Unique Handcrafted Pipes on Etsy

Unique Handcrafted Pipes on Etsy

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Box Opening Mishap
  3. Prelude to Art Store
  4. Trident Pipe
  5. Cora Giant Pipe
  6. Calist Bed Billiard
  7. Butz-Choquin Pipe
  8. Peterson Karne Pipe
  9. Evaluating the Pipes
  10. Conclusion


Welcome to another pipe smoking video by DSG Pipes Spoker! In this video, I will be sharing with you a box opening that didn't quite go as planned. But don't worry, I still have some amazing pipes to show you. So let's get started!

Box Opening Mishap

Unfortunately, I encountered a technical issue while recording the box opening video. My phone's battery drained quickly due to simultaneously running the camera and a light nearby. As a result, I had to re-record the video the following day. Apologies for the delay, but I'm excited to finally share the contents of the box with you.

Prelude to Art Store

I purchased the pipes from an Etsy store called Prelude to Art. Although the store owner doesn't typically specialize in pipes, she had some interesting ones available for sale. You'll soon find out why I consider the lot of pipes a great deal for just $60.

Trident Pipe

The first pipe in the collection is a brand I've never heard of before called Trident. It has a large bowl and a unique shape, but it does require some cleaning and restoration. There's a noticeable amount of oxidation, and the stain seems to have worn off in some areas. I'm looking for suggestions on where to find suitable stain to restore this pipe fully.

Cora Giant Pipe

Next up is a giant pipe from a brand I'm unfamiliar with called Cora. This pipe surpasses the size of a typical 320 pipe and boasts a spacious chamber. However, it has some scratches that need attention, but given its weight and feel, I don't expect it to be a comfortable clincher. I might leave the scratches as they are for now and focus on cleaning out the bowl and shank before adding it to my rotation.

Calist Bed Billiard

Moving on, we have a Calist Bed Billiard pipe with a stunning acrylic stem. I'm particularly fond of acrylic stems and often prefer them over vulcanite. This pipe also requires some restoration as there seems to be a burnout on the bowl. If you have any suggestions on how to repair it without breaking the bank, I'd greatly appreciate your input. Restoring it would allow me to include it as a potential prize for a future 250 subscriber contest.

Butz-Choquin Pipe

The fourth pipe in the collection is from a French brand called Butz-Choquin. It's a beautiful billiard pipe with intricate grain patterns. However, there is a mark on the bowl that might seem like a burnout but could be something else upon closer inspection. The pipe also has some black spots among the lighter grain. Cleaning it out will reveal its true condition, and I'm excited to see how it turns out.

Peterson Karne Pipe

Last but certainly not least is the Peterson Karne pipe. This Dublin-shaped pipe showcases a stunning red grain and is in exceptional condition. Compared to the other pipes, it appears almost unused. I had been searching for a Peterson pipe for a while, and finally, I found this beauty in the lot. I am thrilled to keep it for myself and add it to my rotation right away.

Evaluating the Pipes

Overall, I'm quite pleased with the lot of pipes I acquired. Despite the need for restoration and cleaning, I believe I got an excellent deal for just $60. The Trident, Cora Giant, Calist Bed Billiard, and Butz-Choquin pipes will require some work, but they have unique qualities that make them worth the effort. As for the Peterson Karne, it's a true gem that I am keeping without a doubt.


Thank you for joining me in this pipe smoking adventure. Despite the small mishap during the box opening, I hope you enjoyed discovering these pipes with me. Stay tuned for future videos and updates on the restoration progress. Until then, happy smoking!


  • DSG Pipes Spoker shares an eventful box opening video.
  • The box opening video had to be re-recorded due to a battery drain issue.
  • Pipes were purchased from an Etsy store called Prelude to Art.
  • The collection includes pipes from brands like Trident, Cora, Calist, Butz-Choquin, and Peterson.
  • The pipes require varying degrees of restoration and cleaning.
  • The Peterson Karne pipe is a standout piece in excellent condition.
  • DSG Pipes Spoker plans to restore some pipes and use others as potential prizes or for trading.
  • Despite the box opening mishap, the $60 lot of pipes is considered a great deal.
  • Viewers are encouraged to share restoration suggestions and stay tuned for future updates.


Q: How much did the lot of pipes cost? A: The lot of pipes was purchased for $60.

Q: Where were the pipes purchased from? A: The pipes were purchased from an Etsy store called Prelude to Art.

Q: What brands are included in the collection? A: The collection includes pipes from brands such as Trident, Cora, Calist, Butz-Choquin, and Peterson.

Q: Are all the pipes in good condition? A: The pipes require varying degrees of restoration and cleaning. Some have oxidation, scratches, or burnouts that need attention.

Q: Will any of the pipes be used as prizes? A: The pipes may be used as potential prizes for a future 250 subscriber contest, depending on their restoration progress.

Q: What is the standout pipe in the collection? A: The Peterson Karne pipe is a standout piece in excellent condition, and DSG Pipes Spoker plans to keep it for personal use.

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