Get inspired with Fall Finishes on Flosstube!

Get inspired with Fall Finishes on Flosstube!

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Unfinished Stitches Floss Tube
  3. Current Location and Weather Updates
  4. Recent Finishes and Works-in-Progress
    • Miss Witch Fully Finished
    • Wanda's Wands Mill Hill Kit
    • Lizzy Kate Autumn Smalls Collection
    • Owl Stitching on Lazy Bear Mountain
    • Skull Sampler
    • Autumn in Star Hollow
    • Little Flower Granny Squares
    • Crochet Granny Square Quilt
  5. Quilting Projects and Goals
  6. Crochet Projects and Goals
  7. December Daily Record Keeping
  8. Needle Minders and Haul
  9. Achieved Goals and Acknowledgment
  10. Conclusion

Unfinished Stitches: A Creative Journey

Welcome to Unfinished Stitches, a floss tube series where we share our latest stitching and crafting projects. In this episode, we'll be updating you on our recent finishes, works-in-progress, and goals for the upcoming months. Join us as we discuss our creative journey and share our passion for the art of needlework.

Current Location and Weather Updates

Before diving into our stitching updates, let's catch up on our current locations and weather. Bonnie is currently in Colorado, while Madison is in Baltimore. The weather in both places has been pleasant, with mild fall temperatures and the occasional rain shower. The change of seasons has brought about a sense of coziness and excitement for the holiday season.

Recent Finishes and Works-in-Progress

Miss Witch Fully Finished

One of our recent finishes is Miss Witch, a delightful Halloween-themed cross-stitch pattern. Bonnie successfully completed this project, showcasing her skills with beadwork and sequins. The finishing touch included attaching a black paper or felt backing to the piece. This finish has given Bonnie the confidence to explore more Mill Hill kits in the future.

Wanda's Wands Mill Hill Kit

Continuing with the Halloween theme, Madison finished the Wanda's Wands Mill Hill Kit. This charming design features a witch in her cauldron and incorporates a glow-in-the-dark thread for added effect. Madison completed the beading and finished the piece with a Mil Hill frame, which required some additional backing materials for stability.

Owl Stitching on Lazy Bear Mountain

Bonnie shared her progress on the Autumn on Lazy Bear Mountain cross-stitch pattern. Working on 18-count parchment fabric, she filled in the brickwork, creating a backdrop for the cute owl perched on a tree. The autumnal color palette and intricate details make this project a joy to stitch.

Skull Sampler

Madison showcased her work on the Skull Sampler, a hauntingly beautiful cross-stitch pattern. Using DMC 310 on black fabric, she completed several skulls, adding a touch of spookiness to her stitching repertoire. Despite the challenges of working with black thread on dark fabric, the results speak for themselves.

Autumn in Star Hollow

Both Bonnie and Madison are working on the Autumn in Star Hollow cross-stitch pattern. Bonnie made significant progress by completing fill-in sections on 14-count white fabric, capturing the intricate details of a gazebo, streetlights, and vibrant fall foliage. Madison, on the other hand, focused on stitching the moon, stars, and brickwork elements. The contrast in their fabric and thread choices adds uniqueness to their respective projects.

Little Flower Granny Squares

Transitioning to crochet, Madison shared her latest project: little flower granny squares. Using alternating white and gray yarns, she creates charming squares with daisy-like flowers in the center. When assembled, these squares will form a checkerboard pattern. Madison's color choices and attention to detail make these squares visually appealing.

Crochet Granny Square Quilt

Inspired by the beauty of fall, Madison embarked on a crochet journey to create a granny square quilt. With a color palette reminiscent of Valentine's Day, she meticulously crocheted individual squares and plans to join them together in a quilt. The combination of pink, red, and blue hues adds a touch of whimsy to the project.

Quilting Projects and Goals

Shifting focus to quilting, Bonnie shares her love for creating beautiful quilts. During a recent quilting retreat in Estes Park, she completed three quilt tops: French Vanilla using Halloween-themed fabrics, Brick Layer featuring Christmas prints, and a Halloween-themed quilt using Dashwood Studio fabrics. Bonnie's passion for quilting extends to organizing her craft space, ensuring a conducive environment for her creative process.

Crochet Projects and Goals

Madison explores her love for crochet, starting with her granny square quilt project. She also showcases her progress on flower granny squares, displaying her expertise in transitioning colors and creating visually appealing patterns. Her dedication to crocheting every day symbolizes her commitment to her craft.

December Daily Record Keeping

Madison shares her excitement over her December Daily project—an annual record-keeping process throughout the month of December. It involves capturing memories and stories through photographs, words, and creative embellishments. Madison plans to use various materials, including journal cards, vellum papers, and other scrapbooking elements, to document her daily experiences during the holiday season.

Needle Minders and Haul

In the spirit of stitching, Bonnie shares her delight in receiving a featherweight-themed needle minder as a gift. This charming accessory adds functionality and style to her stitching projects. Additionally, she showcases her recent fabric haul, featuring patterns from Not Forgotten Farm and Carriage House Samplings.

Achieved Goals and Acknowledgment

Both Bonnie and Madison reflect on their goals for the month. Bonnie achieved her creative objectives by completing various projects and dedicating ample time to stitching and crafting. Madison, despite some deviations from her original plans, remained dedicated to pursuing her creative interests. Both express gratitude for the support of their viewers and the opportunity to share their journey.


As the episode comes to a close, Bonnie and Madison express their excitement for the upcoming Winter Christmas Whip Parade. They invite viewers to join them in celebrating their creativity and achievements. With the holiday season just around the corner, the duo looks forward to sharing their winter-themed stitching projects and spreading cheer to fellow craft enthusiasts.


  • Bonnie completes Miss Witch, showcasing her beading and finishing skills.
  • Madison finishes Wanda's Wands Mill Hill Kit, using glow-in-the-dark thread for added effect.
  • The Owl Stitching on Lazy Bear Mountain project highlights the intricate details and autumnal color palette.
  • Madison stitches the Skull Sampler, overcoming the challenges of working with black thread on dark fabric.
  • Bonnie and Madison share their progress on the Autumn in Star Hollow cross-stitch pattern.
  • Madison showcases her crochet skills with little flower granny squares and a granny square quilt.
  • Bonnie completes three quilt tops and organizes her sewing room during a quilting retreat.
  • Madison shares her excitement for the December Daily record-keeping project.
  • Bonnie receives a featherweight-themed needle minder and shares her recent fabric haul.


Q: Where can I find the patterns mentioned in the article? A: The patterns mentioned in the article can be found from various sources such as Etsy, Mill Hill, and needlework workshops. Specific information on where to find each pattern is not provided in the article.

Q: Can you recommend any resources or tutorials for crochet granny squares? A: There are numerous resources and tutorials available online for learning how to crochet granny squares. Websites like YouTube and crochet blogs offer step-by-step instructions and video demonstrations. Additionally, crochet books and magazines may contain patterns and instructions for granny squares.

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