Etsy Cross Stitch Kit Review!

Etsy Cross Stitch Kit Review!

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. About Stitched and the Owner
  3. Design Philosophy
  4. Materials Used in Kits
  5. Kit Reviews: Blow Me Kit
  6. Kit Reviews: Crafty AF Kit
  7. Instruction Booklet
  8. Postage Costs
  9. Conclusion
  10. FAQs


Welcome back to my channel! In today's video, I will be reviewing products from a company called Stitched on Etsy. The owner, Lea Bad Aleni, offers a range of subversive cross-stitch kits that caught my eye. I reached out to Lea and she kindly sent me two kits to review. In this article, we will explore the details of Stitched and provide an in-depth review of the kits I received.

About Stitched and the Owner

Stitched was founded by Lea Bad Aleni after a crummy day and the inspiration from a funny BuzzFeed article called "Not Your Grandma's Cross Stitch." Lea's design philosophy focuses on the contrast between traditional cross-stitch and snarky, rude, and funny quotes and puns. She aims to create modern, bold, colorful, and clever designs. Most of her kits are at an easy level, suitable for beginners.

Design Philosophy

Lea's design philosophy revolves around creating modern, bold, colorful, and clever cross-stitch designs. She draws inspiration from the contrast between traditional folk art and subversive, humorous quotes and puns. The majority of her kits are beginner-friendly, utilizing only whole cross stitches and back stitches. Lea is also working on a new range aimed at those who prefer a modern design aesthetic and need a little encouragement to bring out their boldness.

Materials Used in Kits

Lea ensures the quality of her kits by using only the best suppliers. She stitches each pattern herself before releasing a kit, providing one and a half times the amount of thread she used while stitching. This guarantees that you will have more than enough floss to complete the project without running out. The fabric used in her kits is either Swaggart or Permin, the thread is DMC, the hoops are Elba C hoops, and the needles are John James needles. Each kit includes all the necessary materials, including the pattern.

Kit Reviews: Blow Me Kit

The Blow Me Kit is one of the first kits designed by Lea. It features a colorful pattern with a bold and humorous quote. The kit comes with a 5-inch hoop, needles, thread, and the pattern. The pattern is printed in a large format, making it easy to read and follow. Lea suggests that this kit is a great second project for most stitchers, as it introduces a slightly more advanced stitching technique with two threaded backstitches on the first layer of the whales.

Kit Reviews: Crafty AF Kit

Another kit I received from Stitched is the Crafty AF Kit. This kit is a smaller 4-inch hoop project that is super simple and fun to complete. The pattern features a colorful design that will appeal to the crafty crowd. The kit includes the hoop, needles, thread, and the pattern.

Instruction Booklet

Lea offers an instruction booklet that can be purchased separately from the kits. Priced at two British pounds, the booklet serves as a replacement for the often confusing and inadequate instructions found in many cross-stitch patterns. It provides a basic step-by-step guide to cross stitch and back stitch, along with tips to make your first project easier and more enjoyable.

Postage Costs

Postage costs for Stitched kits vary depending on the location. Lea recently made changes to reduce the cost for customers within the UK. Kits are now sent in flat-style packaging, allowing them to be sent at a lower postage rate. For UK customers, the cost is 1.30 British pounds. For customers outside the UK, the cost is 4.75 British pounds. When purchasing multiple kits, Lea will send them together in one box, reducing the overall postage cost.


Stitched offers a fantastic range of subversive cross-stitch kits designed by Lea Bad Aleni. The kits are modern, bold, colorful, and clever, making them a unique addition to any cross-stitcher's collection. Lea ensures the quality of her kits by using the best materials and providing ample amounts of thread. The instruction booklet and low postage costs further enhance the overall experience of stitching with Stitched kits. If you're looking for a fun and snarky cross-stitch project, Stitched is the place to go.


Q: Are Stitched kits suitable for beginners?

A: Yes, the majority of Stitched kits are designed with beginners in mind. They use only whole cross stitches and back stitches, making them easy to follow.

Q: Can I purchase the instruction booklet separately?

A: Yes, you can purchase the instruction booklet alone for three and a half British pounds. It serves as a helpful guide for beginners or those looking to improve their cross-stitching skills.

Q: Can I combine shipping if I order multiple kits?

A: Yes, if you order two or more kits, Lea will send them in the same box, reducing the overall postage cost. This applies to both UK and international customers.

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