From Etsy to Netflix: The Amazing Success Story of TV Costume Designers

From Etsy to Netflix: The Amazing Success Story of TV Costume Designers

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. Background of Rhinest Leatherworks
  3. Niche Down to Geek Works
  4. Products Offered by Rhinest Leatherworks
    • Leather Items for Geeks
    • Armor and Role-Playing Game Accessories
  5. The Success of the Kitty Dice Trays
  6. The Bonkers Moment: Featured in Lucifer's Season 5 Finale
  7. Proudest Business Accomplishments
  8. Building Connections in Los Angeles for Movie Opportunities
  9. Impact of the Pandemic on Rhinest Leatherworks
  10. The Importance of Investing in Education and Business Growth
  11. Growing a Community
  12. Advice for Alphas Ready to Take the Next Step

Article: The Journey of Rhinest Leatherworks: From Niche to Fame


Rhinest Leatherworks, a husband and wife team, Elva and Mark, have carved their path in the world of leather crafting. From humble beginnings to being featured in Lucifer's season 5 finale, this dynamic duo has proved that success comes to those who are willing to niche down and cater to a specific audience. In this article, we will take a deep dive into the journey of Rhinest Leatherworks, their products, achievements, and their tips for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Background of Rhinest Leatherworks

Elva and Mark, the founders of Rhinest Leatherworks, started their business with a simple goal in mind - to create unique leather items for the geek community. They quickly realized that niching down was the key to success in the highly competitive world of leather crafting. By focusing on catering to geeks and enthusiasts of run fairs and tabletop gaming, they found their niche and honed their craft to perfection.

Niche Down to Geek Works

The journey of Rhinest Leatherworks took an exciting turn when they narrowed their focus to "geek works for geeks." This decision allowed them to become specialists in creating high-quality leather accessories and armor that would resonate with their target audience. By understanding the specific needs and desires of geek enthusiasts, Elva and Mark were able to tap into a market that was craving unique, elegant, and fantasy-inspired leather products.

Products Offered by Rhinest Leatherworks

Rhinest Leatherworks offers a wide range of leather items for geeks, including handcrafted armor, role-playing game accessories, dice trays, dice bags, and much more. Their commitment to using top-grade, full-grain leather ensures the durability and quality of their products. The attention to detail and the exquisite craftsmanship exhibited in each piece have made Rhinest Leatherworks a top choice for geeks looking to immerse themselves in their favorite role-playing games.

The Success of the Kitty Dice Trays

One of the unexpected yet delightful successes for Rhinest Leatherworks has been their line of kitty dice trays. While creating and selling armor and game accessories was the primary focus, the adorable kitty dice trays gained immense popularity among customers and became one of their most loved products. This reaffirmed the importance of understanding the desires and preferences of their target audience, even in the seemingly unrelated realms of tabletop gaming.

The Bonkers Moment: Featured in Lucifer's Season 5 Finale

In a stroke of incredible luck and recognition, Rhinest Leatherworks had their armor featured in the season 5 finale of the hit TV series, Lucifer. This significant milestone gave them a major boost in terms of visibility and credibility. The main actor of the show wore the armor created by Elva and Mark, showcasing the quality and uniqueness of their craft. This, coupled with their own experience of wearing and testing the armor themselves, created a genuine connection with customers.

Proudest Business Accomplishments

While being featured in Lucifer's season 5 finale tops the list of Rhinest Leatherworks' proudest business accomplishments, they acknowledge the numerous small milestones they have achieved on their journey. Celebrating each victory, big or small, has been a key factor in keeping their motivation and drive alive. Moreover, their goal of expanding into movies and building connections with agencies in Los Angeles has opened up exciting opportunities for the future.

Building Connections in Los Angeles for Movie Opportunities

With their armor showcased in a hit TV series, Rhinest Leatherworks has started building connections with individuals and agencies working in the movie industry. These connections have provided valuable guidance and insight, paving the way for potential collaborations and opportunities in the future. Rhinest Leatherworks aspires to go beyond their accomplishments on Lucifer and make a significant impact in the movie industry with their unique leather creations.

Impact of the Pandemic on Rhinest Leatherworks

The COVID-19 pandemic presented both challenges and opportunities for Rhinest Leatherworks. While in-person events such as run fairs were put on hold, the demand for masks opened up a new avenue for their business. They quickly adapted to the situation and started producing high-quality, handmade masks, which became extremely popular. This unexpected twist allowed them to invest in equipment and tools to upscale their business, ensuring its growth and success.

The Importance of Investing in Education and Business Growth

Elva and Mark attribute a part of their success to investing in education and business growth. They stress the value of continuous learning and highlight the impact that resources like Handmade Alpha Academy have had on their business. By following the guidance and teachings of industry experts like Starla and Mark, they were able to make informed decisions and lay a strong foundation for their journey as leather craftsmen.

Growing a Community

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