Discover Unique Fragrances: 2022 ETSY Independent Haul!

Discover Unique Fragrances: 2022 ETSY Independent Haul!

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Perfume Haul from Etsy
    1. Rivera Parfums
    2. For the Scent of It
    3. Other Etsy Houses
  3. The Neon Demon Collection
    1. Valafar
    2. Vine
    3. Crowley
    4. Wendigo
    5. Pyman
  4. Heart Spark by Shelter in Perfume
  5. Wasteland Warrior by For the Scent of It
  6. Masquerade by La Aroma
  7. Genre Perfumes
    1. Essence by Genre
    2. SMS
  8. Red Velvet by Rivera Perfumes
  9. Special Reserve by Branch Reserve
    1. Honey Bourbon
    2. Excuseumwa
    3. Blush by La Aroma
    4. Oob Cafe by For the Scent of It
    5. Folk Tale by For the Scent of It
    6. Molten Ambra by Shelter in Perfume
    7. Morosexual by Treading Water Perfume
  10. Conclusion

Perfume Haul from Etsy

Hey everybody, it's me Moody boo, and I'm back with another exciting perfume haul. This time, I have explored independent perfumes from Etsy. As a fragrance enthusiast, I have been enamored with various perfume houses, particularly Rivera Parfums and For the Scent of It, which are two of my absolute favorites on Etsy. But, for this haul, I decided to add a touch of variety by exploring some new Etsy houses as well.

Let's dive right into the haul and take a closer look at the perfumes I've got.

The Neon Demon Collection

One of the highlights of my haul is the Neon Demon collection. I couldn't resist the allure of these stylish little skull bottles. The collection includes five unique fragrances, each housed in a different colored skull. Valafar, the pink skull, instantly captured my heart with its mesmerizing scent. Vine, the blue skull, is another standout fragrance that I absolutely adore. The black skull is named Crowley, while the purple one is Wendigo. And last but not least, we have Pyman, the yellow skull, which holds a special significance for me due to its connection to a scary movie I recently watched. While Pyman might not be my favorite from the collection, I still appreciate its unique aroma.

Heart Spark by Shelter in Perfume

Next up, I discovered a new perfume house on Etsy called Heart Spark. Their perfume, with the intriguing name "Shelter in Perfume" and "City Rhythm," caught my attention. Heart Spark is a fragrance that I'm still in the process of exploring. It has a sweet and slightly tart scent, which I find quite interesting. However, I haven't fallen head over heels in love with it just yet. Nevertheless, I'm eager to continue experimenting with this fragrance and see how it develops on my skin.

Wasteland Warrior by For the Scent of It

For the Scent of It never fails to impress me, and their perfume "Wasteland Warrior" is no exception. This fragrance could have easily made it to the front row of my favorites. It exudes a unique and captivating aroma that is unisex in nature. Unlike some of their other perfumes, Wasteland Warrior is not overly sweet. It offers a distinct character that stands out from the crowd. Overall, I'm absolutely enthralled by this perfume and can't wait to wear it more often.

Masquerade by La Aroma

One of my newly discovered houses on Etsy is La Aroma, and their perfume "Masquerade" piqued my interest. While I'm still in the process of getting to know this fragrance, I already appreciate its delightful sweetness. Masquerade leans towards the more feminine side while still being unisex to some extent. Although it hasn't completely won me over yet, I do enjoy the scent and look forward to further exploring its nuances.

Genre Perfumes

Genre Perfumes is another Etsy house that I simply adore. Their fragrance "Essence" is like a desert island perfume for me – an all-time favorite. I can't get enough of its exquisite aroma. Another gem from Genre Perfumes that I added to my haul is "SMS." Both of these fragrances deserve a special place in the front row.

Moving on to a fragrance I got from Rivera Perfumes' website, "Red Velvet" is a standout perfume that has stolen my heart. Its enchanting scent is both luxurious and indulgent. I am smitten with this fragrance and can't wait to share a detailed review of it.

Another addition to my haul is the "Special Reserve" by Branch Reserve, specifically the "Honey Bourbon" fragrance. Although I encountered some stickiness on the bottle cap, the perfume itself is exquisite. Its sweet and enticing aroma makes it a noteworthy addition to my collection.

Among my newfound favorites is "Excuseumwa" by La Aroma. This fragrance offers a delightful sweetness, while still maintaining its unisex appeal. It has quickly become my go-to scent and holds a special place in my heart.

Additionally, I acquired a new perfume from Treading Water Perfume called "Morosexual." At first, I was unsure about its initial intensity, but after allowing it to settle, I was pleasantly surprised by its unique and captivating scent. I can confidently say that I'm now head over heels in love with it.

The haul wouldn't be complete without a few extra surprises. One of them is "Folk Tale" by For the Scent of It, which comes in a convenient travel size. The intriguing aspect about this perfume is that there are no listed notes. It allows each individual to interpret and explore the fragrance in their own way.

"Molten Ambra" by Shelter in Perfume is another new addition that caught my attention. This fragrance reminds me of some other beloved perfumes like Tom Ford's "Amber Absolute" and Hermes' "Amber Nargale." Its sophisticated and well-crafted composition makes it an instant favorite.

Lastly, I received an extra perfume from Shelter in Perfume called "Treading Water Perfume." While I'm still in the process of discovering its true essence, I find it intriguing and unique. It's a fragrance that requires further exploration and experimentation.

In conclusion, my latest perfume haul from Etsy has been a resounding success. Each fragrance I acquired has its own unique charm, and there wasn't a single one that I disliked. However, some of them truly stood out and captured my heart. Etsy is truly a treasure trove for perfume lovers, offering a wide range of high-quality, independent fragrances. I highly recommend checking out the amazing perfumes available on Etsy and supporting these talented perfumers.

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