Discover the Hottest Etsy Shops Around!

Discover the Hottest Etsy Shops Around!

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Shop 1: Skyler and Me
    • Branding and Color Scheme
    • Photography and Reviews
    • About Section and Shop Updates
  3. Shop 2: The Wheatfield by Katy Daisy
    • Consistency in Hand-Painted Fonts
    • Photos and Workspace
    • About Section and Shop Updates
  4. Shop 3: Northern Crescent Iron
    • Branding and Photo Displays
    • Employee Showcase and Contact Information
  5. Shop 4: Life Around Two Angels
    • Photos and Pricing Strategy
    • About Section and Cover Photo
  6. Conclusion
  7. FAQs



Hey there! It's Starla Moore, and I'm starting a new series where I showcase shops that are absolutely killing it on Etsy. Each week, I'll share my top picks of shops that I believe are doing an amazing job. In this article, I'll highlight four outstanding shops and discuss what makes them stand out from the crowd. These shops have nailed their branding, photography, and overall consistency, and I hope they inspire you to elevate your Etsy game.

Shop 1: Skyler and Me

Skyler and Me is the first shop that caught my attention. Their branding and color scheme are absolutely killer. The photos are perfectly consistent, and it's clear that the shop owner invests a lot of time in capturing the essence of their products. The reviews are glowing, and I love that they regularly post shop updates, which many sellers tend to neglect. The About section is filled out with additional images, including lifestyle photos, that add a personal touch. Based on these impressive elements, Skyler and Me is a shop that clearly knows how to deliver a great customer experience. Check them out!

Shop 2: The Wheatfield by Katy Daisy

Next up is The Wheatfield by Katy Daisy. While this shop may not have a specific color scheme, everything is beautifully consistent, especially with their hand-painted fonts. The earthy and fun vibe of their products shines through in their photography. Instead of using traditional white backgrounds, they make excellent use of contextual backgrounds to truly showcase their products. The shop owner also excels at posting engaging shop updates, offering insights into their inspiration and creative process. The overall about section is well-filled out, providing potential customers with a glimpse into the artist's workspace and personality. The Wheatfield by Katy Daisy is a great example of how consistency and authenticity can elevate a shop's appeal.

Shop 3: Northern Crescent Iron

Now, let's shift focus to Northern Crescent Iron, a shop that caters to the male audience. This shop is truly amazing, boasting ten years of experience on Etsy. The shop owner demonstrates branding expertise with their consistent use of white backgrounds for product photos. The shop has an evident theme and style, precisely targeting their audience. The reviews and sales volume speak for themselves, clearly indicating their success. Shop updates are a prominent feature, providing behind-the-scenes glimpses of the craftsmanship that goes into crafting their knives. The about section is also impressive, showcasing the entire team and creating a sense of professionalism. Northern Crescent Iron exemplifies how a clear theme, excellent photography, and engaging shop updates can contribute to a thriving Etsy shop.

Shop 4: Life Around Two Angels

Last but not least, we have Life Around Two Angels. Although this shop lacks a cover photo, I couldn't help but be impressed by their outstanding sales, reviews, and photos. While a cover photo would enhance their shop's visual impact, it's evident that the shop owner pays great attention to detail. Their shop updates feature lifestyle photos, creating a strong desire within potential customers to try their bath bombs. The colorful branding and well-filled out about section give an overall cohesive feel to the shop. Unique selling tactics, such as offering larger gift sets, contribute to their success. Although a cover photo would be a great addition, Life Around Two Angels demonstrates that exceptional product photos, pricing strategies, and engaging content can make a significant impact on a shop's performance.


In this article, we explored four exceptional Etsy shops that are truly killing it. These shops have demonstrated the importance of branding, consistency, photography, and engaging shop updates. Whether it's through color schemes, hand-painted fonts, stunning product displays, or unique packaging, these shops know how to captivate their customers. While a cover photo may not be essential, it can further enhance a shop's visual appeal. Remember that success on Etsy depends on staying up-to-date with changes, embracing authenticity, and continuously refining your shop. Let these inspiring shops guide you on your journey to Etsy success.


Q: Are shop reviews a saturated subject on Etsy YouTube channels? A: While there are several Etsy YouTubers who do shop reviews, there is always room for more perspectives and insights. Each shop review offers a unique take and can provide valuable advice and inspiration. So, if you're interested in having your shop critiqued, it's worth considering as it can help you improve your Etsy game.

Q: How can I elevate my Etsy shop and increase sales? A: To enhance your Etsy shop and boost sales, focus on branding, consistency, and high-quality photography. Create a cohesive color scheme and design a strong logo. Use professional-looking product photos with appropriate backgrounds. Regularly update your shop with engaging content and showcase your creative process. Respond promptly to customer inquiries and provide excellent customer service. Continuously evaluate and refine your pricing strategy to attract potential buyers. And most importantly, stay informed about any changes or updates Etsy makes to optimize your shop's performance.

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