Etsy's Stunning Seed Collection: A Must-See 2021 Haul!

Etsy's Stunning Seed Collection: A Must-See 2021 Haul!

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. Seed Shopping on Etsy
  3. Enchanted Dreamer Company 3.1 Pom Pom Dahlia Seed Mix 3.2 Red Wave Sunflower 3.3 Moon Carrot 3.4 Cranberry Beans 3.5 Pink Lettuce Seeds 3.6 Night and Day Snapdragons 3.7 Pink Balloon Flowers 3.8 Nora Barlow Pink Columbine Seeds 3.9 Black and White Minstrels Dianthus 3.10 Green Twister Echinacea 3.11 Monster White Straw Flower 3.12 Pink Statice
  4. Nursery Seeds 4.1 Magic Apricot Lysianthus 4.2 Carnation Schwad Piccotti Mix 4.3 Bells of Ireland 4.4 Sea Holly Eryngium Blue Hobbit 4.5 Peony Aster Seeds 4.6 Lysianthus Mariachi Lavender 4.7 Delphinium Asterot Flower Seeds
  5. Miscellaneous Companies 5.1 Ruby Snapdragons 5.2 Delphinium King Arthur Royal Velvet 5.3 Dianthus Headway Black and White
  6. Conclusion

Seed Shopping on Etsy: Exploring Unique Options for Your Garden

If you're an avid gardener, you probably enjoy scouring various sources for new and interesting seeds to add to your collection. While larger companies offer a wide range of options, smaller, independent sellers on platforms like Etsy can provide a unique and diverse selection. In this article, we'll dive into my latest seed haul from Etsy and discuss the different varieties and companies I purchased from.

Enchanted Dreamer Company

One of the Etsy stores I explored was Enchanted Dreamer Company. They had an extensive assortment of seeds at comparable prices to larger companies. Here are some of the seeds I purchased from them:

  1. Pom Pom Dahlia Seed Mix: These seeds grow into three to four-feet-tall dahlias with an abundance of blooms, perfect for cut flowers. They are perennials suitable for Zone 8 and above.

  2. Red Wave Sunflower: I was drawn to the captivating dark red color of these sunflowers. They are annuals that grow to around three to four feet tall and bloom within 50 to 60 days.

  3. Moon Carrot: The unique name and beautiful description of this seed caught my attention. It features succulent-like stems with pink blooms that mature into perfectly spherical moons. They grow to about 24 inches tall and are an intriguing addition to any garden.

  4. Cranberry Beans: These cranberry beans have a stunning pink and white mottled creamy texture. They are bush beans that do not require staking and can be harvested within 60 days. They will look fabulous on trellises or as a decorative element in the backyard.

  5. Pink Lettuce Seeds: Lolo Rosso Pink Passion lettuce seeds from Fort Myers, Florida, offer a beautiful addition to any salad bed. They thrive in temperatures between 60s and 80s and can be planted in spring, summer, fall, or cooler climates.

  6. Night and Day Snapdragons: These snapdragons add a touch of elegance to any garden. While I couldn't find detailed information about them, they are annuals that bloom in 10 to 12 days, and they can be grown in containers.

  7. Pink Balloon Flowers: Adding to my collection of balloon flowers, I decided to try the pink variety. These perennials are approximately two feet tall and produce multiple balloons on each stem, creating a stunning display.

  8. Nora Barlow Pink Columbine Seeds: This specific columbine variety caught my eye with its sizable blooms. These shade perennials offer lacy foliage and pink blooms that mature into perfectly spherical moons. They require either late fall or early winter sewing for spring emergence.

  9. Black and White Minstrels Dianthus: I love growing dianthus, and this black and white variety is an eye-catching addition. They grow about one to two feet tall and have a lovely fragrance. Plant them in temperatures between 60 and 70 degrees for the best results.

  10. Green Twister Echinacea: Unfortunately, I couldn't find detailed information about these seeds as the particular type I purchased was sold out. However, echinacea is known for its attractive flowers and is a great addition to any garden.

  11. Monster White Straw Flower: Aiming to expand my collection of straw flowers, I ordered these monster white straw flower seeds. They have a pure white color and grow to approximately two to three feet tall. They are perennial short-lived, lasting for about two to three years.

  12. Pink Statice: As an excellent dried flower option, these pink statice seeds will add a pop of color to arrangements and bouquets. They are annuals that grow well in various zones, including Zone 8a.

Nursery Seeds

Another Etsy shop I explored was Nursery Seeds. They had an extensive selection of seeds and provided personal attention to each order. Below are the varieties I purchased from them:

  1. Magic Apricot Lysianthus: These pelleted seeds have a germination rate of 91% or better. Lysianthus is notoriously challenging to grow, but these magic apricot-colored flowers make it worth the effort.

  2. Carnation Schwad Piccotti Mix: This mix of carnation seeds offers beautiful pink flowers with a black center. They grow to about 30 inches tall and are excellent for cut flowers or larger pots. Germination rate is 98% or better.

  3. Bells of Ireland: These unique flowers add a touch of elegance to any garden. While I've had limited success with them in the past, I'm eager to try again with these 100 seeds.

  4. Sea Holly Eryngium Blue Hobbit: I've always been captivated by the blue color of sea holly, and these seeds offer the perfect opportunity to grow them in my garden. With a germination rate of 85% or better, these seeds promise to deliver stunning results.

  5. Peony Aster Seeds: These aster seeds resemble peonies, making them a unique addition to any garden. The Dutch's Coral Rose color adds vibrancy and charm. Germination rate is 87% or better.

  6. Lysianthus Mariachi Lavender: Lavender-colored lysianthus is a delightful addition to any garden. With a germination rate of 91% or better, I'm excited to see these flowers bloom.

  7. Delphinium Asterot Flower Seeds: Delphiniums are always a showstopper, and this pink variety with a black center is no exception. These flowers grow to about 70 inches tall and require staking for support. Germination rate is 85% or better.

Miscellaneous Companies

In addition to the above companies, I also purchased a few seeds from miscellaneous sellers on Etsy. Though some of these packages lacked detailed information, they still offer exciting possibilities:

  1. Ruby Snapdragons: Unfortunately, I couldn't find much information about these seeds, as the package didn't provide details about the company. However, I do appreciate the stunning ruby color these snapdragons offer.

  2. Delphinium King Arthur Royal Velvet: This perennial delphinium variety boasts majestic heights between eight to ten inches. Though limited information was available, I anticipate beautiful royal velvet blooms.

  3. Dianthus Headway Black and White: These annual dianthus seeds offer contrasting black and white petals. With a height of eight to ten inches, they serve as an ideal low border plant.


Exploring seed options on Etsy has been an exciting endeavor, offering a unique variety of choices not typically found in larger seed companies. From Enchanted Dreamer Company to Nursery Seeds and other independent sellers, I've discovered several intriguing plants to grow in my garden. Whether it's the enchanting Pink Balloon Flowers or the delicate Magic Apricot Lysianthus, these seeds hold the promise of vibrant blooms and a diverse garden. As a gardener, it's essential to continually explore new sources and expand our growing horizons. So why not venture into the world of Etsy and discover the hidden gems awaiting your green thumb? Your garden will thank you for it.


  • Explore the unique and diverse seed offerings on Etsy.
  • Enchanted Dreamer Company offers a wide range of seeds at comparable prices to larger companies.
  • From Pom Pom Dahlias to Night and Day Snapdragons, discover unique flower varieties.
  • Nursery Seeds provides a personal touch and an extensive selection of seeds.
  • Try the magic apricot Lysianthus or the captivating carnation Schwad Piccotti Mix.
  • Miscellaneous Etsy sellers offer a range of interesting flowers such as Ruby Snapdragons and Delphinium Asterot.
  • Exploring seed options on Etsy brings novelty and diversity to your garden's palette.


Q: Can I find uncommon seeds on Etsy? A: Yes, Etsy offers a plethora of independent sellers who provide unique and uncommon seed varieties that may not be available in larger companies.

Q: Are Etsy seeds more expensive? A: Some Etsy seeds may be slightly more expensive than those from larger companies due to their smaller-scale production and handmade quality. However, the unique varieties and personalized attention make them worthwhile for many gardeners.

Q: Are the germination rates reliable for Etsy seeds? A: While germination rates can vary, most reputable sellers on Etsy provide accurate information about germination rates to ensure customer satisfaction. It's always a good idea to carefully read the descriptions and reviews before purchasing.

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