Discover the Best Sewing Patterns on Etsy Sale

Discover the Best Sewing Patterns on Etsy Sale

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. Sewing Pattern Sale Overview
  3. Jumpsuit Patterns 3.1 Wide-Leg Jumpsuit
  4. Everyday Dresses 4.1 The Liston Smock Dress 4.2 Car and Cesa Maxi Loose Fit Dress
  5. Coat Patterns 5.1 Boot Leo Coat
  6. Ruffle Sleeve Dress Patterns 6.1 Honeydew Patterns Smock Dress
  7. Simply Sewing Magazine Patterns 7.1 The Pinfor Dress 7.2 The Tear Dress
  8. Bundle Deals 8.1 Bustier Dress + Puff Sleeve Dress Bundle
  9. Other Items on Sale 9.1 Personalized Stockings 9.2 Advent Calendars 9.3 Embroidery Templates
  10. Conclusion

Sewing Pattern Sale Haul: Grab Amazing Deals on Etsy


Hey there, sewing and crafting enthusiasts! It's Philly here, and I've got some exciting news for you. Etsy is currently having a massive 25% off sale on a wide range of sewing patterns. So, let's dive in and explore some of the fantastic deals you can find. Don't forget to stick around till the end for some other Christmas goodies on sale!

Sewing Pattern Sale Overview

The Etsy sale offers a plethora of options, from Christmas-related items like Advent calendars and wreaths to sewing patterns for jumpsuits, dresses, coats, and more. In this article, we'll focus on sewing patterns, but stay tuned for my upcoming video, where I'll be showcasing crochet Christmas patterns.

Jumpsuit Patterns

Jumpsuits have been all the rage lately, and the sale offers some excellent options. One standout is the wide-leg jumpsuit pattern. Its loose fit and availability in various sizes make it versatile for different body shapes. This beginner-friendly pattern also offers both A4 and AO sizes, allowing you to print it on regular paper or a projector.

Everyday Dresses

For those who love easy-to-wear dresses, the Liston smock dress is a wonderful choice. With its oversized fit and sizes ranging from 4 to 22, you'll have plenty of room to create a perfect everyday look. Its simplicity and value make it a popular option, especially for beginners.

If you're in need of a stunning maxi dress, the Car and Cesa loose fit dress is a must-see. This pattern, available in six sizes, offers comfort and style in one package. The unique back design with a peek-a-boo detail adds a touch of elegance. Whether you dress it up or wear it casually, this dress is sure to turn heads.

Coat Patterns

Winter is just around the corner, and what better time to grab a stylish coat pattern? The Boot Leo coat caught my eye with its vibrant color and flattering fit. Although the sizing guide may seem unconventional, the final result is worth the effort. This pattern strikes the perfect balance between structure and simplicity.

Ruffle Sleeve Dress Patterns

Ruffle details add a touch of femininity to any dress, and I've found some lovely options in the sale. The Honeydew patterns smock dress is an absolute steal at $2.99. With seven sizes and delightful ruffle sleeves, this pattern is perfect for honing your sewing skills.

Simply Sewing Magazine Patterns

Did you know that Simply Sewing Magazine patterns are available on Etsy? I was thrilled to discover these gems, such as The Pinfor dress. This pattern, previously featured in the magazine, offers a vintage-inspired design that you can recreate. Be sure to check if they're available for free on their website, though!

Bundle Deals

If you're looking to expand your pattern collection, bundle deals are a fantastic option. The Bustier dress and Puff sleeve dress bundle provides excellent value for money. These patterns, along with their versatility and inclusive sizing, make them a tempting addition to your sewing projects.

Other Items on Sale

Aside from sewing patterns, the Etsy sale also features other Christmas-related items. Personalized stockings, Advent calendars, and embroidery templates caught my attention. Adding personalized touches to your holiday decor is a lovely way to spread cheer and get creative.


That wraps up our exploration of the sewing pattern sale on Etsy. With the incredible deals available, it's a golden opportunity to enhance your sewing repertoire. Remember to check out my upcoming video on crochet Christmas patterns. Happy sewing, crafting, and holiday preparations!


  • Etsy is currently offering a massive 25% off on sewing patterns.
  • Wide-leg jumpsuit patterns are versatile and beginner-friendly.
  • The Liston smock dress is perfect for everyday wear.
  • Car and Cesa Maxi loose fit dress offers comfort and elegance.
  • Boot Leo coat combines style and structure.
  • Honeydew patterns smock dress is an excellent value at $2.99.
  • Simply Sewing Magazine patterns may be available for free on their website.
  • Bundle deals, like the Bustier dress and Puff sleeve dress, are cost-effective options.
  • Personalized stockings, Advent calendars, and embroidery templates add a festive touch.


Q: Are the sewing patterns available in different sizes? A: Yes, many of the patterns come in various sizes to accommodate different body shapes.

Q: Can I find the Simply Sewing Magazine patterns for free on their website? A: It's worth checking their website to see if the patterns are available for free before purchasing them on Etsy.

Q: Are there any other Christmas-related items on sale? A: Yes, along with sewing patterns, you can find personalized stockings, Advent calendars, and embroidery templates for sale.

Q: Are the sewing patterns suitable for beginners? A: Some patterns are labeled as beginner-friendly, while others may require some prior sewing knowledge. It's always helpful to read the pattern descriptions for more information.

Q: Can I print the sewing patterns in different paper sizes? A: Many patterns offer options for both A4 and AO sizes, allowing you to print them according to your preference.

Q: Are the prices shown in the videos accurate? A: The prices mentioned in the videos are correct at the time of recording. However, if the prices change on Etsy, it's advisable to add the patterns to your favorites and wait for potential price reductions.

Q: Can I give a quid to help feed a starving monkey jar plant? A: Unfortunately, feeding monkey jar plants with flies is not recommended. It's best to let nature take its course in their natural habitats.

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