Discover Profitable Online Flipping: Full Time Reselling

Discover Profitable Online Flipping: Full Time Reselling

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Haul Video and Yard Sale Finds
  3. Church Sale Treasures
  4. Vintage Fisher Price House
  5. Wooden Tinker Toys
  6. Plush Toys
  7. DVD Collection
  8. Stacking Blocks
  9. Miscellaneous Finds
  10. Arch Books



In this article, we will be exploring the recent finds of Rebel Reseller, a thrift shop enthusiast. Join us as we delve into the various treasures and unique items that were discovered during Rebel's shopping adventures. From vintage toys to collectible DVDs, there's a little something for everyone in this haul!

Haul Video and Yard Sale Finds

Let's kick things off by discussing the haul video and the yard sale finds that Rebel came across. It all started with a weekend of yard sale hopping, where Rebel managed to snag some amazing deals on various items. From GI Joe action figures to Batman memorabilia, the haul was off to a great start. But that was just the beginning...

Church Sale Treasures

One of the highlights of Rebel's recent shopping spree was a visit to a local church sale. Although there was a bit of disappointment upon missing out on a Build-A-Bear Hello Kitty, Rebel still managed to find some incredible treasures. Among the most notable finds was a large pillow by Treehouse Kids, known for its unique designs and high-quality products. With a possible selling price of $50, this pillow proved to be a real gem.

Vintage Fisher Price House

Next on the list was a vintage Fisher Price house that Rebel stumbled upon at a yard sale. Although it was priced at $5, Rebel recognized its potential value and decided to make the purchase. Despite some condition issues due to age and wear, Rebel believed that selling the house's parts individually would yield a better profit. With a keen eye for breaking down vintage toys, Rebel was confident in their ability to turn this find into a lucrative venture.

Wooden Tinker Toys

Continuing with the toy theme, Rebel couldn't resist picking up a set of wooden Tinker Toys. However, upon closer inspection, Rebel discovered that the set also contained some Lincoln Log pieces. Despite the mix-up, Rebel saw an opportunity to bundle the two types of building toys together, catering to a wider audience. With a knack for selling preschool toys, Rebel was confident that this combination would be a hit.

Plush Toys

Rebel has always had a soft spot for plush toys, particularly those from Target. Known for their quality and sometimes discontinued designs, Target plush toys can often fetch a good price. Among Rebel's recent plush finds were a Rottweiler plush by Kids Preferred and a Bluey character from a popular children's book. With their eye-catching designs and potential appeal to preschool teachers and librarians, these plush toys were expected to sell for a decent profit.

DVD Collection

No haul is complete without a few DVDs, and Rebel managed to find some interesting ones. One standout piece was a 40-disc DVD collection of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, featuring the chosen collection of episodes. Despite some condition issues with the box, Rebel believed that the DVDs themselves were in good shape. With a potential selling price ranging from $40 to $60, this collection had the potential to be a valuable addition to Rebel's inventory.

Stacking Blocks

Rebel's shopping adventure also led to the discovery of a huge bag of stacking blocks. These colorful blocks, from a brand Rebel couldn't quite recall, were found at a thrift store. With an estimated worth of $25 to $30, Rebel saw an opportunity to turn this big bag of blocks into a profitable find. After all, stacking blocks are always in demand among parents and educators.

Miscellaneous Finds

In addition to the main highlights, Rebel also stumbled upon various miscellaneous items during their shopping spree. These included a selection of Bible verse stickers, a unique plush toy reminiscent of a flip-flop, and a cozy knit hat for babies. While the individual value of these items varied, Rebel was optimistic about their potential to fetch a decent profit.

Arch Books

Last but certainly not least, we have a collection of Arch books. These religious-themed books are typically used in Sunday School classes or homeschooling environments. Rebel recognized their popularity and, after some research, estimated a selling price of at least $1 per book. With the possibility of bundling similar books or targeting specific series, Rebel was confident in making a good return on this find.


And there you have it—the rundown of Rebel Reseller's recent haul and yard sale adventures. From vintage toys to collectible DVDs and everything in between, Rebel's keen eye and entrepreneurial spirit led to an impressive haul. Stay tuned for more thrift store adventures and exciting finds from Rebel Reseller!


  • Rebel Reseller's recent haul reveals a treasure trove of thrift shop finds.
  • Vintage Fisher Price house shows potential for profit by selling parts individually.
  • Plush toys from Target are expected to be popular among preschool teachers and librarians.
  • Stacking blocks offer a versatile and educational playtime option for kids.
  • Arch books present an opportunity for collectors and religious educators.


Q: How did Rebel Reseller find these items? A: Rebel Reseller came across these items through a combination of yard sales, thrift stores, and church sales. Their knack for finding hidden gems and recognizing potential profit led to this impressive haul.

Q: What are Arch books? A: Arch books are religious-themed children's books often used in Sunday School classes or homeschooling environments. They feature engaging stories centered around biblical teachings.

Q: Are the DVDs in good condition despite the box's condition issues? A: Rebel Reseller has inspected the DVDs and found them to be in good shape. While the box may have some wear, the DVDs themselves are expected to be flawless.

Q: Can the plush toys be sold individually or are they better off as a bundle? A: The plush toys can be sold individually, especially if they have unique designs or appeal to specific collectors. However, Rebel Reseller may also choose to bundle similar plush toys together for a higher selling price.

Q: Where can I purchase similar items? A: You can find similar items at thrift stores, yard sales, and online marketplaces such as eBay or Etsy. Keep an eye out for unique and vintage items that may fetch a good price.

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