategy and Techniques

4.1 Shorting AC ad

One of the trades I executed was shorting AC ad. I identified a pre-market level and took a short position, risking around 50 to 60 area. Although the spread was a bit wide, I managed to take some profits off the table as the stock moved in my favor. Taking profits at different levels helps to mitigate risk and secure gains.

4.2 Taking Profit and Managing Losses

During my trading session, I encountered consecutive green candles on a stock, which often indicates a potential short opportunity. However, if the stock doesn't show signs of dropping, it's important to adapt and take profits at levels that make sense. In my case, I recognized that the stock wasn't dropping and decided to exit my position, thus gaining back all my losses.

The Importance of Levels in Trading

One valuable lesson I learned from my day trading session is the significance of levels. By focusing on key levels, such as the V web and support/resistance levels, I was able to simplify my trading approach and increase my success rate. Trading solely based on levels and removing moving averages from my strategy proved to be effective in identifying profitable opportunities.

Analysis of Daily Charts

Analyzing daily charts provides us with valuable insights into the overall trend and patterns of a stock. In the case of AC ad, it was at an all-time low, which indicated a potential bounce. Understanding the historical levels and patterns can help us make informed trading decisions.

6.1 All-Time Low Bounce

AC ad's bounce from its all-time low was a significant event that caught my attention. Although it had a difficult time reaching its all-time low, the stock showed strength and resilience. This kind of bounce can present favorable trading opportunities, as long as we pay attention to the key levels.

6.2 Trading with V web and Levels

As mentioned earlier, I adopted a trading approach that relied heavily on the V web and support/resistance levels. By using these levels, I was able to identify potential entry and exit points for my trades. This simplified approach made my trading decisions more precise and reduced the noise from other technical indicators.

Market Opening Analysis

During the market opening, I closely monitored the stocks on my watch list. While I initially considered trading Work, I ended up focusing on another stock, HIV, which caught my attention. Understanding the volume and performance of stocks during the market opening is crucial for identifying potential trading opportunities.

Trading Work and Other Stocks

Another stock that garnered my attention was Work, which had the highest volume. Although I attempted to short AC ad, the spread was too wide. However, I managed to execute successful trades using the strategies mentioned earlier.

Shorting AC ad and Technical Analysis

One of my trades involved shorting AC ad again. This time, I spotted consecutive green candles, indicating a potential short opportunity. Considering the stock's previous patterns, I was confident in my decision to short AC ad. By setting a clear target and managing my risk, I was able to secure profits.

The Second Trade

In my second trade, I wanted to enter long for a breakout of the high of the day. However, fear held me back from taking the trade. It's essential to recognize and overcome our emotional barriers when trading to seize profitable opportunities.

Overall, analyzing my day trading session revealed valuable insights and lessons. By focusing on key levels, adopting simple trading strategies, and managing risk effectively, I was able to secure winning trades. Learning from each trade and continuously improving our strategies is crucial for long-term success as a day trader.


  • Analyzing stocks on the watch list
  • Shorting AC ad and managing profits and losses
  • Utilizing levels in trading for increased success rates
  • Analyzing daily charts and identifying bounce opportunities
  • The importance of the V web and support/resistance levels
  • Monitoring stocks during market opening for potential trades
  • Trading Work and other stocks with high volume
  • Identifying short opportunities based on technical analysis
  • The significance of managing emotions in trading decisions
  • Continuous learning and improvement for long-term success

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: What is the significance of levels in day trading? A: Levels play a crucial role in day trading as they act as potential support and resistance areas. By identifying and understanding these levels, traders can make more informed decisions regarding entry and exit points.

Q: How do consecutive green candles impact trading decisions? A: Consecutive green candles can indicate a potential short opportunity when observed in specific patterns. Recognizing these patterns and selling at levels that make sense can help traders secure profits and manage risk.

Q: How important is it to monitor stocks during market opening? A: Monitoring stocks during market opening is essential as it provides valuable insights into volume and performance. Identifying stocks with high volume and potential market movements allows traders to seize profitable opportunities.

Q: What are the benefits of trading with the V web and support/resistance levels? A: Trading with the V web and support/resistance levels simplifies the decision-making process and reduces reliance on complex technical indicators. These levels act as reliable reference points for entry and exit points, increasing the chances of successful trades.

Q: How can traders overcome emotional barriers when trading? A: Overcoming emotional barriers requires self-awareness and discipline. Traders should focus on managing risk, setting clear targets, and continuously learning from each trade to instill confidence and reduce emotional decision-making.

*Note: The answers provided are for informational purposes only and should not be considered financial advice.

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