My Etsy Shop Was Shut Down for Counterfeit Items!

My Etsy Shop Was Shut Down for Counterfeit Items!

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. The Impact of Holiday Mode on Etsy Store
  3. The Email from Etsy: Listing Under Review
  4. Reasons for Deactivation: Counterfeit or Unauthorized Item
  5. Panic and Confusion: Searching for the Problematic Listing
  6. Lack of Communication from Etsy
  7. Reinstatement of the Listing
  8. The Importance of Not Panicking
  9. Considerations for Moving to Your Own Website
  10. Conclusion


Holiday Mode and Counterfeit Listings: My Experience on Etsy

Welcome back to my channel and to another video! I hope you're all doing really well. In today's video, I will be discussing the impact of holiday mode on my Etsy store and the recent experience of having my listings taken down for being counterfeit. It was an unexpected turn of events that left me confused and panicked, but I managed to resolve the issue with the help of Etsy. So, let's jump straight in and explore the details.

The Impact of Holiday Mode on Etsy Store

Last week, I was on holiday and decided to put my Etsy store into holiday mode. My plan was to turn everything back on and start my shop up again a few days before returning from my holiday. Before leaving the UK, I had prepared some draft listings, eager to have new products listed as soon as my shop reopened. I believed this would help improve my search ranking after being in holiday mode for a while. However, the impact of holiday mode on my store and search ranking remains a topic of curiosity, one I will address in a separate video.

The Email from Etsy: Listing Under Review

Shortly after turning my store back on, I received an email from Etsy that caught me by surprise. The subject line read "Important notes from Etsy: Your listing is under review." It stated that my listings were removed due to potential counterfeit or unauthorized items. As a seller of cake toppers, I couldn't fathom how my products could be deemed counterfeit or unauthorized. Naturally, panic set in, and I began questioning what I could have possibly done wrong. The only explanation I could come up with was that perhaps it was related to my tags or titles, which may have been flagged by the bots scanning Etsy.

Reasons for Deactivation: Counterfeit or Unauthorized Item

According to the email, Etsy was in the process of reviewing the deactivated listings and advised against removing or editing them during this period. I was provided with a link to view the deactivated listings, but due to being in a different country without cell service, I couldn't access it. The email also mentioned that if a listing is not reinstated after the review, it would result in a policy violation warning, potentially leading to the loss of my star seller badge. Additionally, there was a possibility of having a payment reserve placed on my account. I had encountered this before when I started my shop, and it caused delays in receiving funds.

Panic and Confusion: Searching for the Problematic Listing

Naturally, I wanted to know which listing caused the issue. Without receiving the one-time passcode (OTP) to my phone, I had to find an alternative way to access my store. I went to my Etsy seller account and navigated to the inactive listing section. Unfortunately, the problematic listing had already been reinstated by Etsy, making it impossible for me to determine what went wrong. Adding to my frustration, Etsy didn't respond to the email I sent seeking clarification on the matter. The lack of communication left me guessing that perhaps an automatic bot or spider had flagged something in the listing, yet I received no explanation or assurance that it wouldn't happen again.

Reinstatement of the Listing

After a few days of uncertainty, I discovered that the listing in question had been reinstated by Etsy. It appeared in my store exactly as it was before, with no changes made to the title, tags, or content. Despite the reinstatement, the experience was concerning and left me pondering the stability of relying solely on Etsy for my business.

The Importance of Not Panicking

If there's one lesson I learned from this experience, it's not to panic when faced with unexpected hurdles on Etsy. Although it can be disconcerting to have your listings taken down, it is essential to remain calm and take appropriate actions to resolve the issue. In my case, Etsy eventually reinstated the listing, but the lack of communication throughout the process was disheartening. It made me reflect on the need to diversify and consider alternative platforms for my business.

Considerations for Moving to Your Own Website

The incident with the counterfeit listing has made me seriously consider the viability of creating my own website. While Etsy provides a valuable platform for selling handmade products, having complete control over my store and listings seems more appealing now. Moving to a platform like Shopify could offer more stability and flexibility. I am eager to hear from those who have experience with Shopify or other independent website solutions.


In conclusion, the experience of having my listings flagged as counterfeit on Etsy was stressful but ultimately resolved. It highlighted the need for sellers to remain calm and not jump to conclusions when faced with unexpected situations. Etsy's lack of communication during the process left me concerned, but the reinstatement of my listing provided some relief. Moving forward, I will explore the possibility of establishing my own website to ensure greater control over my business and minimize future issues with counterfeit or unauthorized listings.


  • The impact of holiday mode on an Etsy store
  • Unexpected email from Etsy: Listing under review
  • Panic and confusion over potential counterfeit listings
  • Lack of communication from Etsy
  • Reinstatement of the problematic listing
  • Importance of not panicking and taking appropriate actions
  • Considering the move to own website for better control
  • Reflecting on the need for platform diversification


Q: Why did Etsy take down the listings? A: Etsy flagged the listings as potential counterfeit or unauthorized items. The exact reason remains unclear, as there was no explanation provided. However, it may have been related to tags, titles, or a false positive from their scanning bots.

Q: What was the impact of holiday mode on the store? A: From the personal experience shared in the article, it seems that holiday mode did not have a significant impact on the store. However, this could vary depending on individual circumstances and further exploration is needed.

Q: Did Etsy provide any explanation or assistance in resolving the issue? A: Unfortunately, Etsy did not respond to the seller's email seeking clarification on the issue. This lack of communication added to the frustration and confusion surrounding the situation.

Q: Should sellers panic if their listings are taken down? A: Panicking is a natural reaction, but it is important to remain calm and take appropriate actions. In many cases, listings can be reinstated after a review, as highlighted in the article. However, it is advisable to address the issue promptly and seek clarification from Etsy if needed.

Q: What are the considerations for moving to an independent website? A: Establishing an independent website, such as Shopify, provides sellers with greater control over their store and listings. This allows for more flexibility and minimizes the risk of future issues with counterfeit or unauthorized listings. However, it is important to weigh the pros and cons and consider the potential impact on existing Etsy sales.

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