Discover Unique Laser and Leathercraft Stamps!

Discover Unique Laser and Leathercraft Stamps!

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. About the Stamps
  3. Trying the Stamps for the First Time
    • 3.1. Using the Acrylic Block
    • 3.2. Using the Stamping Paper
  4. Stamp Designs and Impressions
    • 4.1. Stamp 1: French Labels
    • 4.2. Stamp 2: Crown and Lavender Salts
    • 4.3. Stamp 3: Chocolate in French
    • 4.4. Stamp 4: Fabric Store in Paris
  5. Overall Impressions
  6. Special Promotion Information
  7. Conclusion

Trying Out Beautifully Made Stamps from Christina and Patrick Hill's Etsy Shop

I recently purchased some stamps from Christina and Patrick Hill's Etsy shop, and I couldn't wait to try them out. Christina and Patrick are known for their expertise in leatherwork and engraving, so I was excited to see what they had to offer with their newly introduced stamp collection. In this article, I will share my first impressions and experiences with these beautifully made stamps and provide an overview of the designs and impressions they create.

About the Stamps

The stamps arrived in perfect condition and were neatly packaged. I immediately noticed an innovative feature - they were designed to stick to a board, which prevented them from sticking together. This attention to detail impressed me right from the start. I was unable to determine the exact designs of the stamps until I stamped them, as the wording appeared backward when I examined them. However, I suspected that they might be the label stamps I had been searching for.

To use the stamps, I had prepared some Memento black ink and specialty stamping paper that I had purchased years ago. While this paper was not specifically made for LeBlanc stamps, I was curious to see how these stamps would perform on it. It was going to be a trial-and-error process, but I hoped for the best.

Trying the Stamps for the First Time

Using an acrylic block, I placed the first stamp on it, and I was pleased to see that it stuck perfectly. With a sample page ready, I pressed the stamp onto the paper, applying the ink evenly. The result was stunning - it featured a French label with the word "Libra" and the city name "Paris." The image was clear and precise, and I couldn't wait to try more of the stamps.

I moved on to the second stamp, which depicted a crown and the words "Lavender Salts London." Again, the stamp adhered well to the block, and the impression it created was superb. The level of detail amazed me, and I was thrilled with the outcome.

Next, I tried the stamp with the French word "Chocolate." This stamp was equally impressive, showcasing a beautifully intricate design along with the word "Paris." The ink transferred smoothly, leaving a clear and legible impression on the paper.

Lastly, I used the stamp that represented a fabric store in Paris. This stamp had a more elaborate design, which posed a challenge to fit it onto the page. I managed to align it carefully, and the result was worth the effort. The level of detail and precision in the impression was outstanding, capturing the essence of a fabric store perfectly.

Stamp Designs and Impressions

  1. Stamp 1: French Labels

    • This stamp features a French label with the word "Libra" and the city name "Paris." The impression it creates is clear and detailed.
    • Pros: Clear and legible impression, beautiful French design.
    • Cons: None.
  2. Stamp 2: Crown and Lavender Salts

    • This stamp showcases a crown along with the words "Lavender Salts London." The level of detail is impressive, and the stamp creates a stunning image.
    • Pros: Intricate design, clear impression.
    • Cons: None.
  3. Stamp 3: Chocolate in French

    • This stamp depicts the word "Chocolate" in French, along with the city name "Paris." The design is intricate, and the impression is crisp and well-defined.
    • Pros: Detailed design, legible impression.
    • Cons: None.
  4. Stamp 4: Fabric Store in Paris

    • This stamp represents a fabric store in Paris, featuring an elaborate design. The impression captures the intricate details effectively.
    • Pros: Elaborate design, precise impression.
    • Cons: Challenging to fit on the page due to its size.

Overall Impressions

My overall impression of Christina and Patrick Hill's stamps is highly positive. The quality and craftsmanship are evident in every aspect of their design, from the laser-cut precision to the deepness of the design, allowing for clear and detailed impressions.

The stamps adhere well to an acrylic block, making the stamping process smooth and hassle-free. While I initially had concerns about using them on a specialty stamping paper, the results exceeded my expectations. The stamps worked beautifully on the paper, delivering clear and legible impressions.

I am excited to incorporate these stamps into my journals, as they offer a unique touch of creativity. Whether stamping directly onto a page or using them on pockets and journaling cards, these stamps will enhance any project with their intricate designs.

Special Promotion Information

When I purchased these stamps, Christina and Patrick Hill were offering a special promotion - buy one and get one free. This promotion made my purchase even more delightful, as I received an additional stamp as a bonus. I recommend checking their Etsy shop to see if the promotion is still available and explore the expanded range of stamps now available.


In conclusion, my experience with Christina and Patrick Hill's stamps has been fantastic. These beautifully made stamps provide a wonderful way to add unique and intricate designs to various projects. The level of detail and precision in the impressions they create is impressive. I highly recommend checking out their Etsy shop and exploring their collection of stamps to unleash your creativity and enhance your crafting endeavors.


  • High-quality and beautifully crafted stamps
  • Stamps come with a unique sticking feature to prevent sticking together
  • Clear and detailed impressions
  • Versatile use in journals, pockets, and journaling cards
  • Special promotion of buy one, get one free (check availability)

FAQ: Q: Are the stamps easy to use? A: Yes, the stamps adhere well to an acrylic block and create clear impressions.

Q: Can the stamps be used on different surfaces? A: While they were designed for paper, they can be used on various surfaces, such as pockets and journaling cards.

Q: Are the stamp impressions detailed? A: Absolutely! The stamps create intricate and detailed impressions, adding a touch of elegance to your projects.

Q: Is the special promotion still available? A: Please check Christina and Patrick Hill's Etsy shop for the latest promotions and offerings.

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