Discover Budgeting Inspiration with Sunflower Designs

Discover Budgeting Inspiration with Sunflower Designs

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. The Journey to Getting Out of Debt
  3. The Trolley Dash Savings Challenge
  4. The Country Sunflower Challenge
  5. Happy Birthday Savings Tracker
  6. Happy Father's Day Savings Tracker
  7. Happy Mother's Day Savings Tracker
  8. My Valentine Savings Tracker
  9. Recording Quality and Equipment Issues
  10. Conclusion


Hey guys, welcome back to my channel! If you're a returning subscriber, I really appreciate your support. And if you're new here, my name is Yolandi, and this is Sunflower Budgets. We're a family of six on a budget and I'm on a mission to get us out of debt and enjoy life to the fullest. I'm not a naturally creative person, but today I'm excited to share some new games and challenges I've created, which are now available on my Etsy Shop.

The Journey to Getting Out of Debt

I started this debt-free journey at the end of November, and so far, things have been going well. I've made a few changes along the way, experimenting with different categories and approaches to find what works best for our family. If you're interested in joining me on this journey and learning how to manage your finances and get out of debt, I would really appreciate it if you could subscribe to my channel and support me as I continue to grow on YouTube.

The Trolley Dash Savings Challenge

One of the games I created is called the Trolley Dash Savings Challenge. It's inspired by a board game concept that my daughter found in one of her textbooks. The game starts at one and goes up to a hundred, featuring South African banknotes and cards that allow you to add or take money from your shopping envelope. This game is a fun way to gamify your saving and spending habits, whether it's for groceries or other categories you want to focus on. You can find more details and purchase this game on my Etsy Shop.

The Country Sunflower Challenge

As someone who loves sunflowers, I couldn't help but incorporate them into another challenge called the Country Sunflower Challenge. This challenge is my personal spin on the popular 100 envelope challenge. Each sunflower represents a specific dollar amount, and as you reach higher numbers, you can choose how much to allocate to each part of the sunflower. It's a creative and visually appealing way to break down your savings goals and make them more manageable. You can find the Country Sunflower Challenge and other related products on my Etsy Shop.

Happy Birthday Savings Tracker

In addition to the challenges, I've also designed various savings trackers for special occasions. One such tracker is the Happy Birthday Savings Tracker. It features party hats that you can customize with different values and colors. As you contribute to your birthday savings envelope, you can fill in the corresponding sections on the tracker. It's a great tool to keep track of your savings progress and celebrate birthdays without breaking your budget.

Happy Father's Day Savings Tracker

For Father's Day, I have the Happy Father's Day Savings Tracker. This tracker includes a wooden saw design, and just like the other trackers, you can assign values to each saw and color them in as you save. It's a unique and thoughtful way to budget for Father's Day gifts and show appreciation to the special dads in our lives.

Happy Mother's Day Savings Tracker

Of course, I couldn't forget about Mother's Day. The Happy Mother's Day Savings Tracker features beautiful sunflowers, similar to the Country Sunflower Challenge. You can choose the value of each sunflower and color them in as you save. It's a heartfelt way to prepare for Mother's Day and make sure you can show your love and appreciation without overspending.

My Valentine Savings Tracker

Last but not least, I've also created a savings tracker for Valentine's Day. The My Valentine Savings Tracker features adorable hearts that you can personalize with different values. As you save for Valentine's Day, simply color in the corresponding hearts on the tracker. It's a fun way to budget for romantic gestures and gifts while staying on track with your financial goals.

Recording Quality and Equipment Issues

Before we wrap up, I want to address the poor quality of some of my previous videos. Unfortunately, I had to return the camera I was using because it didn't meet my standards for uploading quality content. However, I'm committed to delivering the best videos possible, so I'll be recording from my phone for now. I appreciate your understanding and support during this transition.


Thank you so much for joining me today and exploring the games and challenges I've created to support your budgeting journey. If you enjoyed this video, please consider subscribing to my channel and leaving a comment with your thoughts and suggestions. Your support means the world to me as I work towards becoming monetized on YouTube and achieving financial freedom for my family. Stay tuned for more exciting content, and I'll see you in the next video!


  • Introducing new games and challenges for budgeting on Etsy Shop
  • The Trolley Dash Savings Challenge gamifies saving and spending habits
  • The Country Sunflower Challenge offers a creative twist on the 100 envelope challenge
  • Happy Birthday, Happy Father's Day, Happy Mother's Day, and My Valentine Savings Trackers for special occasions
  • Addressing recording quality and equipment issues for better video content


Q: Where can I find the games and challenges you mentioned? A: You can find all the games and challenges on my Etsy Shop. Simply search for "Sunflower Budgeting" and browse through the available products.

Q: Can I customize the values and colors on the savings trackers? A: Absolutely! Each tracker is designed to be personalized. You can assign your desired values and colors to make them unique to your budgeting goals.

Q: Are these games suitable for any budget or only specific categories? A: These games are versatile and can be applied to various budgeting categories. While they are initially designed for groceries and special occasions, you can adapt them to suit your specific needs and financial priorities.

Q: Do you offer any tutorials on how to use these games and challenges? A: Yes! I have tutorials available on my YouTube channel where I explain how to play the games and utilize the challenges effectively. Be sure to check them out for a detailed walkthrough.

Q: Can I use these games and challenges for personal or family budgeting? A: Absolutely! These games are designed to make budgeting more enjoyable and engaging for individuals and families alike. They provide a fun way to track your progress and stay motivated on your financial journey.

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