Discover the Ultimate Fabric on Etsy!

Discover the Ultimate Fabric on Etsy!

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. Sewing Updates
  3. Life Updates
  4. Angela's Recent Fabric Purchase
  5. Garden Updates
  6. Challenges with Wildlife in the Garden
  7. Successful Crops in the Garden
  8. The Joy of Gardening
  9. Conclusion

Introduction Welcome to Angela's Friday show! This week, Angela brings her sewing updates, life updates, and shares her recent fabric purchase. She also provides some garden updates and talks about the challenges of dealing with wildlife in the garden. Angela concludes by discussing the joy of gardening. So, let's dive into Angela's exciting week!

Sewing Updates In this segment, Angela talks about her progress on her current sewing project. She shares that she is sewing the Vogue V 1630 pattern, specifically the capri pants. Angela explains that she is still new to sewing non-stretchy pants, so she is taking the precaution of making a muslin first. She also mentions how she has adapted pattern pieces from her previous cargo pants project to fit her current pattern. Angela expresses her excitement to see how the pants turn out and considers this project a great learning opportunity.

Life Updates Angela mentions that this week has been relatively quiet compared to the previous week's tornado incident in her town. She expresses gratitude for the minor impact the tornado had on her home and family. Angela also shares her enthusiasm for her job and the joy it brings her. She briefly talks about working a little extra this week and her satisfaction in being able to contribute more to her job.

Angela's Recent Fabric Purchase Angela reveals that she is participating in a collaboration project in September that revolves around using purple fabrics to raise awareness for Alzheimer's disease. She explains the struggle she faced in finding the right fabric within her budget. Angela decided to search on Etsy and stumbled upon a fabric piece that she instantly fell in love with. Despite some reservations about whether the fabric sufficiently met the collaboration requirements, Angela decided to go ahead and purchase it due to its beauty and rarity.

Garden Updates In this section, Angela shares her adventures in gardening. She talks about harvesting a significant amount of garlic and her plans to give some away. Angela also mentions her upcoming onion harvest and her success in growing peppers. She expresses disappointment in the deer and raccoons damaging her tomato plants but celebrates her ability to grow onions and peppers reliably.

Challenges with Wildlife in the Garden Angela discusses the challenges she has faced in her garden due to the absence of a dog. She explains how the pests, such as deer, raccoons, and squirrels, have become more problematic since they no longer get deterred by the presence of a dog. Angela contemplates installing a 8-foot tall metal wire fence to keep out the deer and finding additional deterrent measures for squirrels and raccoons.

Successful Crops in the Garden Despite the challenges, Angela highlights the success she has had with growing onions, garlic, and peppers. She expresses her love for gardening and considers it an integral part of her identity. Angela acknowledges the importance of having alternatives and reliable crops when facing difficulties in the garden, motivating her to continue her gardening endeavors.

The Joy of Gardening In this section, Angela reflects on the joy she derives from gardening. She mentions the fulfillment she experiences from being a gardener and the personal growth it offers her. Angela appreciates the therapeutic nature of gardening and how it connects her with nature. She concludes by encouraging others to embrace the joy and benefits of gardening.

Conclusion In conclusion, Angela's week has been filled with sewing updates, life updates, and garden adventures. She shares her progress on her sewing project and her excitement for the collaboration project in September. Angela discusses the challenges and successes she faces in her garden due to wildlife and expresses her love for gardening. Join Angela next week as she explores the new Simplicity summer collection.

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