Discover the Gourmand Fragrance Heaven in Land of AAHS

Discover the Gourmand Fragrance Heaven in Land of AAHS

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Land of Oz: A Small Business on Tick Tock
  3. Fragrance Collection: A Plethora of Scents
    1. Inspired by Lush
    2. Bath and Body Works
    3. Yankee
    4. Spring and Summer
    5. Foodie and Gourmand
    6. Fresh and Clean
    7. Floral
    8. Earthy and Woodsy
    9. Masculine
    10. Fall and Winter
  4. Products and Sizes
    1. Perfume Oils
    2. Body Sprays
    3. Body Lotions
    4. Solid Perfumes
    5. Room Sprays
    6. Wax Melts
    7. Beard Oils
  5. Bubble Gum Moisturizing Lotion: A Perfect Pairing
  6. Vanilla Milk: Sweet and Creamy
  7. Lemon Bars: A Tangy Delight
  8. Banana Caramel Cupcake: A Delicious Combination
  9. Cinnamon Sugar Donut: A Tempting Treat
  10. Blueberry Cobbler: Fruity and Crumbly
  11. Pistachio Dream Cake: Nutty and Decadent
  12. Marshmallow Bum: Creamy and Fluffy
  13. Rainbow Sherbet: A Fruity Vibe
  14. Glazed Donut and Strawberry Pound Cake: Bath and Body Works Inspired
  15. Conclusion

Land of Oz: A Small Business on Tick Tock

In today's review, I want to introduce you to a small business I stumbled upon on Tick Tock called Land of Oz. What caught my attention about this business were the plethora of delicious Grandma scents they offered. It was like being a kid in a candy store. Not only that, but they also had scents inspired by popular brands like Lush, Bath and Body Works, and Yankee.

Fragrance Collection: A Plethora of Scents

If you're a fragrance enthusiast like me, you'll be pleased to know that Land of Oz offers an extensive fragrance collection. They have scents in various categories such as inspired by Lush, Bath and Body Works, Yankee, spring and summer scents, foodie and gourmand scents, fresh and clean fragrances, floral scents, earthy and woodsy aromas, masculine scents, and fall and winter fragrances. With such a wide range to choose from, there's something for everyone's olfactory preferences.

Inspired by Lush

Land of Oz offers a range of scents that draw inspiration from the popular brand Lush. If you're a fan of Lush's unique and vibrant fragrances, you'll be delighted to find similar scents here.

Bath and Body Works

For those who love the scents from Bath and Body Works, Land of Oz has got you covered. You'll find a variety of scents that capture the essence of beloved Bath and Body Works fragrances.


Yankee is known for its high-quality and inviting scents. Land of Oz has created their own versions of Yankee-inspired fragrances, providing a fresh and delightful experience.

Spring and Summer

Land of Oz also caters to the scents of the seasons. Their spring and summer collection features light and refreshing fragrances that perfectly complement the warmer months.

Foodie and Gourmand

If you're someone who enjoys sweet and delectable scents, Land of Oz's foodie and gourmand collection will satisfy your cravings. Indulge in the aroma of freshly baked goods and mouthwatering desserts.

Fresh and Clean

For those who prefer clean and crisp scents, Land of Oz offers a range of fragrances that capture the feeling of freshness. These scents are perfect for those who enjoy a more subtle and understated fragrance.


The floral collection at Land of Oz is a bouquet of delightful scents. From delicate and feminine to bold and romantic, there's a floral fragrance for every preference.

Earthy and Woodsy

For those who appreciate the scent of nature, Land of Oz's earthy and woodsy collection is perfect. Immerse yourself in the aroma of forests, moss, and fresh earth with these enchanting fragrances.


Land of Oz also caters to the scent preferences of men. Their masculine collection features bold and alluring fragrances that exude confidence and charm.

Fall and Winter

As the seasons change, so do our fragrance preferences. Land of Oz's fall and winter collection offers cozy and warm scents that are perfect for the colder months. From spicy and comforting to sweet and comforting, there's a fragrance to suit the ambiance of autumn and winter.

Products and Sizes

Land of Oz offers their scents in a variety of products and sizes. Whether you prefer perfume oils, body sprays, lotions, solid perfumes, room sprays, wax melts, or beard oils, there's a product for every individual preference. Additionally, each scent is available in different sizes, from sample sizes to larger bottles, allowing you to choose the perfect quantity for your needs.

Perfume Oils

If you're a fan of concentrated fragrances that last throughout the day, Land of Oz's perfume oils are perfect for you. These fragrance oils are available in various sizes and can be easily applied to pulse points for long-lasting scent.

Body Sprays

For a more refreshing and lighter application, Land of Oz offers body sprays in their fragrance collection. These sprays are perfect for an all-over body mist that provides a subtle and invigorating scent.

Body Lotions

To moisturize your skin and enjoy your favorite fragrance, Land of Oz offers body lotions. These lotions are lightweight, yet moisturizing, and come in different scents and sizes. They are perfect for layering with other scented products from Land of Oz.

Solid Perfumes

Land of Oz's solid perfumes are a convenient and travel-friendly option for fragrance on the go. These compact perfumes are easy to apply and are available in a variety of scents.

Room Sprays

If you want to fill your space with your favorite fragrance, Land of Oz offers room sprays. These sprays can be used to freshen up any room, creating a pleasant and inviting ambiance.

Wax Melts

For those who enjoy the scent of melting wax, Land of Oz offers wax melts in their fragrance collection. These melts can be used with wax warmers to fill your space with delightful aromas.

Beard Oils

Land of Oz even caters to beard enthusiasts with their beard oils. These oils are formulated to condition and soften facial hair while providing a pleasant fragrance. They are available in various scents to suit individual preferences.

Bubble Gum Moisturizing Lotion: A Perfect Pairing

One of the products I tried from Land of Oz is the bubble gum moisturizing lotion. I was particularly excited about this lotion because I had been searching for a matching lotion to go with my Bath and Body Works bubble gum pop fragrance. Unfortunately, Bath and Body Works didn't release a lotion or cream to accompany the scent. However, Land of Oz came to the rescue with their bubble gum lotion.

The bubble gum moisturizing lotion exceeded my expectations. When I paired it with the bubble gum pop fragrance, it intensified the scent and made it even stronger. The lotion has a perfect balance of thickness, not too thick or thin, similar to lotions from Victoria's Secret or Goose Creek. It absorbs quickly into the skin and leaves it feeling moisturized without any greasiness.

The fragrance of the lotion is incredibly well-crafted. It combines notes of tub bubble gum, berries, and sugar, resulting in a scent that smells just like bubble gum pop but even stronger. Land of Oz was generous with the perfume oils, making this lotion highly fragrant and long-lasting. I initially purchased the two-ounce size to try it out, but I’m already planning to get a bigger bottle because I can't get enough of it.

The bubble gum moisturizing lotion is not limited to pairing with bubble gum pop fragrance alone. It can also be layered with other sweet and sugary scents in your collection, such as Moscato bubble gum. The lotion's delightful fragrance and moisturizing properties make it a versatile and enjoyable product.

Overall, I am highly impressed with the bubble gum moisturizing lotion from Land of Oz. It satisfies my craving for a matching lotion to complement my favorite fragrance, and its performance and scent are top-notch. I can't wait to explore more products from Land of Oz and continue enjoying their incredible scents and quality. If you're looking for unique and well-crafted fragrance products, I highly recommend giving Land of Oz a try.


  1. Land of Oz offers a wide range of scents, including inspired scents from popular brands like Lush, Bath and Body Works, and Yankee.
  2. Their fragrance collection covers various categories, including spring and summer scents, foodie and gourmand fragrances, fresh and clean scents, floral aromas, earthy and woodsy scents, masculine fragrances, and fall and winter aromas.
  3. Land of Oz provides a variety of products and sizes, including perfume oils, body sprays, lotions, solid perfumes, room sprays, wax melts, and beard oils.
  4. The bubble gum moisturizing lotion is a standout product, offering a perfect pairing for bubble gum pop fragrance and other sweet and sugary scents.
  5. The lotion is lightweight yet moisturizing, absorbs quickly, and leaves the skin feeling soft without greasiness.
  6. The scent of the lotion is well-crafted, with a strong and long-lasting fragrance that captures the essence of bubble gum pop.
  7. Land of Oz uses high-quality perfume oils in their products, ensuring a delightful and authentic scent experience.
  8. The bubble gum moisturizing lotion is versatile and can be layered with other scents for a personalized fragrance combination.
  9. Land of Oz offers fresh and made-to-order products, providing a personalized and satisfying customer experience.
  10. Customer reviews and ratings for Land of Oz are highly positive, with many customers praising the quality and variety of scents available.


Q: Are Land of Oz products cruelty-free?
A: Yes, Land of Oz is committed to being cruelty-free. They do not test their products on animals.

Q: Can I find Land of Oz products in stores?
A: Currently, Land of Oz products are primarily available through their online platforms, including their website and Etsy store.

Q: Do Land of Oz products contain any harmful ingredients?
A: Land of Oz uses high-quality ingredients and focuses on creating products that are free from harmful chemicals, parabens, and phthalates. However, it's always recommended to check the ingredients list for any specific sensitivities or allergies.

Q: Can Land of Oz ship internationally?
A: Yes, Land of Oz ships internationally. However, delivery times and costs may vary depending on the destination.

Q: Are Land of Oz products suitable for sensitive skin?
A: Land of Oz offers a variety of products suitable for different skin types, including sensitive skin. However, it's always recommended to patch test products before applying them to larger areas of the skin.

Q: Can I request custom scents from Land of Oz?
A: Land of Oz does not currently offer custom scents. However, they have a wide range of pre-made scents available to choose from.

Q: How long do Land of Oz products typically last?
A: The longevity of Land of Oz products varies depending on the specific product, usage, and individual preferences. Perfume oils tend to be long-lasting, while scents in body sprays and lotions may require reapplication throughout the day.

Q: Can I layer scents from different categories?
A: Yes, Land of Oz scents are designed to be versatile and can be layered to create unique fragrance combinations. Feel free to experiment and discover your own personalized scent blend.

Q: What is the best way to store Land of Oz products?
A: It is recommended to store Land of Oz products in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight. This helps preserve the scent and quality of the products.

Q: Can I return or exchange Land of Oz products if I'm not satisfied?
A: Land of Oz has a return and exchange policy in place. It's best to reach out to their customer service for specific details and instructions regarding returns and exchanges.

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