Disney Haul and Vanity Organization | Weekly Vlog

Disney Haul and Vanity Organization | Weekly Vlog

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. Tuesday: A Day of Unexpected Coffee Mishaps
  3. Filming a Special Video and Fall Decorating
  4. Wednesday: Tech Issues and Organizing the Bathroom Vanity
  5. Sharing a Disney Haul
  6. Thursday: Michael's Pumpkin Picking Adventure and Vanity Organization Conclusion

Tuesday: A Day of Unexpected Coffee Mishaps

Let me take you through my eventful Tuesday morning. It started with a coffee mishap that left me craving a hot cup of joe. The electric company was doing some work outside, which caused a brief power outage. Unfortunately, I forgot to reset the coffee timer, so when we woke up, the coffee was already cold. It was definitely not the ideal way to start the day. On top of that, I was feeling under the weather, adding to my overall "blah" mood. But despite the setbacks, I had plans for the day, which included filming a special video for a friend on Twitter. I'll share more details about it as we go along. With coffee on my mind, I quickly got my day started, vowing to make it better than the morning's coffee mishap.

Filming a Special Video and Fall Decorating

After addressing the morning's coffee crisis, I proceeded to film another video, one that held a special place in my heart. This video was dedicated to a recipe I recreated from a friend on Twitter. It was a way for me to honor my son's memory and share a meaningful recipe with my audience. Apart from my usual Disney recipe content, I try to incorporate discussions about autism, as my son Michael is non-verbal and has autism. It's important for me to shed light on our autism journey, sharing both our challenges and the things that have helped us along the way.

Following the filming session, I took a moment to showcase some of my fall decorations in a separate segment, documenting the process and the festive items I added to our home. As I mentioned earlier, there were a few mishaps when organizing the decorations, as some items ended up misplaced. Luckily, I managed to find everything I needed, and our home was fully decked out for the fall season. My husband and boys also took part in the decorating process, adding their own spooky touches to the outdoor area. I aimed to capture this on camera too, so I could share it with my viewers later in the week.

Wednesday: Tech Issues and Organizing the Bathroom Vanity

Wednesday came with its own set of challenges, mainly revolving around tech issues that hindered my progress. Despite these setbacks, I remained determined to tackle a few tasks on my to-do list. The first item on the list was organizing the bathroom vanity. Over time, it had become cluttered and chaotic, and it was high time I decluttered and reorganized the space. Armed with acrylic drawer organizers, I began the process of sorting through the various items stored inside the vanity.

The task involved emptying out the contents and evaluating each item's purpose and relevance. While some items found their way into the garbage bin, others were carefully placed back into the newly organized drawers. It was a meticulous process, making sure everything fit just right. Once I completed the sorting stage, I laid out the acrylic organizers in a way that maximized space and efficiency. With the organizers in place, I began refilling the drawers with the remaining essentials. The result was a much cleaner and well-organized bathroom vanity, free of unnecessary clutter.

Sharing a Disney Haul

In the midst of my weekly vlog, I took a moment to share with my viewers a mini Disney haul. During our recent visit to Disney World, I made sure to pick up a few mementos to commemorate our trip. The haul included reusable resort mugs, a couple of Disney-themed magnets, a Christmas ornament, and some snacks. I also indulged myself with a "Hello Gorgeous" mug, perfect for starting my mornings off right. Whether it's a mug, ornament, or snack, these items serve as reminders of the magical experience we had at Disney World.

Thursday: Michael's Pumpkin Picking Adventure and Vanity Organization Conclusion

Thursday brought a heartwarming story to share about Michael's day at school. As part of their community outings, Michael's class went pumpkin picking. It was a delightful experience for Michael, as he eagerly picked out a pumpkin and, in true Michael fashion, decided to chuck it across the field. Luckily, the pumpkin remained intact, providing a moment of amusement for his teachers. The pumpkin will be kept at school until closer to Halloween, ensuring Michael's experience is celebrated with his classmates.

In the latter part of the vlog, I concluded my vanity organization project. After lining the drawers and making final adjustments, the vanity now boasts a neat and functional setup. Although I still have a few tweaks and additions in mind, the overall outcome exceeded my expectations. The once cluttered vanity has transformed into a clean and orderly space, making it easier for me to find my daily essentials.

And with that, I wrapped up my first weekly vlog, reflecting on the various activities and challenges that unfolded throughout the week. I expressed my gratitude to my viewers, inviting them to stay tuned for the next vlog as I continue to share snippets of my life, recipes, and discussions surrounding autism. This endeavor allows me to connect with my audience on a deeper level and create a sense of community through shared experiences and shared interests.

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