Discover the Hottest Niche Shop on Etsy with 5,000+ Sales!

Discover the Hottest Niche Shop on Etsy with 5,000+ Sales!

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. About Science and Snark
  3. Unique Selling Proposition
  4. The Importance of Mock-ups
  5. Choosing the Right Colors for Designs
  6. Versatility in Niche Selection
  7. Building an Email List
  8. Successful Print-on-Demand Strategies
  9. Researching Designs that Sell
  10. Visibility and Advertising



Welcome to Etsy Print on Demand Shop Reviews! In this episode, we will be taking a closer look at a viewer-submitted Etsy shop called Science and Snark. We will analyze what they are doing well and discuss areas for improvement. So, let's dive right in!

About Science and Snark

Science and Snark is an Etsy shop that specializes in smart items for smart ass people. Their shop banner is visually appealing, with wavy lines seamlessly blending in at the top. It is evident that the shop owner has put thought into the design, which is a testament to their creativity and attention to detail. With an impressive 5,052 sales, Science and Snark is a star seller on Etsy. Congratulations on taking the number one spot among viewer-submitted shops! It is also worth mentioning that the shop owner pays for Etsy Plus, allowing them to customize their featured items. This adds an extra level of uniqueness to their shop.

Unique Selling Proposition

One of the standout features of Science and Snark is their extensive range of categories. They offer science t-shirts and apparel, among other items. Let's take a quick peek at their science t-shirts and apparel section. As we browse through their products, it is evident that they have invested time and effort into creating exceptional mock-ups. These mock-ups are significantly better than the average ones we come across in our Etsy Shop reviews. The shop owner clearly understands the importance of presenting their products in an appealing and professional manner. The chosen mock-ups accentuate the designs, making them visually appealing to potential customers.

The Importance of Mock-ups

Mock-ups play a crucial role in attracting customers and generating sales. Science and Snark have chosen mock-ups that perfectly showcase their designs. The selection of colors, such as cream, ash, and sand, adds variety to their collection. By offering different color options, they cater to a wider audience and ensure their designs look their best on different shirt colors. This attention to detail and versatility in mock-up selection demonstrates their commitment to providing customers with an exceptional shopping experience.

Choosing the Right Colors for Designs

Color selection is paramount when it comes to creating designs that resonate with customers. Science and Snark have mastered the art of choosing colors that contrast well and enhance the visibility of their designs. They offer a range of colors that appeal to their target audience. This is particularly important when it comes to creating a primary thumbnail that catches the buyer's attention. By utilizing colors that complement their designs, Science and Snark ensures that potential customers can immediately understand and appreciate the products they offer.

Versatility in Niche Selection

Science and Snark have carved a niche for themselves by offering a wide range of products that cater to different interests. This level of versatility sets them apart from other sellers who may rely on seasonal events or trends to drive sales. By appealing to various niches, Science and Snark ensures a consistent flow of sales throughout the year. This strategic approach prevents lulls in sales and provides a stable foundation for long-term success.

Building an Email List

One aspect that stands out about Science and Snark is their dedication to building an email list. By offering a newsletter with a 20% discount incentive, they incentivize customers to subscribe. This allows them to gather valuable customer data and helps to establish long-term relationships with their audience. Building an email list is a proactive step towards remarketing and ensuring repeat business. Science and Snark's inclusion of a simple landing page that links to their print on demand Facebook group demonstrates their commitment to community building and fostering engagement with their customers.

Successful Print-on-Demand Strategies

With over 5,000 sales, Science and Snark is a prime example of a successful print-on-demand seller. Their success can be attributed to their diligent research and focus on creating designs that people actually want to buy. They understand the importance of market validation and utilize tools like Everbe and Podley to gauge demand and estimate sales. This approach ensures that the designs they create have a higher chance of resonating with their target audience. Additionally, Science and Snark's attention to detail, such as good mock-ups, appealing color contrast, and clear product descriptions, sets them apart from the competition.

Researching Designs that Sell

One of the keys to success in the print-on-demand industry is finding designs that people are actively searching for. While it may not always be possible to know the exact keywords customers are using, there are indicators that can guide sellers in the right direction. Tools like Everbe and Podley provide valuable insights into sales data and estimate the popularity of designs on platforms like Etsy and Amazon. By leveraging these tools and finding designs that have a proven track record of selling, sellers like Science and Snark can increase their chances of success.

Visibility and Advertising

Achieving visibility on platforms like Etsy requires a comprehensive strategy. Science and Snark understands the importance of organic ranking and has taken steps to improve their position in search results. By focusing on creating high-quality listings and appealing designs, they increase their click-through and conversion rates. This, in turn, signals to the algorithm that their products are popular and relevant to their target audience. While organic growth is valuable, Science and Snark also recognizes the benefits of advertising through Etsy Ads. By purchasing visibility, they can expedite their success and remain competitive in a crowded marketplace.

In conclusion, Science and Snark exemplify the qualities of a successful print-on-demand seller. Their attention to detail, market research, and dedication to providing quality products have positioned them as a standout shop on Etsy. Aspiring sellers can learn from their strategies and incorporate these best practices into their own businesses. By staying informed, creating unique designs, and utilizing effective marketing techniques, sellers can pave the way to their own success in the print-on-demand industry.


  • Science and Snark is a top-performing Etsy shop with over 5,000 sales.
  • Their attention to detail, such as the shop banner and mock-ups, sets them apart.
  • The shop offers a wide range of products, catering to various niches and interests.
  • Building an email list enables Science and Snark to establish long-term relationships with customers.
  • Researching designs that sell and utilizing tools like Everbe and Podley is crucial for success.
  • Visibility and advertising, both organically and through Etsy Ads, are essential for growth in the print-on-demand industry.


Q: Does Science and Snark offer international shipping?

A: Yes, Science and Snark offers international shipping. Customers can enjoy their products worldwide.

Q: Are the designs by Science and Snark exclusive to their shop?

A: Yes, Science and Snark creates unique designs that are exclusive to their shop. Customers won't find them anywhere else.

Q: Can I request custom designs from Science and Snark?

A: Science and Snark currently does not offer custom design requests. However, they have a wide variety of designs to choose from in their shop.

Q: How often does Science and Snark release new designs?

A: Science and Snark regularly releases new designs to keep their collection fresh and exciting. Be sure to check their shop frequently for the latest additions.

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