Discover Unique Stained Glass Decor on Etsy

Discover Unique Stained Glass Decor on Etsy

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Susie's Shop: Spectrums by Susie
  3. Evaluating the Shop's Photos
  4. Improving Thumbnail Photos
  5. Utilizing Natural Sunlight to Enhance Photos
  6. Optimizing Keywords for Better Search Results
    • Stained Glass Panel
    • Stained Glass Branch
    • Stained Glass Fern
    • Stained Glass Leaves
    • Stained Glass Art
    • Mother's Day Gift
    • Window Accessory
    • Sun Catcher
  7. Tips for Structuring Keywords
  8. Conclusion

Evaluating and Improving Photos for Susie's Shop

Susie's shop, Spectrums by Susie, offers beautiful glass art. While her shop is off to a good start with 34 sales, it is important to enhance the visual appeal of her products to attract potential customers. In this article, we will evaluate the photos on Susie's Etsy shop and provide suggestions to improve their quality and impact.

Susie's Shop: Spectrums by Susie

As we explore Susie's shop, it is evident that she has a talent for creating stunning glass art. The pieces showcased are unique and eye-catching. However, there are some aspects of the shop that can be improved to further enhance the appeal of the artwork to potential customers.

Evaluating the Shop's Photos

One of the crucial elements in an online shop is the quality of the product photos. Photos should accurately represent the item and capture its beauty. Upon reviewing Susie's photos, we find that they are generally clear and display the details of the artwork effectively. However, there are a few areas for improvement.

For instance, some thumbnail photos fail to showcase the entire item, making it difficult for visitors to appreciate its full beauty. It would be beneficial if Susie could capture the entire piece in the thumbnail, even though the tall height of some items poses a challenge.

Improving Thumbnail Photos

To create visually appealing thumbnail photos, it is essential to focus on highlighting the beauty and uniqueness of the artwork. One effective approach would be to capture the item against a background that enhances its aesthetics.

For example, a photo taken with a beautiful blue sky as the backdrop would make the artwork stand out and catch the viewer's attention. This technique could be particularly impactful for items like a sunflower design.

Additionally, it is important to ensure contrast in the photo to make the artwork pop. Avoid backgrounds that are too busy or crowded with other elements, as they can distract from the main subject. These improvements will result in more captivating thumbnail photos that entice potential customers to click and explore further.

Utilizing Natural Sunlight to Enhance Photos

Another approach to improving the overall quality of the photos is to capture them in natural sunlight. This technique can infuse warmth and add a beautiful glow to the artwork, making it even more enticing to potential buyers.

By taking the photos outside, where there is an abundance of natural light, Susie can achieve a vibrant and inviting look for her glass art. The play of light and shadows can enhance the intricate details, making each piece more alluring.

Optimizing Keywords for Better Search Results

In addition to improving the visual aspect of the shop, optimizing keywords is essential for increasing its visibility on search engines. By analyzing Susie's existing keywords, we can suggest some enhancements that will improve her search rankings.

For instance, the keyword "stained glass panel" could be utilized more effectively by removing the dash and adding related terms such as "stained glass branch." Researching each keyword can provide insights into search volume and competition, enabling Susie to choose the most effective ones for her target audience.

Tips for Structuring Keywords

To enhance the effectiveness of keywords, it is crucial to structure them in a way that captures the essence of the artwork and its target market. This could involve combining keywords like "fern" or "plants" with "glass art" to create more specific and relevant phrases.

Additionally, incorporating keywords like "window accessory" or "sun catcher" can expand the reach of Susie's products to customers searching for these specific items.


In conclusion, by implementing changes to Susie's shop, such as improving thumbnail photos, utilizing natural sunlight, and optimizing keywords, she can enhance the overall appeal and visibility of her glass art. These adjustments will help attract more potential customers, leading to increased sales and success for Spectrums by Susie.


  • Enhancing the visual appeal of glass art in an Etsy shop
  • Evaluating and improving product photos
  • Enhancing thumbnail photos by capturing the entire item and using appealing backdrops
  • Utilizing natural sunlight to enhance the beauty of the artwork
  • Optimizing keywords for better search rankings and visibility
  • Tips for structuring keywords to target specific markets
  • Increasing sales and success through improved shop presentation


Q: How can I improve the quality of my product photos on an online shop? A: To enhance the quality of your product photos, ensure they are clear and effectively capture the details of the artwork. Use appealing backgrounds or backdrops that complement the item's aesthetics. Focus on maximizing contrast and avoiding busy or cluttered backgrounds.

Q: Why is it important to utilize natural sunlight in product photography? A: Natural sunlight can add warmth and a beautiful glow to your artwork, making it more enticing to potential buyers. It enhances the play of light and shadows, highlighting the intricate details of the piece.

Q: How can I optimize keywords to improve search rankings? A: Research each keyword to understand its search volume and competition. Utilize related terms and structure keywords in a way that captures the essence of your artwork. Incorporate specific phrases like "window accessory" or "sun catcher" to expand your product's reach.

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